***********2014-2015 Season Review in Pictures***********
Alex's Senior Year in High School
December 30, 2014: The disappointing 2014 campaign has ended with an 8-8 record. Though things didn't turn out the way Dolfans wanted, there were some memorable moments in this 49th year of Dolphin football--dominating New England in the second half of Week One's win, taking over Chicago on the road, shutting out San Diego, beating Buffalo in front of our eyes in Miami, and a surprising safety to take the Vikings.  And Alex and I got to experience these joys in life together.  He'll be attending SDSU next fall, but there is no doubt we'll be enjoying more Dolphin moments together in the fiftieth year of Miami Dolphin football!

Pres#1 (8-8-14)
8-8-14 Brandon Gibson scores TD 1st drive of preseason
Tannehill to Gibson for TD on First Drive
Atlanta 16, DOLPHINS 10
Pres#2 (8-16-14)
8-16-14 Touchdown Dolphins! 8-16-14 Dolphins win 1st preseason game
Moore to Matthews
DOLPHINS 20, Tampa Bay 14
Pres#3 (8-23-14)
8-23-14 Damien Williams reacts after 3rd qtr TD
Damien Williams Picks Up Yardage
DOLPHINS 25, Dallas 20
  Pres#4 (8-28-14)
8-28-14 Matt Hazel scores 22-yd TD
Matt Hazel Scores 22-yard TD
DOLPHINS 14, St. Louis 13

9-7-14 Moreno stretches for TD
Game One 9-7-14
Moreno Stretches for 4th Qtr TD
DOLPHINS 33, New England 20
9-7-14 NE@Mia Prior to Dolphin Victory
9-14-14 Wallace one-handed TD catch
Game Two 9-14-14
Wallace Makes One-Handed TD Catch
Buffalo 29, DOLPHINS 10
9-14-14 MiaAtBuf Not a good day
9-28-14 Dolphin D sacks Alex Smith for safety
Game Three 9-21-14
Randy Starks Sacks Smith to Pull Within Six
Kansas City 34, DOLPHINS 15
9-28-14 Tannehill Throws-Rating 109
Game Four 9-28-14
Tannehill Responds to Doubters
DOLPHINS 38, Oakland 14
9-28-14 AC & GC Celebrate After Easy Win
10-12-14 Rookie J Landry Scores 1st Career TD
Game Five 10-12-14
Jarvis Landry Catches 1st Career TD
Green Bay 27, DOLPHINS 24
10-12-14 GB@FINS 2 Disappointed FIN FANS
10-19-14 Cam Finishes Hat Trick on One Play
Game Six 10-19-14
Cam Wake's Hat Trick: Sack, Forced Fumble, Recovery
DOLPHINS 27, Chicago 14
10-19-12 Today's beating over Chicago was as beautiful as the tree behind us!
10-26-14 L Delmas could...go...all...the...way!!
Game Seven 10-26-14
Louis Delmas Returns INT 81 Yards for TD
DOLPHINS 27, Jacksonville 13
11-2-14 Coach Philbin--getting it done
Game Eight 11-2-14
Coach Philbin Gets Game Ball
DOLPHINS 37, San Diego 0
11-2-14 Largest Margin of Victory Since 1995
11-9-14 Jordan 95 returns blocked FG to Det 3
Game Nine 11-9-14
Dion Jordan Returns Blocked FG to 3
Detroit 20, DOLPIHINS 16
11-9-14 Bummed out
11-13-14 Jarvis Landry Fights for TD
Game Ten 11-13-14
Rookie Landry Fights for 8-yard TD
DOLPHINS 22, Buffalo 9
11-13-14 In Joe Robbie Stadium after win
11-23-14 155th consec. game for Denney-record!
Game Eleven 11-23-14
Denney Recovers Fumble-Sets Record
Denver 39, DOLPHINS 36
11-23-14 After 39-36 loss--not fun--so close
12-1-14 Cam Wake Absolutely Destroys NYJ
Game Twelve 12-1-14
Wake Destroys Cumberland & Smith
DOLPHINS 16, NY Jets 13
12-1-14 Late-night Victory Celebration!
12-7-14 TE D Sims Gets 1st Down--NO FEAR
Game Thirteen 12-7-14
TE Dion Sims Initiates Contact
Baltimore 28, DOLPHINS 13
12-7-14 Not happy after loss but tradition continues
12-14-14 Wallace TD 5 sec before half
Game Fourteen 12-14-14
Wallace's Sweet TD Catch Before Halftime
New England 41, DOLPHINS 13
12-14-14 At least the TT Field is snow-free
12-21-14 Terence Fede blocks punt for FIN WIN
Game Fifteen 12-21-14
Terence Fede Blocks Punt for Winning Points
DOLPHINS 37, Minnesota 35
12-21-14 37-35 and HAPPY-Merry Christmas
12-28-14 Lamar Miller 97 TD run
Game Sixteen 12-28-14
Lamar Miller Runs 97 Yards for a TD
NY Jets 37, DOLPHINS 24
12-28-14 Two Disappointed Dolfans
12-25-14 Christmas Day
Way more important than how the Dolphins do are these people: Alex (senior), Rhianna (7th grader), Max (5+ months).  I LOVE THEM!!!
TE Greg Baty #84--gave me his wristbands in 1992
I wrote a letter to Greg Baty, #84, back in the fall of 1992.  I found out that the letter was received after I attended a closed Dolphins' practice on 12-12-92.  We had a chance to visit briefly about it.  Greg sent me a signed picture, but the highlight was probably the time he placed his wristbands in my hands following the 20-7 Monday Night Football victory over the Raiders.  One awesome guy!  He provided me some moments that I'll never forget!

Joe Robbie Stadium--always has been, always will be
Joe Robbie Stadium (1987-Present)

Top Story Photograph
Pictured here is Coach Shula with the necktie and Jim Langer with the mustache. I've been fortunate enough to have met both men, Shula in Miami and Langer in Milbank.

Cheering for the right team is important!

Hi,Alex! Today is Monday, March 2, 2015, and you are opening the postseason in basketball tonight in two hours.   Now that March Madness has officially arrived, anything can happen!  So, you've got to believe you can beat Groton in Sisseton tonight.  When you get in, give it everything you have and let the chips fall where they may.  You have put a lot of time into your basketball career and I'd love to see some of your effort and sacrifices come through tonight.  Yes, you are my favorite Bulldog cager of all.  You have impressed me by sticking with the program--no quitting for you!  I don't want the Cantine name associated with quitting.  Enjoy your time tonight--I'll be cheering for you!  I'll make it known that I predict a one-point victory for the Milbank Bulldogs.  You're awesome, AC!!