7th Grade Computer

Session One
Channel One quizzes to take (must score at least 36 points to earn ticket out of class):

  *Do "First Aid Guide" quiz as an example.
  ***Do "Are You a Survivor?" (15 questions)
  ***Do "Safety in Numbers" (9 questions)
  ***Do "Could You Survive a Natural Disaster?" ( 6 questions)

  *Take the quiz above (9 points)
  *Take the quiz on war rules above (10 points)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  *Take the quiz on video games above (10 points)
  *Basketball quiz
Session Two
Channel One quizzes to take (must score at least 28 points to earn ticket out of class):
***Do "Driving Challenge" (10 questions)

***Choose "TAKE THE QUIZ" (10 questions); you could also look at the pictures if you'd like to

***Scroll down and choose "Take the hurricane quiz" (10 questions
Geography Showdown...take the quiz above (9 points)

 *If you fail to earn 28 points, you will be allowed to take any quiz from Session One (on the left) to earn your remaining points.

Social Studies Day
***City (cannot be in South Dakota)

1.  First paragraph:  tell what you know about this city (this is probably going to be common knowledge).

2.  Second paragraph: tell what you find out on the Internet (current population, types of jobs, climate, tourist spots, crime rate, weather etc.)

***You are not allowed to copy and paste words!

3.  List the source (web site(s)) that you used to find the information (Copy and paste the e-mail address to the bottom of your paper.)

(4-6 sentences/paragraph)
**Include border, picture, etc. if time

Web sites for cities:
  any city:  http://www.city-data.com/toplists.html  gives you Top 100 lists (kind of interesting)
  Boston, Massachusetts:  http://www.aviewoncities.com/boston/bostonfacts.htm
  Las Vegas:  http://www.lvol.com/lvoleg/hist/lvfact.html 
  Chicago:  http://www.aviewoncities.com/chicago/chicagofacts.htm
  Omaha:  http://www.amfmdx.net/WTFDA2004/Facts.html 

1. Use Google.com.  ***(I would type the name of your city and then key the word "facts" or "tourist information").  An example would be:  Denver facts   or  Denver tourist information.

2. Open Word document. Include a header and a title (Hurricane).

3. List 3-5 facts you’ve learned in class.

4. List 4-6 facts you’ve found on the Internet.

5. Include a picture at the bottom!


Channel One Quizzes: http://channelone.com/life/archive/quizzes/

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