My Fishing Trip to Canada


          I was just sitting, listening to the rapids, smelling the fish, potatoes, and beans that my dad was making. Then I got excited when I felt a jerk that could have tore my arm off.

We left on a Saturday to go to Canada. We left really early in the morning. Blake slept most of the way while my dad drove. Brady and I slept until we got to Fargo then we turned on our DVD player. We watched three movies and then we finally got to Winnipeg. We stopped to pick up some more things like pop, and food. Then we were on the road again for another two hours and then we finally got to our cabin on the lake.

            Our cabin was a two story wood cabin. It didnít look really good from the outside but when we unpacked and went inside I knew this was going to be fun. There were three couches with a big screen.

            When we went out our first day it was cloudy but it wasnít cold. We went towards the back ways by the falls and followed the valley. We were in between two mountains covered with trees and bushes. The clouds made it look like we were in a movie. It was that perfect. The water was calm, warm, and clear. I could see about twenty feet down into the water and could see small schools of baby fish swimming right below us. Up on shore there was a bear and three cubs playing on the bank. There was also an otter swimming by us.

            On our second day on the water we went up by the rapids and tied up to a point just on the edge of the rapids and decided to cook on shore. While my dad was starting to cook I dropped my hook into a little ravine that came off from the rapids and I caught a seventeen inch Bass. But I had to throw it back because Bass are protected up in Canada. After I threw it back, I casted into the rapids and all of a sudden my line got heavy. When I started to reel in, the fish started fighting back. When I got it to the edge of the rocks I could see that it was a big walleye. Brady tried about five times to net it but he couldnít get it up on shore. Then Blake came and scooped it up. After we measured it, I had to put it back.

            When we went on our excursion, we got a guide to take us places on the far side of the river. He was nineteen years old. He started guiding when he was nine. He took us deep in between mountains and up to a waterfall where bass usually hang out, and that is where I saw the largest bald eagle Iíve ever seen. It stood on the branch that hung out over the falls and it watched us for about an hour. When it started flying away its wings were so wide that I could probably have lain on its wings as it flew.