Andy and the Snow Pile
Written by Adam Cloos (April, 2008)

     We were just messing around and having fun. Then, the next moment, there was a CRASH and Jesse and I could not stop laughing!!!

          One day last winter afterschool Jesse Peschong and I went over to Andy Behrensí house for a while just to hang out. After a while we got bored and wanted to go outside and just mess around in the snow. It was night at the time so it was a little dark, but you could see clearly. It wasnít that cold that night, probably about 20 some degrees and it was still outside, no wind. My hands were a little chilly but it wasnít bad, I didnít need gloves.

          We were over on the snowpile in the St. Lawrence parking lot and the snow pile was pretty good sized at the time and it filled the whole basketball cages up. So we were pushing each other around and stuff when Andy had the idea to ride a little pedal bike that he had down the snow pile. The snow pile was hard and icy so we had some trouble getting it up there. When Andy finally got the courage to do it he started going down the hill and was about halfway when he hit a soft spot in the snow. His front tires sunk in the snow so he flipped the bike and flew though the air and landed on the cement parking lot. The bike crashed on the cement and he hit his legs on the handle bars and then smashed his knee on the cement. Jesse and I started laughing so hard that we couldnít stand up. It was so funny to watch. Andy was on the ground like half laughing and half moaning but he was OK, just a little sore. For the rest of the night he walked with a little limp and couldnít really run but we still messed around for a while after that.

          To this day whenever I think of it and replay that scene in my mind I almost laugh outloud. I wonder if anyone heard us laughing that night because it was really quiet and the only noise was the crash of the bike and us laughing.