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It's the winning touchdown in the Dolphins' 22-16 overtime victory over the Ravens on 12-16-07!

Coach Don Shula (NFL's winningest coach) and I
would like to welcome you to this web site. Thank you for visiting!
**Picture taken on December 12, 1992, at a closed Dolphin practice in Miami, Florida.**
Coach Shula passed away on May 4, 2020, and I'll forever be grateful that he was the one who led the Miami Dolphins to greatness.  I admire him for the way he was--a passionate, Lord- and family-loving man who handled himself with class and contributed to the betterment of mankind for 90 years.  Thank you, Coach, and may you rest peacefully and joyfully in Heaven!

I am...

My living room shrine as it appeared after the FINS beat the hated Wets on MNF on 10-12-09!

"I swear on the 1972 Dolphin Media & Fact Guide that I, indeed, am in the top 84 of  the world's greatest Miami Dolphins fans."
                         ...Greg "Dolphin Lover" Cantine

The living room is prepared for the viewing
of all Dolphin games. It helps them win.
((It's only stupid if it doesn't work.))

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Bill Stanfill--now in the Dolphins Honor Roll
Bill Stanfill (DE; 1969-1976)
Bruce Hardy 84 Tight End '79-'89
Bruce Hardy (TE; 1978-1989)
Greg Baty TE 1990-1994 Number 84
Greg Baty (TE; 1990-1994)
Troy Drayton 84 TE 1996-1999
Troy Dayton (TE; 1996-1999)

Chris Chambers (WR; 2001-2007)
Jordan Cameron-TE-1st year-Training Camp 2015
Jordan Cameron (TE; 2015-2016)
Bruce Hardy-belongs with the best
#84 Bruce Hardy: AMONG THE BEST!!
Isaiah Ford--up-and-coming star
Isaiah Ford (WR; 2018-2020)
Isaiah Ford--focused
Isaiah Ford: GAME ON!!
Love that 84!!!! I got to tell Santa how great the Dolphins are in 2013!
This 84 never suited up for the
Miami Dolphins, but this picture will fill this box.. Ho, ho. ho.
Chris Chambers plows over poor Viking

"Sports is the toy department of human life." - Howard Cosell

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Created by Alex Cantine on March 27, 2006

I watched from home as the greatest quarterback ever was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on August 7, 2005.  Marino's son delivered an impressive introduction; then Dan took over and calmly surpassed everyone's expectations with an unforgettable speech.  Dan Marino, thank you for all of the wonderfully exciting moments that you provided for Dolphin fans across the country from 1983-1999.  You are the GREATEST!

Is this absolutely gorgeous or what? Yes, I agree.

Marino's son on the left
and Danny on the right
Dan Marino lost his father in December of 2009 due to cancer. Please hit the "MARINO" link to read the story about Dan's dad:
MARINO--hit this link to read about Mr. Daniel Marino Sr.

I loved what Chris Chambers did for the Dolphins.
His catch to beat Buffalo in 2001 was, um, sick!

FinFanWithHair.jpg (71731 bytes)
Picture above: Fin Fan with hair, stylish jeans,
and a delightful long-sleeved shirt!

9-11-92 Hall of Fame Center Jim Langer Visits Milbank
9-11-92: Dolphin Jim Langer, a Hall of Fame center, visited Milbank for the dedication of our new football field

12-27-92 Neighborhood friends help celebrate title
Neighborhood friends helped me celebrate the day on which the Dolphins won the AFC Eastern Division in 1992--oh, how awesome!

9-25-94 Mark & I-Dolphins at Vikings
9-25-94: Mark and I before the Dolphins played the Vikings in the Metrodome
9-28-02 I met Dolphin Coach Dave Wannstedt day before game in KC
I met Coach Dave Wannstedt in downtown Kansas City the day before the Dolphins played the Chiefs (9-28-02)

 #84 stretches on Christmas Day of 2005
(Nephew Alex: 3rd grade)
December of 2005: living room set to watch Dolphins
December of 2005: the living room has to be decked out in Dolphin everything in order to watch a Dolphin game on the television

Just after a Dolphin score in San Diego---

GC in San Diego to see the 12-point underdog
Dolphins beat the Chargers on 12-11-05

One happy Dolphins fan finds himself between the best cheerleaders in the NFL!

1-1-06 3rd Grade Alex on Dolphin Gameday
1-1-06: Dolphin Lover II on the day the Dolphins won in New England, 28-26

1-1-06: Alex and Uncle Celebrate Victory
1-1-06: there was a time when I could hoist Alex onto my shoulders to celebrate a Dolphin victory--in this case, the Dolphins beat New England, 28-26

Pure ecstasy as Dolphins blank
 the Patriots 21-0 on Dec. 10, 2006

Alex (4th grade) wears the Throne of Victory after the Fins shut out NE, 21-0, on 12-10-06

Alex reels in a Ronnie Brown jersey
on December 25, 2006
(Alex: 4th Grade)

Two Fin Fans on 2-4-07 (Super Bowl 41)
I am so glad the Fins drafted John Beck and NOT Brady Quinn.  Watch Beck throw the ball and listen to his words.  This guy is a player and a leader...and the Fins won't have to pay him an outrageous amount of $$ like Quinn would've needed.

(written day after draft)

May of 2007
"What's going on with that dude?"

This is what one great
little Reidburn thinks
about the latest chapter
in the life of Ricky Williams...

Liam Ricky May13 2007.jpg (224703 bytes)
Poor guy...
...Liam, that is.

December of 2007
"Ricky's back...or at least he was for six carries against
Pittsburgh on a sloshy Monday night before suffering a season-ending injury....we want you back in 2008, Ricky" says Greg Cantine.

Update (11-11-08): Ricky rushed for 105 yards and a TD two days ago as the Fins, now 5-4, have become serious playoff contenders. Ricky showed no signs of slowing down...and I'm so glad he's back!!

Who would travel to Miami to see the 0-8 Dolphins in 2007?

Answer: Me

Who would travel with me to support the 0-8 Dolphins?

Answer: Mark Ogdahl (Aberdeen)
What could possibly make a Dolphins fan happier after his team loses and falls to 0-9?

Answer: Three Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders
What's even better than that?
Lacy (on my left) shares the same birthday month as me. What does that mean? Nothing.
Answer: Meeting two of them!

Nephew A & Uncle G celebrate shortly after Fins beat
Baltimore in OT, 22-16, on a 64-yard, Lemon to Greg C. TD pass.
After an 0-13 start, this ranks as one of my all-time favorite Miami Dolphin wins! 
Alright, Miami!!!   (Alex: 5th grade)

Madisen's "Cali for Nia" shirt shall bring good luck to the Dolphins, while Alyssa's expression shall chase away the Ravens' evil spirits.
These actions will bring about the Dolphins' first win of the season
Caleb Peters, a big Dolphins fan, does the Heismann pose on 12-17-07!
One of my all-time favorite eighth grade students,
Caleb does the Heismann pose!
This is the way I'd love for my classroom to look every single day of the year!
This is the whiteboard in my classroom
as it appeared on 12-17-07!
(Click on it for a larger view.)
GC-downtown Miami
Miami, Florida, is my paradise.
1972 Dolphins

The One & Only

Two Fin Fans celebrate a September 21
whipping over the Patsies! 38-13!!!
(Alex: 6th grade)

Ronnie Brown barrels over Ellis Hobbs to help the Fins
rout New England on September 21, 2008---BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
I love the new FINS cup!  Thank you!!!
Does anybody know who left this Dolphins cup in my room on Halloween?  I need to know!!!!
Update: 3 years later (2011) I found out that it was Ben Forette--THANK YOU, Ben!
2 Dolfans celebrate Fins' win over Denver, 26-17, on 11-2-08
11-2-08 Dolphins Doom Denver~
October & November were great months
for diehard Dolfans like Alex and me!

Patrick Cobbs & Ted Ginn (#19) led the Fins to win
their 4th straight game--Fins 17, Raiders 15!!
(Wk #11...11-16-08)
Dolfans celebrate!
Two Dolfans wishing you a
wonderful week of whatever!
(Alex: 6th grade)

Through thick & through thin,
we stick with our Fins.
(Christmas 2008)
9-21-09 Friends Before MNF In Miami, Florida
9-21-09: Just before leaving for Joe Robbie Stadium for Colts at FINS game
Davone Bess in for the TD!!
Davone Bess takes it into the end zone
to help the FINS take down New England,
22-21, on Dec. 6, 2009.
Allllllllllllllllllllright, Miami!
12-16-12 Alex & Uncle G celebrate FIN win over Jaguars, 24-3, in Week 15!
Thumbs up for the FINS on 12-16-12 as they
destroyed Jacksonville, 24-3 (Alex: sophomore)!
Dolphins win after "almost Pitt miracle"!
Celebrating a huge road win at Pittsburgh on
12-8-13!  What a great feeling!!
(Alex: junior)
10-12-14 Pregame GB@DOLPHINS
10-12-14 Pregame Green Bay at DOLPHINS
One of my favorite pictures ever taken
10-19-14 A Big Road Win in Chicago--27-14!!!
10-19-14 Celebrating a Beautiful Win
In Front Of a Beautiful Fall Tree
10-26-14 Postgame Victory
10-26-14 DOLPHINS Improve to 4-3
with a 27-13 Victory at Jacksonville
11-2-14 Loved Every Minute of 37-0 Wk9
11-2-14 DOLPHINS, the NFL's best-kept secret,
improve to 5-3...and I am LOVING life!
11-13-14 DOLPHINS score versus Buffalo--let the good times roll!
11-13-14 The night of my 44th birthday was spent with my nephew watching the Dolphins deliver body punches to hopeless Buffalo.  The 22-9 win improved the Dolphins' record to 6-4 and provided many unforgettable memories for an uncle, his nephew, and two friends who came along for a ton of fun.
9-15-17 Mack joins the FIN FUN!
Wanna see the cutest baby ever?  Look at one-year, three-month Mack above! He helped cheer on the Dolphins to an opening day win at Washington on 9-13-15.  LOVE HIM!!
10-18-15 Alex & I Had A Blast!
Coach Campbell debuted with a spirited 38-10 win at Tennessee on 10-18-15.  It was a beautiful day and one that'll be remembered for a long, long time!
Jan. 3, 2016 Celebrating a win in our socks outside
The disappointing 50th season ended with a win
over 12-3 New England.  We were happy!
Sporting our Tanny jerseys on 8-13-16 for 1st preseason game at NYG
Two large Casey's pizzas eaten along with Ryan "Bolt" S. and a Dolphin win to begin preseason action. Hoping this is the start to something special!
9-11-16 Uncle & 2 Nefs on Week 1
Week 1 at Seattle--the Dolphins had lost in the last seconds, but my smile is BIG as I'm with my two favorite nephews!
9-11-16 Cutest Kid in the World!
(9-11-16) The cutest little Dolfan in the entire world throws a tennis ball to Grandpa after the Dolphins game--what fun!!
10-16-16 Mack LOVES Leaves
(10-16-16) What a thrill to have Mack with us on a special day for the Dolphins!  Though he left early in the first quarter, he was the Lucky Leaf Man that made it all happen!
10-16-16  DOLPHINS WIN--Beat Pittsburgh!!
(10-16-16) A selfie in front of a spectacular fall tree was the best we could do after the Dolphins' big win over Pittsburgh, 30-15, today. See 10-18-15 photo above for another look.  Alex drove to Milbank just to watch the Ajayi game!
10-23-16 FINS28, Buf23 Ajay goes for 200+ again
(10-23-16) The Dolphins scored a huge home win in their THROWBACK UNIFORMS today! They pounded Buffalo
into submission.  Jay went for 200+!  GREAT DAY!!
Had the living room set up for FINS 28, Buf 25 on 10-23-16
The place to watch the Dolphins beat Buffalo, 28-25, in Week 7.  FINS UP!!!
11-6-16 DOLPHINS 27, NYJ 23 LOVE IT!!!
(11-6-16) Alex and I will tell you that today's win over the NYJ was wonderfully delightful!!  The nice November weather is only a bonus.  The Dolphins are now 4-4!
(11-13-16) Dolphins win 4th straight game and Alex was here to enjoy it with!!!! Talk about a BIRTHDAY GIFT!!!! This game was back and forth and, in the end, the good guys won!!!!
11-27-16 In LA Coliseum after FIN WIN!!!
(11-20-16) It doesn't get much better than this! Celebrating a win shortly after the Dolphins stole the game from the LA Rams in the historic LA Coliseum--LIFE IS GOOD!!
11-27-16 The nephews celebrate another Dolphin victory!
(11-27-16) Dolphins 31, 49ers 24: a close one...so the relief was tremendous! Can't be happier to have nephews in the house!!
12-11-16 Tribute to Tanny on a FIN WIN DAY
(12-11-16) Dolphins 26, Cards 23: no Alex for first time since 12-16-12 (Tanny's rookie year); got win today but...
Tanny out for season--he got us this far/won't be forgotten!
I wore this sweatshirt like crazy in 6th grade!!
(12-17-16) I had to dig this old Dolphins sweatshirt out as I was wearing it on Dec. 18, 1982, the last time the Dolphins played the Jets on a Saturday.
Dolphin media from 34 years ago!
(12-17-16) I also had to find the old newspaper clippings that I cut out meticulously after the Dolphins beat the Jets in the OB on Dec. 18, 1982.  Hard to believe that the clippings have not yellowed a bit after 34 years!  The Dolphin Digest with Uwe and Strock hopping is one of my favorites.
12-17-16 What a night with SupNef!!
(12-17-16) Today couldn't have been much more perfect--went through my archives a little bit, made a couple of videos, ate some Jack's pizza while watching the Dolphins whip the NYJ tonight.  NICE!!  Now 9-5 and playoffs are within reach!!
(12-24-16) Happy as can be on Christmas Eve after the Dolphins dug deep and found a way to beat Buffalo in OT, 34-31!!
(12-24-16) Nobody happier than GC!  Somebody might be tied in happiness level...but nobody higher!! Dolphins 34, Buffalo 31 in overtime on Saturday
12-25-16 Scott & Mack  12-25-16 CHRISTMAS BABY--SAMUEL!!!
(12-25-16) Could anything happen better than a Dolphins overtime win in December in Buffalo?  YES!!!  Samuel Gregory could be born...and HE WAS on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!
(8-3-17) I am such a PROUD uncle!!!
9-17-17 FINS 19, Chargers 17
(9-17-17) Dolphins win season opener at LA Chargers in dramatic fashion
10-15-17 FINS20, Atlanta17
(10-15-17) An interception that SupNef helped me notice provided lots of excitement...and a WIN!
10-22-17 FINS31,NYJ28
(10-22-17) Overcoming a 4th quarter deficit to beat the hated Jets is DELIGHTFUL
12-3-17 FINS35, Den9
(12-3-17) Sometimes I gots to takes the picture alone...and this was taken by the SupNef (and, yes, I am holding a box of cereal--LIFE)
12-11-17 MNF-Monday afternoon--hopeful for a win
(12-11-17) Three teachers combine to look the best that these three teachers could look--FINS UP!!!
12-11-17 FINS27, NE20--FULL OF JOY!!
(12-11-17) This selfie shows a guy who is so happy he could cry--WAY TO GO DOLPHINS!!
12-17-17 Does not get any better
(12-18-17) Two of the three nephews in Dolphin garb--that's pretty neat
12-24-17 Pouncey & the Cantines
(12-24-17) Week 16 at KC--Mike Pouncey enters the field as the Cantines (and Josh) look on
9-23-18 Dolphins 28, Oakland 20--I LOVE IT!!!
(9-23-18) Alex in the living room after the 3rd win to open the season--MIA 28, Oak 20!!!
10-14-18 We celebrate after 31-28 OT victory!!
(10-14-18) Alex & I feeling really, really, really good!!--MIA 31, Chi 28 (OT)
10-14-18 Went to see Uncle Kenny after OT win!!
(10-14-18) Alex & Uncle Kenny after a truly thrilling Dolphin win--MIA 31, Chi 28 (OT)
11-4-18 FINS13,NYJ6
(11-4-18) Nephews visiting & Dolphins beat Jets>>>um........HAPPY, HAPPY!!!
(12-9-18) MIAMI MIRACLE! MIAMI MIRACLE!! MIAMI MIRACLE!!!  One day I will never ever forget.  WORD.
11-3-19 FINS26,NYJ18--3 Nephews Visit!!!
(11-3-19) Just like 364 days ago, my nephews visit & Dolphins beat Jets for their first win of the season>>>HAPPY, HAPPY..AGAIN!!!
12-1-19 FINS37Phil31 Wk13 I LOVE IT!!
(12-1-19) A Thanksgiving weekend win--some snow to add to the deliciousness--beating prideful Philadelphia is extra SWEET!!!
12-22-19 Dolphins 38, Cin 35 in OT
(12-22-19) Watched a crazy ending to the Bengals at Dolphins game in the living room--FINS WIN!
12-27-20 Two days before FINS 27, NE 24-in Hrsbrg
(12-27-20) Two days before FINS 27, NE 24-in Harrisburg
12-29-19 FINS 27, NE 24-Stacey visits-WHAT A GIFT!
(12-29-19) DOLPHINS 27, NE 24--Stacey visits on a GIFT OF A DAY!!
1-26-20 Lewis Drug Racquetball Tournament-nephews, racquetball, and Dolphins apparel--can it get any better?
(1-26-20) Lewis Drug Racquetball Tournament--nephews Mack & Sam, racquetball, and Dolphins apparel--Can it get any better?? I think not.
3-18-20 Reppin' Dolphins 365--in St. Petersburg with AWESOME family!
(3-18-20) Reppin' Miami Dolphins 365--in St. Petersburg with AWESOME family! While on this trip, the Dolphins added Kyle Van Noy, Byron Jones, and Ereck Flowers among others.  What a haul!  The COVID pandemic changed things dramatically on this trip.
4-23-20 Draft night--Tua selected-is Tate happy about it?
(4-23-20) NFL Draft-Day 1-The Dolphins took exactly who Alex and I had hoped for-TUA!!!
5-4-20 Rest in Eternal Peace, Coach Shula
(5-4-20) Rest in Eternal Peace, Coach Shula. You changed the face of the Dolphins. You were a Christian man with a strong Faith.  You did things the right way.  Thank you for a great ninety years!  I went out to Lake Farley on that rainy Monday night of your passing and prayed for you.
9-13-20 Mom & Dad on opening day at NE--blanket always out
(9-13-20) Mom & Dad on opening day at NE--blanket always out-I've included them in Dolphin games more than I ever have!
9-24-20 Underdog Dolphins win, 31-13 at Jax
(9-24-20) Underdog Dolphins win, 31-13 at Jax-I'm not much into selfies, but I am when my team wins huge.  One proud Dolfan right here!!
10-4-20 Watched yet another Dolphin loss at Scott's--the streak continues
(10-4-20) Watched yet another Dolphin loss at Scott's continuing the rotten streak--I've never watched a Dolphin win in SF nor Harrisburg--will this streak ever end???
(10-11-20) DOLPHINS WIN AT SCOTT'S HOUSE--IT CAN HAPPEN!!!!! DOLPHINS 43, Defending NFC Champion 49ers 17!! A perfect postgame picture capped a wonderful afternoon!!!
10-18-20 Following FINS 24, NYJ 0--Tua's first appearance
(10-18-20) DOLPHINS 24, NYJ 0--1st shutout win over NYJ since '82 AFC Championship-Tua made first NFL appearance--what a day!
10-20-20 Mack in Kindergarten
(10-20-20) Mack in kindergarten--I love him so much!
11-1-20 FINS 28, Rams 17--Tua's first start on 11-1
(11-1-20) DOLPHINS 28, Rams 17--Tua made his first NFL start at home vs. the LA Rams...and it was nice!! Celebrated with Uncle Kenny--WOOOHOOOOOO!!
    12-6-20 FINS 19, Bengals 7 Week 13 Joe Robbie Stadium
(12-6-20) DOLPHINS 19, Bengals 7--what an experience during the COVID season--loads of fun!!