First Day in Fifth Grade by Kala Loehrer          

          Have you ever been nervous, excited and scared at the same time? That’s how I felt, trapped with no way out. I felt like a tiger in a zoo on that crazy, ridiculous day!

          “This is the biggest day of my life!”  At least that’s what I was thinking on that sunny, beautiful, exciting morning.  It was the first day of my life that I was going to school at the Milbank Koch Elementary School. I had never experienced anything so big in my life. I was super eager and wound up for the day ahead. Thousands of things were going through my mind like… “What will these kids think of me? Will I fit in? I hope I don’t throw up in the middle of math class!” and other ridiculous things like that. 

          Next thing I know I am walking into the school sweating like a dog, nervous as could be!  I walk up the long, brown stairs.  I am instantly surrounded with the sound of laughing kids, closing lockers, flip flops flipping, and the sound of the air condition running while I am as quiet as a mouse.  I see my teacher, Mrs. Johnson, and a few girls waving at me to come over to them. I see my locker and my brown desk, everyone staring at the new girl, me. For the most part, the place smells fresh, new, and clean. However, there is a faint smell of sweaty bodies and feet. I feel new some kids coming up and hugging me and shaking hands in happiness.  I am overwhelmed with a sense of happiness, comfort, and relief that this year isn’t going to be absolutely terrible. 

          The day actually went very well and I made lots of friends and was excited and geared up to go back the next day. I felt so appreciated and well-liked by all my new friends. That year ended up to be the best year I have had so far.