What Can Happen at a Red LightÖ
Written by Mikayla Street on March 14, 2012

          I was sitting there, waiting for the red light to change, when all of a sudden everything was happening. All I could do was sit there and stare in disbelief.

          It was just a regular, sunny, warm day in Sioux Falls. My family and I were just driving around and going to eat dinner at the Olive Garden, a family favorite. After that we went to Scheelís, and then we headed to the mall.

          On the way to the mall we sat at a stop light in our dark colored Trail Blazer. My dad was the driver and my mom was in the passenger seat. I was in the way back of the car drinking a blue Gatorade and my brothers were in the center seats texting as usual. I was getting impatient because the light was red for a long time. When it was about to turn green, a big silver Ford pickup zoomed at a fast speed right by our car. I didnít know what they were doing but I knew that it wasnít going to end well. When it went across the intersection a blue four door car was driving across it. The pickup hit the car straight on from the side. The car slid onto the sidewalk, almost hitting another car. The pickup spun out of control. The pickupís whole front end was dented and the car was completely totaled.

A short time later I heard the sirens of the police and ambulances. It turned out that everyone was ok, thankfully. Surprisingly, all they had were a few cuts and bruises. It took awhile to get all the vehicles glass and metal debris cleaned up.  By the end of it I was really nervous but mostly just shocked. I hope I never have to see this ever again!