Thrill of Zip Lining
Written by Heidi Bergquist in March of 2012

                 Sitting on the cold, hard metal with my feet dangling over the edge, my palms started to sweat. I was scared... How did I get convinced to do this?

                On a warm July day in 2011, I was with my dad and sister in Haiti getting ready to go zip lining.  It is the longest zip line in the world, over water. We already had our tight, black harnesses on and all we had to do was wait to be called to go next. I was scared and worried that the zip line was going to snap in half. But there were plenty of people who were more scared than I was. Then it was my dadís turn and I watched him go down the, 2,600 foot long, cable. I knew he would enjoy it and he did. I could hear him screaming with excitement as he was flying through the air. After my dad went, it was my sisterís turn; she flew over the water in a more calm fashion. About 10 more people went until it was finally my turn!

                Sitting on the edge of the metal stand at the beginning of the zip line, I was getting more nervous. My feet were dangling over some dangerous looking trees as my palms started to sweat. I could see sharp rocks near the path I would be zip lining through and asked myself for about the 100th time how I got myself into this. Eventually I was ready to go. I was soaring over the trees, then over the water. Looking down, I could see the crystal clear waters, and smell the sea! It felt like I was flying. After 2,600 feet, I felt a jolt as I hit the end of the cord. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done. I really had nothing to worry about. If I was given the chance to go zip lining again, I would definitely do it!