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     I collect anything that has to do with the Miami Dolphins.  My room is a shrine full of memorabilia.  You name it and I probably have it.

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The five mini helmets are the Dolphins' five different styles in their 50-year history. I also have the three full-size, authentic helmets.

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These are a few of the 60+ caps that I own.  I have every style that one can imagine.  I've worn only a few in order to keep them in mint condition. A bald guy can never own too many caps!

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I'm running out of room to put my shirts and jerseys. 
Most are never worn.  All are impressive.

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Media Guides
Of the 53 media guides produced, I own all of them. The most I have paid for one media guide is $191.50. I finished the collection on December 23, 2011.

gdolphindigests.jpg (33376 bytes)     Dolphin Digest covers from 1995
Dolphin Digests
I've been a subscriber for 38 years and have kept every issue.  The subscription is a must for the serious fan as it gives information that you won't get anywhere else.

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Highlight Videos
I love the 23-minute season review videos. 
John Facenda's voice is the greatest.

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Football Cards
I have almost every Dolphin card from 1966 through 1992. Too many cards are now produced, and it's impossible to keep track of all of them.

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Dan Marino Items
Dan Marino was the greatest quarterback ever.  Without a running game to keep defenses honest, Dan kept Miami's offensive ranking near the top.  The least I can do is pay tribute to Dan with a desktop full of Marino memorabilia.

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I have a Dolphin coat for every occasion.  I still wear a satin Dolphin coat made by Starter that I bought as an eighth grader in 1985 for $90.00.

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First Dolphin Digest
My dad gave in when I was a fourth grader and allowed me to subscribe to the Dolphin Digest.  This is the front of my first issue ever (dated August 3, 1980).

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I have to celebrate every Dolphin win by wearing the proper necktie at school the following day.  I need more for all of the wins!

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Dolphin Player
I got this for Christmas in fourth grade (1980). It came with number 12 on it (Bob Griese), but I later changed it to 75 (Doug Betters).

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Dolphin Digest
The third issue of Dolphin Digest that I received back in 1980...one of my favorite all-time covers (CAN ANYONE REPLACE 'The Zonk'?).

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If there is an object with the Dolphin logo on it, I have it!

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Dolphin Digest
A page from the first issue

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Dolphin Locker
This locker stores all of my old Dolphin Digests and many prized Dolphin possessions.  My mom bought it for me for serving 7:00 morning Mass all week in the middle of the summer between my fifth and sixth grade years.

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Game Programs
I collect game programs from each season. 
This program was for the Dolphins-Chiefs game
on 12-11-66 in the Dolphins' first season.

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