It was something that wouldn’t normally happen in a little South Dakota town. It was out of the ordinary. Has it ever happened to you?

That’s Our Car
Written by Shalyn Przybycien in March of 2012

                It was a cold wintery night. My mom and I were at Beren’s Warehouse Groceries shopping. We couldn’t have been in the store for less than fifteen minutes. All we needed was a few items so we could finish making cookies for the church carnival that Sunday. Little did we know, there was a surprise waiting for us outside.

                We walked out of the store happy, not expecting a surprise. Suddenly, I interrupted my mom the middle of her sentence. Which, she clearly told me she doesn’t like when I do that.

                “Mom, someone’s in our car,” I said out of the ordinary.

                Shalyn, why aren’t you wearing a coat? It’s only…”
                She didn’t believe me when I said it at first, so I said it again. “Mom, someone is in our car,” I said more strongly than before.

                My mom got all silent for a few seconds, then slowly approached our car and said, “Ma’am, I think you’re in the wrong car.”

                The lady, who was in our car, looked at my mom like she was weird. When she finally understood what was going on she said, “I was wondering why my kids left their junk in the trunk!”

                My mom and I helped the lady find her car and get her groceries in the trunk. My mom and I didn’t think about looking in the trunk for more groceries.

                That Saturday, we were in Sioux Falls at the mall, and we opened the trunk and guess what we found in there. More of the ladies groceries! The sad part was, the only thing that we could really keep was the spaghetti sauce, and everything else was spoiled.

                So, has this ever happened to you?