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   Super Seven--Still Together!
As 8th graders...and now as adults married or on their own in 2014!
Pictured above is one of my all-time favorite groups of eighth graders.  Why? Well, they were respectful, really cared about their grades, treated their classmates kindly, and always supported each other--never any power struggles and NO DRAMA!!  No wonder they went to college and are now experiencing sweet success!

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Alex Cantine, do you remember when I took this picture?

Some excellent examples of descriptive writings from 2018:
(used only with permission...unedited by teacher)
I'd like to add some descriptive writings to this page this year (2018) for one main reason: I am sensing that there are some really good ones to use as examples this year.  True.  I will be asking some of you for permission.  If you say "No, thank you," that is fine.
Some excellent examples of descriptive writings from 2012:
(used only with permission...unedited by teacher)
Tera Hanson
"Hotel Creeper"
Rachelle Gabriel
"Rip Cord"
Clay Brakke
"Truck Hunt"
Katie Cannedy
Josh Fonder
"My Bloody Birthday"
Heidi Bergquist
"Thrill of Zip Lining"
"Swim Team"
Courtney Lusk
"Near Death"
Shalyn Przybycien
"That's Our Car"
Rebekah Tuchscherer
"The Ride of a Lifetime"
Mikayla Street
"What Can Happen at a Red Light"
Kala Loehrer
"First Day in Fifth Grade"
Ellie Webb
"Riding the Wave"
    Brianna Schreurs
"A Terrible Track Meet"
To the the left...

My 2008 fourth quarter literature class--
graduates of MHS in 2012--
an unusual group filled with

Some older examples of descriptive writings 2008:
(used only with permission...unedited by teacher)
Adam Cloos
"Andy and the Snowpile"
Corley Berkner
"State 4-H Rodeo"
" Jake"
Katie Boone
"Knee Injury"
Jalen Snaza

Seth Phillips
"Hollywood Tower of Terror"
Ryan Patnoe
"My Deer Hunting Adventure"
Brock Gomer
"My Fishing Trip to Canada"
Andy Behrens
If you have an opinion on one of the writings above, drop me a line at and I will share it with the student.  Thank you for reading!
Note:  The main goal of the descriptive writings was to provide a "video" inside the reader's mind. 
Punctuation, spelling, grammar, and more was graded, but to a lesser extent than the main goal.