Written by Andy Behrens (April, 2008)

          It was a cold, icy day outside, we were getting ready. All of a sudden it happened to him.

          Adam and I were out riding bike at 8:00 P.M. at Central United Methodist Church, December 12, 07, it was icy and frosty about 5 degrees and snowing out, and we were only wearing sweatshirts and pants I tasted the bitterness of winter that night and it smelled of sewage backup, I could feel the winter bite on my hands. We were riding bikes through my alley; he had a small, broken bike where the brakes were a lot touchier than mine so he wasnít used to it and I forgot to tell him about itÖ While we were riding down the alley we were talking about random stuff and he noticed I was smiling and he asked me what was so funny, I told him nothing was funny so we just kept riding and on our way to St. Lawrence. We were close to the snow hill we wanted to get to, so we were getting ready to stop. He didnít know what break was the forward stop or the backward stop so he pushed one, he flew over the bike and went face first in the cement, the snow that was there didnít help break the fall either.

When he fell onto the ground I couldnít tell if he was crying, laughing, or both. It looked like it hurt but his face didnít have any scratches or anything on his face, the bike pretty much fell on him too, thatís how bad it was. Iím pretty sure his face only hurt for a half hour, or hour! His back I think hurt him throughout the week because thatís what the bike hit. While I couldnít tell if he was crying or laughing, I was crying and laughing so hard because I didnít know what to do, laugh or not. I wasnít able to tell from his facial expressions that he was doing. It turned out he was crying somewhat because of the pain and also from the funniness of it all!