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Outside Joe Robbie Stadium on December 30, 2001

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My brother Scott & I had great seats for the 12-30-01 game!

 updated: Tuesday, January 1, 2019
     I've been to a total of 36 Dolphin games, including eight in Miami and ten in Minnesota.  I survived going into Oakland totally decked out in Dolphin gear (Dolphins won, 27-17).  That trip ranks second favorite as my all-time favorite is the first game I ever attended in Miami when the Dolphins destroyed the Raiders, 20-7, on Monday Night Football.  Game 13 was a tremendous high for me as the Dolphins beat up Buffalo, 34-7.  It can't get much better than that! Game 20 was unbelievably sweet; I was a part of Dolphin history as they played the coldest game in franchise history (10 degrees) in Kansas City against the Chiefs.  The Fins won, 38-31, in a trip where everything went perfectly.  Also, it's tough to beat a Dolphin overtime victory in historic, tradition-rich Green Bay; that happened in 2010 (23-20).  The worst Dolphin trip I experienced was my first trip to Dallas; the Dolphins were held scoreless, and I wanted to speed out of Dallas as quickly as possible. 
     The Dolphins have gone 16-20 when I've been in attendance including 4-6 in Miami and 12-14 in regular season games (not bad considering most games have been in weaker seasons--too bad I wasn't going to Dolphin games in the 1970s and 80s).
     The 30th Dolphin game that I attended took place on August 4, 2013, in the Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys. My awesome nephew Alex and I witnessed live the debut of the Dolphins' new logo and uniform.
     My 31st game found the Ogdahls, Alex, and me in beautiful Miami on my birthday for the tenth game of the season.  It was an AQUA-OUT night, only the fourth time in team history that the Dolphins went with all-aqua uniforms.  They blitzed Buffalo and scored the game's final 19 points for a 22-9 victory--kind of cool to get a 13-point victory as a beautiful birthday present on the 13th of November!
     Oh, and I can't leave out Game 33 that took place at the historic Los Angeles Coliseum, the same place the Dolphins capped their Perfect Season of 1972!  The Ogdahls, Alex and I flew out to California for some sky-diving and a thrilling Dolphins victory.  The Dolphins trailed 10-0 late in the game but found the end zone twice in the final minutes.  They ended with 14 points--same total they scored in Super Bowl VII in the Coliseum--and we were ecstatic!

The following are recaps of the games I've attended:
Picture from Game # Year Opponent Location  Date      Game
 As seen on TV, Kevin & I at my first-ever Dolphin game!
I am to the left, Kevin is to the right, and I have no identification of the guy in the blue shirt.

8-11-84 Ticket stub for this game

This is an unused ticket for this game.
Game #1 I Attended
1. 1984   VIKINGS   in Minnesota  AUG. 11  2nd preseason game
Dolphins 29, Vikings 7  54,001 (not including Kevin & me)

**I vividly remember catching my first-ever glimpse of real-live Miami Dolphins through a tunnel in the Metrodome.  That might be the single-most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my life. The game was televised, and my grandma in Truman, Minnesota, was watching.  Also, my parents and younger brother were watching in a Minneapolis hotel room.  Just after Dolphin Bob Baumhower sacked Viking Tommy Kramer in the second quarter, the camera focused in on my brother Kevin and me.  My grandma and parents saw us!  I finally got this game on DVD 25 years later (April 15, 2009). The Dolphins advanced to the Super Bowl in Dan Marino's second season that year.1984Dolphins at Vikes ticket.jpg (52483 bytes) <<Click the little picture to see the game ticket for this game.
Game summary found on Internet on 1-10-16:

MINNEAPOLIS -- Don Strock threw two early touchdown passes to lead the Miami Dolphins to a 29-7 preseason victory over the Minnesota Vikings Saturday night.

Strock completed all five of his first-quarter passes for 42 yards, hitting on touchdown throws of 3 and 2 yards to open a 14-0 lead.

Dolphins' rookie Joe Carter, who rushed 11 times for 80 yards in the game, returned the opening kickoff 42 yards to the Miami 46. Strock connected on a 21-yard throw to fullback Woody Bennett and 16-yarder to Bruce Hardy before finding Mark Clayton in the end zone for a 3-yard TD score.

Vikings' center Robin Sendlein snapped the ball over punter Greg Coleman's head and the Dolphins, 2-0, recovered at the Minnesota 39. Strock capped that march with a 2-yard scoring strike to Carter, beating cornerback John Swain.

 The Vikings were penalized for having too many men on the field on a punt by Miami's Reggie Roby and the Dolphins then made it 17-0 on Uwe Von Schamann's 53-yard field goal.

Von Schamann, who had missed on a 40-yard attempt, also made a 31-yard field goal with 3:36 left in the second quarter to open a 20-0 halftime lead.

The Vikings, who had passed for 310 yards in their 37-6 win over Atlanta last week, had 11 yards passing in the first half. Miami's defense recorded four sacks in the game and one interception.

Minnesota's Jarvis Redwine caught two passes for 34 yards and capped a 75-yard scoring drive with a 9-yard TD run to open the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Dolphins held the Vikings at the goal line when safety Mike Kozlowski stopped running back Rick Bell on 4th-and-goal.

Miami's Bennett scored on a 2-yard run, set up by Jim Jensen's 27-yard pass to Clayton on the previous play. The Dolphins had tackled punter Coleman at the Vikings' 37 after he received a low snap to start the drive.

Al Del Greco, a free agent from Auburn, made a 32-yard field goal with 1:57 left for the Dolphins to cap a 55-yard drive.​

No picture--still looking for one!!
Game #2 I Attended
2. 1986  VIKINGS  in Minnesota  AUG. 9  1st preseason game
Vikings 30, Dolphins 16  52,862 (not including Dad, Kevin, & me)

**I found out that the Dolphins can lose when I'm in attendance.  This was a "knife-to-the-heart" feeling.
     Notes: The
WHEN: 8 p.m.WHERE: Metrodome, Minneapolis.1985 RECORDS: Dolphins -- 12-4; Vikings -- 7-9.PRESEASON RESULTS: First official game for both. COACHES: Dolphins -- Don Shula, 24th year; Vikings -- Jerry Burns, 1st year. INJURIES: Dolphins -- Quarterback Dan Marino (out, sore knees and legs); Vi kings -- wide receiver Anthony Carter (out, back), running back Allan Rice (out, hamstring), wide receiver Buster Rhymes (out, hamstring), cornerback Willie Teal (out, knee)
Game summary found on Internet on 1-10-16:

Marino Didn`t Play, So This Doesn`t Count

August 10, 1986|By STEVE HUMMER, Staff Columnist

MINNEAPOLIS -- Of course, it is possible to dismiss a 30-16 loss as not even happening. Poof, it`s gone. Ashes in the wind.

Anytime the Miami Dolphins lose a game in which Dan Marino missed by choice, it doesn`t count. That is NFL common law, soon to be codified.

Still, something has to go back on the charter with the Dolphins, some souvenir, or else what was the use? I`ve got to write something, or they`ll never accept the expense account back home.

``We`ll have a tough time finding anything positive out of this one,`` said Miami`s Don Shula. In that case, take from this game that the Dolphins looked as ugly as a scar. They were mauled by a team that hasn`t been in training camp long enough to change the sheets.

From a first preseason game in the land of the natural blonde, from a beginning of a beginning, there are a few cautious observations. Very few of them are positively charged.

Most obviously, this team stands on Marino`s legs. Neither his overseer nor his understudies provided the Dolphins with significant lift. There were no surprises behind center.

Don Strock may be America`s backup, or, if you will, the Federal Reserve. No matter, he completed just 5 of 11 passes for 31 yards Saturday night. Preseason is his time for some big minutes, yet he used most of the first half to score one field goal.


Jim Jensen will be a fine quarterback, if the Dolphins take all the quick sideline patterns out of their playbook and burn them. Twice on such plays in the second half, he threw to Vikings, as if purple were a friendly color. One went for a touchdown, the other gave a touchdown a boost up.

``After the two interceptions, I wish I had had a shovel so I could dig myself a hole,`` said Jensen. Minnesota, however, does have very strict rules about the burial of hazardous waste. Jensen did emerge to complete 9 of 15 passes for 100 yards and a touchdown.

Jeff Wickersham remained a mystery, except when he fumbled for no apparent reason.

It might be just as well that Marino didn`t expose himself this game, and the Dolphins may want to think the same next week against Cleveland. He can now line up behind his own offensive line and have to be introduced to most of them.

The situation is so bad there that this sentence can be written without apology: The loss of Steve Clark to a serious knee injury Saturday was devastating.

``There are no more backups,`` said guard Roy Foster, one of the survivors. ``No more Newmans. No more Laaksos. No more Toewses. And Giesler is a slow process.

``Some people are going to have to step forward. And those who are in there are going to have to clean up their acts.``


One line that performed late Saturday night consisted of the firm of Meilke, Thomas, Sowell, (Larry) Lee and Gore. That was a frightening view of the worst-possible scenario.

``Inability of the offense to do anything with the ball`` was Shula`s summary, which will do better than most.

The defense would have to fish just as deep for a compliment. Minnesota QB Tommy Kramer sliced through Miami`s first team enough for 182 yards passing in the first half. That included a 56-yard touchdown pass over the head of Don McNeal to Mike Jones.

While the game really swung on Jensen`s two interceptions, there was enough give in the Miami defense to allow Minnesota 398 yards. No pass rush was the chief reason. The Vikings quarterbacks had enough time in the pocket to put down a homestead.

Rookie LB John Offerdahl continued to give the defense some reason to carry on. His first play in the big time consisted of dropping Darrin Nelson for a loss, a rare sighting for this group.

Later in the first quarter, on fourth-and-2 on the Dolphin 13, Offerdahl dug in and denied Nelson again. Already, he has ``big play`` tatooed prominently across his forehead.

Those were just a few of the things that Marino watched Saturday night. Assuming he could bear to watch it.​

dolphinsvikings1988.jpg (71641 bytes)
Game #3 I Attended
3. 1988  VIKINGS  in Minnesota  AUG. 26 5th preseason game
Vikings 24, Dolphins 17  51,461 (not including Mom, Dad, Kevin, & me)

**I missed one football practice my senior year, and it was to attend this game.  Despite the Dolphin loss, it was worth missing practice.  The Dolphins ended up experiencing just their second losing season since 1970 with a 6-10 record.
     Notes: Tommy Kramer grabbed the upper arm in Minnesota's quarterback competition, capping his only two series with touchdown passes last night and leading the Vikings to a 24-17 preseason victory over the Miami Dolphins in Minneapolis. Minnesota finished with a 3-1 preseason record. Miami ended 2-3. Kramer lost much of his 1987 season to a neck injury, and, in the process, lost his decade-long stranglehold on the quarterback job to Wade Wilson. He had battled Wilson evenly this preseason before last night, when he completed six of eight passes for 114 yards and took the Vikings on 67- and 90-yard scoring drives in the first half. The drives were so efficient that Kramer faced only two third-down situations and he passed for touchdowns on both. He hit Steve Jordan with a 22-yard scoring pass midway through the first quarter and connected with Hassan Jones from 12 yards 3 minutes, 47 seconds into the second.

rickhandmein92.jpg (31169 bytes)
Game #4 I Attended

4. 1992  RAIDERS  in Miami   DEC. 14  Game #14 of reg. season
Dolphins 20, Raiders 7  67,096 (not including Rick Hellwig & me)

**This was heaven to me!  We had great seats; the stadium was rocking; it was a big game for both teams; the weather was in the mid-70s...and the Dolphins won.  Several fights broke out in the stadium, but Rick and I were not involved.  I enjoyed the game, while Rick enjoyed the beer.
Notes:  Monday night`s Dolphins-Raiders game will be televised after an 11th-hour reprieve.  The blackout was averted by Friday`s 9 p.m. deadline partly because of the silver-and-black and the local ABC affiliate.  Dolphins officials said more than 4,000 tickets remained late Friday, but the actual number turned out to be less than 2,000 after the Raiders returned less of their allotment than expected. WPLG (Ch. 10) then agreed to buy the tickets that go unsold before Monday`s 9 p.m. kickoff at Joe Robbie Stadium. The game will be broadcast on Chs. 10 and 25 (WPBF), the West Palm Beach affiliate. A crowd of 70,000 is expected. The remaining tickets will be available through TicketMaster and the Dolphins ticket office. The ticket office will be open 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. today and after 10 a.m. Monday. After struggling with attendance during a 6-0 start (the first four home games were blacked out), the Dolphins have sold out their last three games despite losing five of seven. The 26-20 Monday night loss to Buffalo on Nov. 16 and the 19-16 win over Houston Nov. 23 were broadcast locally.
That the Raiders are kings of "Monday Night Football" is well-documented.  Of course, their 29-9-1 Monday night record has a lot to do with games that happend years ago. In other words, yesterday's news.  Tonight, the Raiders (6-7), who need just one more loss to be officially eliminated from wild-card contention, are at Miami's Joe Robbie Stadium (Channel 6, 9 o'clock). The Dolphins (8-5), on the other hand, are still very much in the hunt for their first AFC East title since 1985.  But the Raiders are 4-0 against Miami in prime time.
"As long as there's a mathematical chance (of making the playoffs), you have to hope," said Los Angeles defensive end Howie Long.  Did anyone say miracle?  "When I was a player, we always felt Monday night was show time," said Raiders coach Art Shell. "We wanted the world to know we had a good team. There's no magic formula." The last LA-Miami meeting came on a Monday night in 1990. The Raiders won, 14-7, limiting Miami to 14 yards rushing.  The Dolphins, who have lost five of their last seven, haven't scored a TD in the last six quarters while losing to New Orleans and San Francisco.  "We're looking at these games as almost playoff games," said Miami offensive guard Keith Sims. "We've got so much on the line. There's no excuse for the way we've been playing. If you want to be one of the premier teams in the league, you have to be successful against good teams.

vandavejandmeinmilw.jpg (22027 bytes)
Game #5 I Attended

5. 1994  PACKERS in Milwaukee  AUG. 13  3rd preseason game
Dolphins 31, Packers 24  52,756 (not including Van Manshiem, Dave Johnson, & me)

**This was one of the most entertaining preseason games that I have seen.  Dan Marino played just one possession and drove the Dolphins 86 yards for the opening touchdown.  Irving Spikes had some long kickoff returns.  I met many players and coaches the night before in a downtown Milwaukee hotel.

Game #6 I Attended
6. 1994  VIKINGS  in Minnesota  AUG. 26  5th preseason game
Vikings 31, Dolphins 16  46,930 (not including Brian Pauli, Roger Pauli, & me)

**My green Fossil watch flung off of my wrist while I was applauding O.J. McDuffie's punt return for a touchdown, and it ended up on the Metrodome's turf.  A security man retrieved it.  That was the lone success story of the night.

groupvsvikes94.jpg (25278 bytes)
Game #7 I Attended

7. 1994  VIKINGS  in Minnesota  SEPT. 25  Game #4 of reg. season
Vikings 38, Dolphins 35  64,028 (not including Van Manshiem, Mark Ogdahl, Rick Hellwig, Lonnie Hove, Brian Pauli, Steve Thomas, & me)

**The Vikes had a 28-0 lead in the first half before the Dolphins rallied and, in the process, made it one of the wildest games of the year.  I was emotionally drained on the way home.  The other Viking fans in the van were all smiles.

scottandIin97.jpg (24374 bytes)
Game #8 I Attended

8. 1997 PATRIOTS in Miami  DEC. 22  Game #16 of reg. season
Patriots 14, Dolphins 12  74,377 (not including my brother Scott and me)

**This loss was about as disappointing as a game can get.  The Dolphins were cheated twice.  Enough about this sad game!
atOakland98.jpg (221770 bytes)
Game #9 I Attended
9. 1998 RAIDERS in Oakland DEC. 6 Game #13 of reg. season
Dolphins 27, Raiders 17  61,252 (not including Tom Seehafer & me)

**The Raider fans didn't give me the friendly greeting that I expected.  A ticket lady, believe it or not, gave me a piece of her mind by "welcoming" me to Oakland in an unusual way.  It was great to see my team dominate their team all afternoon.  The Dolphins had six interceptions.  I was cursed at and threatened everywhere I went,  but I left elated...and worried.
dolphinsraiders1998.jpg (20281 bytes)
     Notes: The miserable weather that was forecast for the day didn't materialize and the day was sunny and cool with a game time temperature of 55 and a wind of 10 mph...Inactive Dolphins were Richmond Webb, Damon Huard, Kevin Donnalley, Ron Moore, Shane Burton, Iheanyi Uwaezuoke, Troy Drayton and Anthony Harris...The Dolphins' defense registered 8 sacks, intercepted 6 passes and scored 2 touchdowns...Dan Marino had a fine day, getting away from sacks, rolling out, hitting the open man and not making any mistakes - unless you count the fumble on the snap. He ended up completing 22 of 33 for 170 yards, with 1 TD and no INTs...Karim Abdul-Jabbar had 94 rushing yards on 19 carries for a 4.9 averageand caught 2 passes for 21 yards...Terrell Buckley had 3 solo tackles, an interception and 2 passes defensed. He also had 1 punt return for 19 yards and the lateral from McDuffie for 15 yards. And he recovered the onsides kick for the Dolphins...Sam Madison had 3 solo tackles, a sack and his 7th interception of the season; he was credited with 4 passes defensed.
at dallas THANX.jpg (29644 bytes)
Game #10 I Attended
10. 1999 COWBOYS in Dallas  NOV. 25  Game #11 of reg. season
Cowboys 20, Dolphins 0  64,324 (not including Darin Dahle, Bill Falconer, Paul Richter, & me)

**YUCK!!! (Note:  Thanksgiving revenge did come in 2003...Dolphins 40, Cowboys 21)
     Notes: The Dolphins entered with a record of 7-3, while Dallas was 5-5...The Cowboys improved to 5-0 at home with the shutout win...The halftime score was a 0-0 tie...Dexter Coakley returned a Marino INT 46 yards for the first TD and score of the game...It was 50 degrees for the 3:00 kickoff...Dallas scored 13 points in the 4th quarter...Olindo Mare missed 3 FGs for the Dolphins...Marino threw 5 INTs...Rich Owens had the only sack for the Dolphins...Troy Aikman went 16-29 for 232 yards and 1 TD.

Game #11 I Attended
11. 2000 VIKINGS in Minnesota SEP. 10 Game #2 of reg. season
Vikings 13, Dolphins 7  64,108 (not including Darin Dahle, Brent Wherry, Mark Ogdahl, & me)

**It took the Dolphins over seven quarters to score a single point when Darin Dahle attended a Fin game with me (bad luck or what??).  The Dolphins scored late in the game, but it was too late.  The offense struggled.  The defense was okay.  A Viking fan made fun of my Dolphin zubaz.  It wasn't a memorable day.
     Notes: The Dolphins and Vikings both entered the game at 1-0...The Vikings led 3-0 at half, while the rest of the scoring occurred in the 4th quarter (Vikings 10, Dolphins 7)...Daunte Culpepper threw for 355 yards, 1 TD, and 3 INTs...Randy Moss scored on a 15-yard pass from Culpepper...Thurman Thomas caught a 2-yard TD pass from Fiedler for Miami's only score...Tim Bowens, Brock Marion, and Brian Walker had one INT apiece for the Dolphins. The Vikings outgained Miami by a margin of 468-209...The Vikings kept pace with the Buccaneers in the NFC Central by shutting down the Dolphins' rushing game that looked so strong last week...Miami ran for only 49 yards on 16 carries, and Lamar Smith was held to 27 yards after his 145-yard outing against the Seahawks in the opener. Despite the defensive nature of the game, Cris Carter caught nine passes for a career-high 168 yards. The Vikings controlled the ball for 37:19, thanks to a rushing attack that averaged 4.5 yards per carry (125 yards on 28 carries).

18 G at Fin-Atl game 12-30-01.jpg (55433 bytes)
Game #12 I Attended

12. 2001 FALCONS in Miami DEC. 30 Game #15 of the regular season
Dolphins 21, Falcons 14  73,617 (not including my brother Scott & me)

**The Dolphins made two gorgeous goal-line stands in a game that came down to the final 47 seconds.  The sun-baked crowd went crazy as the Dolphins clinched a playoff berth in the process.  Folks, it doesn't get any better than sitting in Joe Robbie Stadium on a sunny December afternoon while watching the Dolphins win a football game.
     Notes: Atlanta QB Chris Chandler was knocked out of a game for the fourth time this season and was replaced by Michael Vick in the 2nd quarter... Dan Reeves declined to say whether Vick might start even if Chandler is healthy Sunday at St. Louis... Miami's injuries: Thomas strained his neck, C Tim Ruddy sprained his right knee, S Shawn Wooden sprained both ankles and WR James McKnight suffered a concussion and cut his lip...With Miami's two TDs at the end of the first half, the Falcons have now allowed 12 scores in the final 2 minutes of a half...Fiedler became the second Miami quarterback to throw for 3,000 yards in a season. Dan Marino did it an NFL-record 13 times...Dolphin "D" stuffed Bob Christian on 4th down with 47 seconds remaining...The result clinched a playoff berth for Miami, eliminated Atlanta, and gave Tampa Bay the final NFC wild-card spot...Jay Fiedler threw two TD passes, both in the final 1:02 of the first half.

dolphinsvsbills.jpg (39985 bytes)
Game #13 I Attended

13. 2002 BILLS in Miami Jan. 6 Game # 16 of the regular season
Dolphins 34, Bills 7  73,426 (not including my brother Scott & me)

**Dolphin defensive back Brock Marion returned an interception 100 yards on the final play of the game as the Dolphins dominated Buffalo.  It poured prior to the game; then the sun came out to make for a beautiful afternoon of football.  To beat the hated Bills made the victory even sweeter!
     Notes: Local start time: 4:15...Weather: 70 degrees, relative humidity 72%, wind 13 mph...Lamar Smith (6 run), James McKnight (16 pass), Jay Fiedler (18 run), and Brock Marion (100 INT return) all scored TDs while Olindo Mare kicked two field goals (22, 20) to help the Dolphins roll...The Dolphins scored 21 4th-quarter points and finished with an 11-5 record...Arturo Freeman and Scott Galyon added interceptions...Dolphins ran the ball 43 times for 202 yards.

Game #14 I Attended

14. 2002 CHIEFS in Kansas City SEP. 29 Game #4 of the regular season
Chiefs 48, Dolphins 30 78,176 (not including Mark Ogdahl & me)

**The Chiefs could do no wrong after the Fins took an early 7-0 lead. I leaned over to Mark in the fourth quarter after yet another Fiedler interception and said, "My worst nightmares are happening." The Dolphins and my head got scorched in the 90-degree heat. It was a long, depressing ride home.
     Notes: Five Dolphin turnovers were crucial (4 INTs and 1 fumble)...Three of Jay Fiedler's four INTs came in the 4th quarter...Dolphin "D" held Priest Holmes to 52 yards on 23 carries (1 TD) but yielded 140 yards on seven pass receptions (1 TD) to TE Tony Gonzalez...

12-21-02 loss to Vikes.jpg (26805 bytes)
 Game #15 I Attended

15. 2002 VIKINGS in Minnesota DEC. 29 Game #15 of the regular season 
Vikings 20, Dolphins 17  64,282 (not including Tom Seehafer, Mark Ogdahl, & me)

**A dinosaur named Gary Anderson kicked the game-winning, 53-yard field goal to give the Vikings the win. I felt like I was in a great dream as the Fins led the game. Eventually, the Vikings took the lead and a Viking fan walked 15 rows down and on top of 8 chairs to taunt me with his hands and his voice. He tripped on the way back out of the row, so both of us felt rotten after that. At least Minneapolis is closer to home than Kansas City is as I hate the trip back after a loss.
     Notes: Dave Wannstedt versus Mike Tice...Dolphin QB Jay Fiedler had a QB rating of 108.6 while Viking QB Daunte Culpepper's was 65.9...Fiedler hit Chris Chambers for a 59-yard TD to give the Dolphins a 7-0 lead in the first quarter...Randy Moss threw a 13-yard TD pass to D'wayne Bates; Bates finished the game with 7 catches for 79 yards...Jason Taylor had two sacks for a loss of seven yards.

r Tom-Me-12-11-05.jpg (1140972 bytes)
Game #16 I Attended

16. 2005 CHARGERS in San Diego DEC. 11 Game #13 of the regular season
Dolphins 23, Chargers 21  65,024 (not including Tom Seehafer & me)

**After three long years of waiting to see the Dolphins in person again, all of my dreams came true as the red-hot Dolphins upset the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers were winners of five straight games, the Dolphins two.  Las Vegas had the Chargers favored to win easily by two touchdowns, but the Fins didn't care.  They came to play ball...and win! I cannot describe the fun I had at this game; I even met five wonderful Dolphin cheerleaders!  Can this game ever be topped?  I have my doubts. Oh, and thanks to you, Tommy.  You were very good to me the entire day!
On paper, this was the most winnable of the last four games for the defending AFC West champion Chargers (8-5)...The Dolphins (6-7) felt they didn't get the Chargers' best shot. "Yeah, I think they were looking ahead," said free safety Yeremiah Bell, who forced a critical fumble by Drew Brees late in the game. "Getting a feeling from them, I don't think they really looked at us as competition. They looked like we were just going to come up here and roll over. But we're not going to do that."    Miami has beaten the Chargers six straight times. Mare had the first fumble recovery in his nine-year career.

vsJacksonville06.jpg (275525 bytes)
Game #17 I Attended

17. 2006 JAGUARS in Miami AUG. 12  1st preseason game
Jaguars 31, Dolphins 26  67,977 (not including Dave Peterson & me)

**Daunte Culpepper made his Dolphin debut on a warm, muggy night in South Florida.  Also making its debut was the new high-definition scoreboard created by Daktronics (Brookings).  It was awesome!  Unfortunately, the Fins couldn't hold their 10-0 lead, but there is no doubt that this team is loaded with talent.  The road to the Super Bowl has begun!
     Notes: No matter the score or the stars or the statistics of the Dolphins' first exhibition game, this night belonged to QB Daunte Culpepper. But after a 6-play opening series which ended in a FG, Daunte was done and the focus shifted to other key starters and a flurry of backups. Culpepper, who completed one of his two passes for a 2-yard gain, said he was happy to get on the field for the first time since tearing three ligaments in his knee last October (2005). An impressive 1st quarter, highlighted by TE Randy McMichael and RB Ronnie Brown, drew praise from coach Nick Saban after this meaningless loss. Saban noted that the score in the first half - a 20-all tie - was due to the Jaguars leaving their first-team offense in against the Dolphins' second-team defense. The Dolphins led 10-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Game #18 I Attended

18. 2007 CHIEFS in Kansas City AUG. 16  2nd preseason game
Dolphins 11, Chiefs 10  paid attendance: 70,214 (not including Alex Cantine, Kevin Cantine, & me)

**In Alex Cantine's first Dolphins game and Trent Green's return to KC as a Miami Dolphin, the Fins scored late and won the game. Never before in the history of the NFL had there been a final score of 11-10 before tonight.  Alex watched as Dolphin Patrick Cobbs ran in for a TD to pull Miami within one point at 10-9. Next, rookie John Beck squeezed into the end zone on the two-point conversion.  Although challenged by KC, the call stood and the Fins recorded their second straight one-point win of the preseason.  Thrilling!
     Notes: In the final minutes, Patrick Cobbs scored a touchdown and John Beck slipped into the end zone for the 2-point conversion that led the Dolphins to an 11-10 victory and made them 2-0 in the preseason for the first time since 1982...Beck, the third Miami quarterback to appear in the sloppily played game, hit Kerry Reed for 17 yards and Courtney Anderson for 25 in a seven-play, 73-yard scoring drive and appeared to be stopped short on his 2-point conversion...The Chiefs (0-2) challenged the call but it was upheld.

Mark Ogdahl and I fall to 0-5 when going to a Dolphins game together.
Game #19 I Attended

19. 2007 BILLS in Miami NOV. 11 Game #9 of the regular season
Bills 13, Dolphins 10  paid attendance: 70,214 (not including Mark Ogdahl & me)

**Mark and I hoped that our presence would provide enough lucky karma to enable the 0-8 Dolphins to win their first game of the season.  For three and a half quarters, it looked very good for the Dolphins; they clung to a 10-2 lead in the middle of the fourth quarter.  Even though the Bills were able to tie it at 10, rookie Ted Ginn returned the ensuing kickoff 85 yards for a touchdown, but a senseless penalty negated it....and hated Buffalo went on to win, 13-10. Sick. Rotten. Frustrating.
     Notes: Miami DE Jason Taylor left the game early in the third quarter with an ankle injury. He returned to action only briefly and said he wasn't sure about the severity of the injury. ...Dolphins DE Matt Roth left the game in the second half with a groin injury. ...Buffalo CB Kiwaukee Thomas hurt his groin in the fourth quarter, and the Bills said the injury could be serious. TE Robert Royal suffered a mild concussion. ...The Bills' 2-point conversion was their first in six years to the day.

12-21-08 Four Happy, Cold, Happy FIN Fans
Game #20 I Attended

20. 2008 CHIEFS in Kansas City DEC. 21 Game #15 of the regular season
Dolphins 38, Chiefs 31  paid attendance: 73,685  (not including Alex Cantine, Mark Ogdahl, Brady Ogdahl & me...Scott Cantine and Sara met us at halftime)

**The coldest game ever in Miami Dolphin history! On our sixth attempt of attending a Fin game together and hoping for a win, Mark Ogdahl and I finally witnessed a Dolphin victory...and it was absolutely wonderful!  This game ranks right up there with my favorite all-time Dolphin wins and to be there was extra special.  We had the perfect seats for $25 each, we got high fives from the players before the game, and we were able to smuggle in a camcorder.  The feisty Chiefs wouldn't go away, but the Dolphins answered time after time.  After going 1-15 last year, this game gave the Fins their tenth win of the season!
     Notes: At 10 degrees, it was exactly 30 degrees colder than the coldest home game the Dolphins ever played, on Dec. 24, 1989 against, of all teams, the Chiefs. Miami lost that one, 27-24. ...Dolphins lost their previous coldest game, 14-10, at New England. ...The coldest game played at Arrowhead kicked off at zero degrees on Dec. 18, 1983.
Though disappointed after a tough loss, being with friends is the best thing about being at a Dolphins game!
Game #21 I Attended
21. 2009 COLTS in Miami SEP. 21 Game #2 of the regular season
Colts 27, Dolphins 23  paid attendance: 66,223 (not including Ali Reidburn, Chris Reidburn, Keith Cantine & me)

**This is something I had always dreamed of--to attend a Dolphins' home-opener in muggy Miami.  To make it even more beautiful was the fact that this was a Monday Night Football match-up!  I predicted a Dolphin win by a score of 27-13, but the dream became a nightmare.  The Fins dominated the time of possession, however, they had little to show for it on the scoreboard.  Peyton Manning proved to be too tough and helped knock the Dolphins to 0-2.  Our $108 end zone seats weren't bad; we ended up on TV during extra points and field goals...but who cares when your favorite team loses?
     Notes: Miami is now 31-12-1 in home openers since its inception back in 1966 and 4-1 against the Colts in home openers, while falling to 1-2 in Monday Night Football openers. The Dolphins are 39-35 overall on Monday Night Football and have lost four straight dating back to December 26, 2004, when they beat the Cleveland Browns, 10-7. …Ginn's 11 catches were a career-high and he now has made at least one catch in 30 consecutive games. ...Ronnie Brown broke the 100-yard plateau for the 14th time in his career; he has now has passed Tony Nathan for 5th place all-time in rushing yards for the franchise with 3,612 yards and is 32 yards away from catching Jim Kiick's 3,644 yards.
Two FIN FANS happy...two Viking fans ready to go back home on 9-19-10!
Game #22 I Attended
22. 2010 VIKINGS in Minnesota SEP. 19 Game #2 of the regular season
Dolphins 14, Vikings 10  paid attendance: 63,842 (not including Chris Reidburn, Mark Ogdahl, Tom Seehafer & me)

**Met many Dolphins at the team hotel the night before the game.  Henne went deep to Marshall on the first play of the game.  Later, Koa Misi fell on the ball in our end zone for a touchdown.  And the Fins held on for a 14-10 victory that will not soon be forgotten.  It was definitely a weekend that couldn't have gone any better. Thrilled.  Relieved.  Proud.  And 2-0!!  I told my eighth graders all week that the Dolphins would win (34-3) and they delivered.
     Notes: "We felt we had to get in here and announce our presence some point in this game early on," Sparano said....Fins' victory at Minnesota snaps a three-game winning streak for the Vikings against the Dolphins...the Fins now leads the all-time regular season series by a 7-4 margin...Miami is now 2-0 under Head Coach Tony Sparano for the first time in his career...Miami has not won two consecutive games to start the season since 2002...the 5 pass attempts by the Dolphins in the first half sets a new all-time low for pass attempts by Miami in a half. The five attempts were lower than the seven attempts which was done twice, first during a 24-10 victory over the New England Patriots on September 1, 1996 and then matched in a 22-0 loss in Cleveland on November 20, 2005...LB Koa Misi recorded his first career touchdown when he recovered a forced fumble by LB Cameron Wake in the end zone. The touchdown was the third by a Dolphins defensive rookie in as many seasons, when then rookie CB Vontae Davis returned an interception 23-yards for a score against QB Trent Edwards and the Buffalo Bills on October 4, 2009. In 2008, then rookie DE Phillip Merling returned picked off a QB Brett Favre pass and returned it 25 yards for a TD at the New York Jets on December 28, 2008. The last defensive touchdown for Miami on a fumble recovery was November 1, 2009, when LB Jason Taylor returned a touchdown for 48-yards at the New York Jets.
Oh, what a day...back in October...in Green Bay!
Game #23 I Attended
23. 2010 PACKERS in Green Bay OCT. 17 Game #5 of the regular season
Dolphins 23, Packers 20 (OT)  paid attendance: 70,813 (not including Eric Townsend & me)

**Historic Lambeau Field--it was everything I thought it would be and a lot more! A truly awesome experience for Eric and me!  We enjoyed two beautiful days in friendly Green Bay and it was all capped off by Dan Carpenter's 44-yard field goal in overtime, my first live sudden death experience.  From the fist pounds from both quarterbacks named Chad to being on the Dolphins' web site via a picture to the win that improved the Fins' record to 3-2, I can't imagine it being any better.  And most of the thanks goes to Mr. Joe Thyne.  He contacted me on 4-22-10 and invited me to join him in Green Bay.  No doubt about it, this was one of the best times I've had at a Miami Dolphins game.  On a side note, eighth grader Ryan Schreurs predicted a 24-21 Miami victory in overtime.  Very impressive!
    Notes: Weather: 57 and sunny...with the victory, Miami now leads the season series by a 10-3 margin. The win snapped a two game win streak by Green Bay...Miami scored a touchdown on its first drive for the second time this season when QB Chad Henne connected with WR Davone Bess on a two-yard touchdown. The score was the first for the Dolphins to open the game on offense since week two at Minnesota, when Henne found WR Brian Hartline for a five-yard pass at the Vikings (9/19/10)...LB Cameron Wake recorded his first three sack game of his career...K Dan Carpenter had a career-long 53-yard field goal in the 2nd quarter and it tied for the fifth longest in team history overall and the fourth longest in a regular season contest...Carpenter is 4-4 in potential game-winning field goal attempts in the fourth quarter (or OT) that either tied the game or gave the Dolphins their final lead..After the game, Tony Sparano said, “We should feel great walking off that field. This is a hard place to come in and win. This team showed great character today and great resolve. It has been a heck of a two weeks. There are 53 players in that locker room, and every coach in that locker room believed that we could get this done, and we came in and got it done.”...On Miami being undefeated on the road, Cam Wake said, “I think this a situation where it is literally you against everyone else. We are here, away from home, and everybody is cheering against you. That adversity brings you together.”...with 231 passing yards at Green Bay, QB Chad Henne now has 4,137 in his career. In the game, he passed QB Chad Pennington (4,066) for sixth place in team history...with 73 yards on 19 carries at Green Bay, RB Ricky Williams now has 6.012 rushing yards in a Miami uniform. He now is the second player in team history with over 6,000 rushing yards, joining RB Larry Csonka (6,737).
11-18-11 Outside Joe Robbie Stadium before FINS host Chicago
Game #24 I Attended
24. 2010 BEARS in Miami NOV. 18 Game #10 of the regular season
Bears 16, Dolphins 0  paid attendance: 68,750 (not including Mark Ogdahl & me)

Little energy. No spark. Nothing like the last game I attended in Green Bay.  Before the season began, I hoped to high heaven that the Dolphins would go at least 2-1 in games I was to attend this season.  After attaining at least that goal, I was confident that third-string QB Tyler Thigpen would end my season at 3-0.  Surrounded by Bears fan, I was thrilled to see the Dolphins' Nolan Carroll return the opening kick 46 yards.  That was followed by a nine-yard Thigpen-to-Marshall pass on the first play from scrimmage.  After that, it was all downhill.  Bear chants filled the stadium throughout the fourth quarter.  The loss dropped the Fins to 5-5 and destroyed any happiness I had in my system.  An ugly night of Thursday football.
     Notes: Brian Urlacher and the Bears defense allowed only 187 yards and a single third-down conversion to send the injury-ravaged to their second home shutout in 40 years...Miami's already depleted offense lost Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall to a hamstring injury and center Cory Procter because of a left knee injury...Coach Tony Sparano declined to blame injuries for the dismal showing.  "Those are excuses," he said. "I'm not going to use them. I don't want my team to use them. This is the NFL. The next guy has to step up." ...With third-string quarterback Tyler Thigpen struggling in his first NFL start since 2008, the Dolphins were no match for a Bears defense that took over the NFL lead in points allowed per game...Thigpen, pressed into duty after Chad Pennington and Chad Henne were hurt in Sunday's game, finished 17 for 29 for 187 yards, and he had 27 of the Dolphins' 39 yards rushing. But he found himself scrambling often and fell to 1-11 as an NFL starter…."Offensively we couldn't get out of our own way," Thigpen said. "We would get one thing going, and then we'd get one thing to set us back."…Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams combined for 11 yards rushing on six carries...The Fins lost at home in prime time for the third time this season...The Dolphins were blanked for the first time since a 3-0 loss at Pittsburgh during their one-win season in 2007. Their only other home shutout since the first year of the Don Shula era came in 2001.
11-6-11 Can't get much happier than these four FIN FANS!!
Game #25 I Attended
25. 2011 CHIEFS in Kansas City NOV. 6 Game #8 of the regular season--25th game I've attended!
Dolphins 31, Chiefs 3  paid attendance: 72,259 (not including Alex Cantine, Mark Ogdahl, Brady Ogdahl & me)
**Just as I had last year before the game at Minnesota, I had a similar confidence going into this game--I knew the 0-7 Dolphins had a chance to beat the 4-3 Chiefs.  The Chiefs rolled right down the field on their first possession and took a 3-0 lead.  After that it was all Miami Dolphins.  Matt Moore came out zinging passes to Brandon Marshall; that continued throughout the game.  Reggie Bush had a huge game on this sunny, calm, 65-degree day.  The defense dominated after spotting the Chiefs three points.  The Ogdahls and Cantines were clearly four of the happiest fans in the stadium as Anthony Fasano, Brandon Marshall, and Reggie Bush all found the end zone.  It was great to see the hometown fans hitting the exits early and looking at the many Dolphin orange seats that remained in Arrowhead.  This was the Dolphins' largest margin of victory (28) when I've been in attendance.  What a way to celebrate my 25th game anniversary!
     Notes: LB Jason Taylor played in his 196th game for Miami, tied with OL Bob Kuechenberg for second place on the franchise list (QB Dan Marino is the leader with 242 games played)...The three points allowed by the Dolphins were the fewest since they beat Buffalo 16-3 on Dec. 7, 2008... Jackie Battle carried 14 times for 40 yards to lead the Chiefs...The Chiefs have lost eight of their last 10 games against Miami..."I'm just happy for the guys in our locker room," Sparano said. "All I've wanted to do for seven weeks is see these guys smile."...Matt Moore threw for 244 yards and three touchdowns, the first three-TD performance by a Miami quarterback since Chad Pennington in 2008. Reggie Bush ran for 92 yards and another score, and tight end Anthony Fasano hauled in two touchdown passes in the first half...The last time the sixth year pro recorded two touchdowns in a game was December 21, 2008, at Kansas City in a 38-31 Dolphins victory. It was also the last time that a Dolphin recorded two touchdown receptions in a single game....Brandon Marshall, finished with eight catches for 106 yards...The 31 points were the most for Miami since they scored 33 at Oakland on November 28, 2010. Miami’s offense also did not have a turnover or allow a sack.
11-24-11 Three happy/Two hurting on Thanksgiving
Game #26 I Attended
26. 2011 COWBOYS in Dallas NOV. 24 Game #11 of the regular season
Cowboys 20, Dolphins 19  paid attendance: 87,413 (not including Darin Dahle, Mark Ogdahl, Ryan Waterfall, Paul Richter & me)

**I found myself thankful for great friends today but not for a great game.  Oh, it had twists and turns to keep any fan interested, but that doesn't make it great.  Both teams entered with three-game win streaks; the Dolphins had been especially impressive by allowing no touchdowns in their three games.  The FIN "D" picked up where they left off by picking off Tony Romo twice in the first quarter, however, the offense did little with those opportunities.  The Dolphins fumbled the ball away at their own five just before halftime and Dallas responded with a one play, five yard drive for a touchdown.  In this most impressive house that Jerry built, there were several times that I felt that the Dolphins had this game in control yet, in the end, the Cowboys ruined my trip by kicking a 28-yard field goal as time expired.  The people that made it bearable were the four friends with whom I was able to attend the game.  People over football...yet it still hurt.
     Notes: The Cowboys improved to 28-15-1 on Thanksgiving...Dallas QB Tony Romo is 5-0 on the holiday; he missed last year's game -- which Dallas lost -- with a broken collarbone...The Dolphins fell to 5-2 on Thanksgiving...Miami's Shayne Graham (replacing injured Dan Carpenter), who was among Bailey's competition for the Dallas job in the preseason, made FGs of 23, 26, 27 and 28 yards but missed from 47...The Dolphins (3-8) had four drives that got within 10 yards of the end zone, yet settled for field goals every time. The FINS' only TD came on a 35-yard pass from Matt Moore to Brandon Marshall...However, Miami still nearly pulled it out. In the second half, the Dolphins scored on all but their final drive, and that was all it took to end a 3-game winning streak..."We felt like we played a good game all day, but we didn't make enough plays and they did," Miami safety Yeremiah Bell said. "That's the price you pay, so if we would have made more plays, we would have won the game."11-24-11 Dan Bailey (#5) celebrates game-winning kick
10-7-12 One happy dude with 2 Bengal fans
Game #27 I Attended
27. 2012 BENGALS in Cincinnati OCT. 7 Game #5 of the regular season
Dolphins 17 Bengals 13  paid attendance: 61,159 (not including Gaard Rops, Scott Cantine & me)

**Defense, defense, defense!!!  I got to see some good, old-fashioned Killer B defense as the Dolphins won their first road game of the season to improve to 2-3.  The favored Bengals entered the game as winners of three straight, while the Dolphins had fallen in overtime on consecutive weeks.  After spotting the home team a couple of field goals, the Dolphins took the lead and never relinquished it by scoring 17 straight.  Rookie Tannehill avoided any major mistakes and spread the ball around well on this partly sunny afternoon.  This will go down in history as my first and last game to Cincinnati, Ohio.  Leaving that stadium was just plain nice...in more ways than one!
     Notes: The Dolphins improved their all-time series lead over the Bengals to 15-5...Rookie Ryan Tannehill finished the game with a passer rating of 92.3, the highest of his young career...The Dolphins nine rushing touchdowns through the first five games of the season are the most the team has had through the first five games of a season since 2002...Miami’s defense did not allow a rusher to go over 100 yards for the 19th consecutive game. It is Miami’s longest streak since not allowing a 100-yard rusher in 20 straight games from 2002-3...Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas each had a touchdown run...With his interception at Cincinnati, Randy Starks increased his franchise record for most interceptions by a defensive lineman. The ninth year pro has four interceptions as a member of the Dolphins which is twice as many as Bill Stanfill, who registered two during his eight year career with the Dolphins (1969-1976)...Two blown leads, two overtime losses. The FINS had become masters of last-minute misery in their past two games, finding creative ways to give 'em way...An easy interception let them finally finish one off...Reshad Jones picked off Andy Dalton's overthrown pass at midfield with 1:22 left on Sunday, preserving a 17-13 victory that ended back-to-back weeks of heartbreak..."We had two tough weeks leading up to this one," rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill said. "Guys really talked all week about how we've got to finish. We were two plays away from having a winning record."...Miami had led at halftime before losing to the NY Jets and Arizona in OT...
11-11-12 All Smiles Before Game--Thanks for FREE tix, Mike P!
Game #28 I Attended
28. 2012 TITANS in Miami NOV. 11 Game #9 of the regular season
Titans 37, Dolphins 3  paid attendance: 60,163 (not including Mark Ogdahl & me)

**Mark and I found ourselves in Miami, FL, for the third time in five years and we have yet to see the Dolphins win in their home stadium.  Mark used his FIN Rewards Points to get me in the players' tunnel prior to kickoff...and it was all downhill after that.  Reggie Bush fumbled on the first drive and the Titans responded with a touchdown.  The punishment continued throughout the game.  It was 21-0 before the Dolphins got their only score of the day.  Simply brutal.  A perfect day for football, a chance to improve to 5-4, an opportunity to build the fan base...and it was a disaster.  Nobody played well.  This was the worst home loss for the Dolphins since 1968 and ranks as the second worst home defeat ever.  I can't forget about this experience fast enough.
     Notes: The loss was the worst at home for the Dolphins since they were beaten in their third season 48-3 by Kansas City and their worst anywhere since January 2000...Titans LB Colin McCarthy rose slowly after a violent hit and wobbled as he left the field. Three players later he as back in the game and in the end zone, celebrating a 49-yard interception return for a touchdown...McCarthy and his team's embattled defense had four takeaways that led to 20 points...The Titans came into the game on pace to set an NFL record for points allowed in a season, but they stymied Miami by intercepting passes by Ryan Tannehill three times and recovering a fumble by Reggie Bush to set up a touchdown..Tennessee (4-6) rebounded from a 51-20 defeat a week ago against the Bears that prompted owner Bud Adams to put the organization on notice. The Titans trailed that game 28-2 after one quarter; this week they led 21-0 after 16 minutes..."I didn't really see signs of this coming," coach Joe Philbin said. "Obviously we need to do better, and it starts with me." Two benchings by Philbin failed to shake the Dolphins (4-5) out of their malaise. Bush spent most of the first half on the sideline after his early fumble, and guard Richie Incognito sat briefly after committing a costly personal foul penalty..."It was a dumb mistake on my part," Incognito said..."I was benched, and I deserved it," Bush said. "If I'm a coach, I would have benched myself too."...With 20 minutes left, the stands were two-thirds empty, and the only remaining drama was whether Chris Johnson would become the first rusher to gain 100 yards against Miami in the past 23 games. He reached the milestone late in the third period and finished with 126 yards in 23 carries and one score...Tannehill's six-week streak without an interception ended at 107 passes when Akeem Ayers deflected a throw to McCarthy, who sprinted along the sideline to score for a 21-0 lead. McCarthy had just returned to the game after an ankle injury...Tannehill went 23 for 39 but had a passer rating of only 42.4. What did the rookie learn?..."Don't throw it to the other team," Philbin said...With this loss, Miami now holds a 18-16 advantage over the Titans/Oilers in the season series.
Game #29 I Attended
29. 2012 BILLS in Buffalo NOV. 15 Game #10 of the regular season
Bills 19, Dolphins 14  paid attendance: 69,116 (not including Mark Ogdahl & me)

**This game was supposed to send Mark and I home with a wonderfully successful feeling and mark the end to our "Dream Trip."  Instead, it induced a rotten feeling.  A weak Buffalo team scored 19 first half points and the vanilla Dolphin offense did little.  The temperature for this Thursday night game was right around 35, leaving no reason for excuses.  Reggie ran 10 times for 20 yards.  Rookie Tannehill threw two late interceptions.  Sean Smith and Nolan Carroll were eaten alive.  Result? A 4-6 record and every reason for concern.  Three straight losses and any chance for a playoff berth is pretty much over.  Can it get any worse?
     Notes: The announced game-time temperature was a brisk 35 degrees, with a windchill below freezing.  The Dolphin captains were Mike Pouncey, Cameron Wake, and Jason Trusnik.  The Buffalo defense has taken a fair amount of criticism this season, but it dominated the Dolphins' offensive line for much of the night.  Miami's struggles were crystallized when Buffalo LB Shawne Merriman shoved Jake Long to the ground on a toss play.  Th FINS were penalized for more yards (54) in the first half than they gained on offense (50).  Miami's first trip into Buffalo territory didn't come until the 3:51 mark of the third quarter.  Marcus Thigpen returned a kickoff 96 yards for a TD, giving the FINS its only points of the half.  In doing so, Thigpen became the first Dolphins player in team history to score on a kick and a punt return in the same season (punt return at Houston-72 yards). The evening wasn't all roses for Darren Rizzi's special teams, however.  They gave up a 79-yard punt return for a TD by Leodis McKelvin.
NEW UNIFORMS--Alex & I got to see them worn for the first time ever in a game!
Game #30 I Attended
30. 2013 COWBOYS in Canton, Ohio AUG. 4 Game #1 of the preseason
Cowboys 24, Dolphins 20  paid attendance: 22,362 (not including Alex & me)

**The new uniforms were on display as the Dolphins participated in their fourth Hall of Fame Game.  They fell to 0-4 all-time in Canton as they lost to the Eagles in 1978, to the Rams in 2001, to the Bears in 2005, and to the Cowboys in 2013.  It should be noted that the Dolphins finished with a winning record in all four of those seasons. The tickets were $62 each on NFL.com on Thursday, March 28.

     Notes: It is almost exactly 1,000 miles from Milbank, SD, to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. The Dolphins wore their new uniforms, which are closer to the original aqua color of the 1960s, and have a slightly different logo on the helmet. Head to head, the Cowboys lead the preseason series 6-2. 

11-13-14 Late 4th Qtr-Dolphins in Control
Game #31 I Attended
31. 2014 BILLS in Miami NOV. 13 Game #10 of the regular season
Dolphins 22, Bills 9  paid attendance: 71,569 (not including Alex Cantine, Mark Ogdahl, Brady Ogdahl & me)

**The Dolphins went with their all-aqua uniforms for the fourth time in team history.  Adding to the beauty of this primetime special night was a display of fireworks and music.  The Dolphins made a grand entry for this key divisional match-up.  The Dolphins had the same record as Buffalo going into the game at 5-4.  In the end, the Dolphin defense allowed three measly field goals as our favorite team shut up trash-talking Buffalo (Twitter: Leodis McKelvin).  Brady Ogdahl improved his all-time record of 3-0 when he attends a Dolphin game.  It truly was a beautiful night--short sleeves due to the 74-degree temperature.  The Dolphins recorded a safety, the second straight season that they've done this on a Thursday night win (Cincinnati).  Impressive rookie Jarvis Landry scored a touchdown in our near end zone and the good times rolled. What more could I want on the night of my 44th birthday?  It was completely awesome!
     Notes: It became official at 8:11 PM on this rainy, windy April 27th night that Alex and I are definitely going to this Thursday night, primetime affair!  To say I am STOKED is an understatement!!  I will be traveling with the very awesome Alex Cantine, one of the coolest, most easy-going friends I have in Mark Ogdahl, and his delightful son Brady.  The four of us fully intend to see the Dolphins roll in their aqua jerseys on a warm Florida evening.
The plane tickets were purchased in the middle of September for a low, low price of $334--we really got lucky on this!  The game tickets have been purchased--$117 each not far from the field.  This is to be the ultimate senior trip for Alex.  It's all about him--anything to make his first visit to Joe Robbie Stadium one of the best-ever experiences of his life! The Dolphins wore their all aqua uniform combination (aqua pants and jerseys) this evening for the fourth time in franchise history. With today’s 22-9 win, Miami is now 3-1 when wearing all aqua. The previous times the Dolphins went with all aqua uniforms were Monday night, Dec. 9, 2002 against the Chicago Bears (27-9 win), Monday night, Dec. 15, 2003 against the Philadelphia Eagles (34-27 loss) and Sunday night, December 26, 2004 against the Cleveland Browns (10-7 win). After this 22-9 victory, Miami has now totaled 249 points on the season for an average of 24.9. The Dolphins’ 24.9 average is on pace to be tied for the sixth-highest single-season average in franchise history and most since the team averaged 26.8 in 1985. After trailing 6-3 at halftime, the Dolphins outscored Buffalo 19-3 in the second half. Additionally, the Dolphins allowed 86 yards of offense in the second half after allowing 151 in the first half and held Buffalo to 0-of-7 on third down in the second half after allowing 6-of-8 conversions in the first half.  QB Ryan Tannehill completed 26-of-34 passes for 240 yards and two touchdowns, good for a 114.8 passer rating. His 114.8 passer rating was the fifth-highest in a game in his career. Three of his five highest passer ratings have occurred in the last five weeks.
8-12-15 at Soldier Field for Preseason Game #1
Game #32 I Attended
32. 2015 BEARS in Chicago AUG. 13 Game #1 of the preseason
Bears 27, Dolphins 10  paid attendance: 60,800 (not including David Peterson & me)

**The ticket price was $355 per ticket...but DP and I didn't pay a dime.  Dave's connections put the tickets in our hands and our bodies in the club level.  It was a beautiful night in Chicago and I was able to personally thank Omar Kelly for his outstanding coverage of the Dolphins before the game.  Also seen on the field before the game were Dolphin greats Kim Bokamper, Bob Griese, Jimmy Cefalo, and Dan the Man.  Just like what happened on this date 21 years ago, the Dolphins took the ball 80+ yards for a touchdown on their opening possession and the starting quarterback sat for the remainder of the game (Marino in 1994 and Tannehill in this game).  Also, it was the second consecutive preseason opener that the Dolphins scored a touchdown on their opening possession (at Atlanta in 2014), the first time the Dolphins have accomplished this feat in back-to-back seasons since 1983 and 1984.  Overall, it was exciting to be in Chicago for the beginning of the Dolphins' 50th season and the horrible play by the second- and third-stringers didn't sting as badly as a regular season showing would have.

Notes: Tannehill completed 6 of 7 passes against Chicago, capping the opening drive with a 2-yard touchdown pass to Jarvis Landry on fourth-and-goal. “It was a good first drive, really good first drive,” Pouncey said. “I’m proud of the way the 1’s went out there and played. We overcame a couple of penalties, but we did what they wanted to do. We went down the field and scored a touchdown on the opening drive.” The strong start clearly was the highlight in a game the Dolphins ended up losing 27-10 after committing four turnovers and being outscored 24-0 in the second half.  Mike Pouncey said, “I think our first-team defense did a really good job, went three-and-out, went back out there and did a really good job. Our first-team offense did really well. Obviously we’ve got to correct what happened in the second half. Too many turnovers.” The only other points scored by the Dolphins on Thursday night came courtesy of a 31-yard field goal by Caleb Sturgis late in the first half a few plays after McLeod Bethel-Thompson connected with LaRon Byrd on a 31-yard completion. Bethel-Thompson, however, threw two interceptions in the second half as part of a bad offensive run that saw three turnovers in a four-drive stretch — the other turnover was a Mike Gillislee fumble after he was stripped at the end of a 25-yard run. The Dolphins struggled with penalties throughout the game, and that included two holding calls on that impressive opening drive. But they were able to overcome those two setbacks thanks to some big plays, most notably a 19-yard pass from Tannehill to veteran newcomer Greg Jennings that was followed immediately by a 27-yard run by Lamar Miller.  The Dolphins converted two third-down situations on that opening drive, the first coming when Tannehill scrambled for 4 yards on third-and-2. Tannehill completed passes to four different receivers — Landry, Jennings, tight end Dion Sims and wide receiver Rishard Matthews. The Dolphins got a first-and-goal after an 8-yard completion from Tannehill to Sims, and the touchdown came on a quick out to Landry in the corner of the end zone. The defense forced the Bears into a three-and-out on their opening drive after Ndamukong Suh enticed a false start on Chicago’s first snap from scrimmage. Safety Reshad Jones also was instrumental on that first drive as he tackled Jacquizz Rodgers after a 1-yard gain on a run and later broke up the third-down pass. When the Dolphins returned on offense, Matt Moore took over at QB. Tannehill, DT Earl Mitchell and LS John Denney served as the Dolphins’ team captains. Rookie LB Zach Vigil led the defense with 5 tackles and had the Dolphins’ only sack of the game. The Dolphins are now 22-27-1 in preseason openers and have lost their last four. The Dolphins are 4-9-1 against Chicago in the preseason. Eight Dolphins players were kept out of the game: WRChristion Jones, WR Kenny Stills & DeVante Parker, FS Louis Delmas, RBJay Ajayi, DBDon Jones, LB Koa Misi and T Branden Albert.

11-20-16 in the LA Coliseum--FINS WIN!!!
Game #33 I Attended
33. 2016 RAMS in Los Angeles NOV. 20 Game #10 of the regular season
Dolphins 14, Rams 10  paid attendance: ??,??? (not including Alex Cantine, Mark Ogdahl, Brady Ogdahl & me)
**Thoughts prior to trip:
Ogdahls and Cantines get to watch the Dolphins in the historic Los Angeles Coliseum, the same place where the 1972 undefeated Dolphins won their first Super Bowl! Talk about super duper exciting!!  We had a few options for games, including at San Diego (always beautiful in SD), in Miami versus San Francisco (throwback uniform game), or in Miami versus New England (during Christmas vacation).  This game was chosen due to the date of the game, Mark's birthday, a trip to LA and, of course, the setting--the Coliseum!  I am unable to convey my excitement for this trip in words.  We fly out of Sioux Falls on Thursday, November 17, and return on Monday, November 21.  Yet another dream trip with some of the best people I know.  No doubt about it, I am super blessed.
**Thoughts after trip: WOW!!!  It rained on us on/off throughout the game as we watched the Dolphins struggle to do anything on offense. The Ogdahls switched positions and put on my orange receiver gloves to maybe help spark the Dolphins.  A few minutes later, with the Dolphins still trailing 10-0, Tanny hit Juice14 for a 10-yard TD to close the gap.  Only 4:02 remained in the game.  Then, the thought was to win the game and pass on any overtime.  The Dolphin defense held their ground, forced a punt, and Tanny calmly led the team right down the field, finishing the drive with a 9-yard TD pass to Devante Parker.  PURE ELATION!!!  Only 40 seconds remained in the game, and the Dolphins closed it out!!! This game is easily the most thrilling Dolphins finish I've witnessed !!!  Happy Birthday, Mark Ogdahl--you are awesome!!!  The plane tickets were purchased in early September for a price of $317 each.  I got the game tickets off of StubHub for $234 each.  The Dolphins' 1-4 start had me thinking I could've picked a different game, but it couldn't have worked out better.  To see your favorite team with their fifth consecutive game is a dream come true.  I purchased the game tickets on StubHub on September 3, 2016, for $228.34 each, while Mark got the Delta plane tickets at $317.70 on September 1.  We left Sioux Falls at 5:20 AM on Thursday and left Los Angeles with smiles at 6:20 AM on Monday.
Notes: With today’s win, the Dolphins have now won 5 games in a row, their first 5-game winning streak since 2008 when they won the final 5 games of the regular season en route to winning the AFC East…Head Coach Adam Gase becomes the 4th head coach in Dolphins history to win 5 straight games in his first year as head coach, joining Don Shula (1970), Nick Saban (2005) and Tony Sparano (2008)…The Dolphins have now won back-to-back road games for the first time since 2014, when they won at Chicago (Oct. 19) and at Jacksonville (Oct. 26)…This is the first time the Dolphins have won 2 games on the West Coast in the same season since 2005, when the Dolphins won at Oakland (Nov. 27) and at San Diego (Dec. 11)…Miami’s 14-10 win against the Rams marked the first time in team history the Dolphins won a road game in which they were shut out for the first 3 quarters. They were 0-31 in those situations prior today…This is the sixth win of the season for Miami, matching their total from last year…Ryan Tannehill was a perfect 11-for-11 on his final 11 passing attempts for the game. In those 11 attempts, Tannehill passed for 108 yards and 2 TDs. He was 12-for-13 (92.3 pct.) for 115 yards and 2 TDs on the final 2 drives of the game…The Dolphins’ come-from-behind victory was the 12th fourth-quarter comeback in QB Ryan Tannehill’s career and his third in the past three games…With a 9-yard rush in the 2nd quarter, Tannehill became the franchise’s all-time leading rusher as a QB, surpassing Hall of Famer Bob Griese (994). Tannehill has rushed for 1,011 yards in his career…Jay Ajayi rushed 16 times for 77 yards (4.8 avg.), giving him a total of 685 rushing yards in the past five games. He currently leads the NFL with a 5.6 yards per carry average for the season…LS John Denney extended his consecutive games played streak to 186, the longest in franchise history…John Denney, Ndamukong Suh, Tannehill, Michael Thomas, Cameron Wake and RB Damien Williams served as today’s game captains...From 2010-15, 49 different teams had a winning streak of five games or longer and 42 of them (86 percent) made the playoffs that season. The only exceptions were the 2015 Falcons, the 2015 Jets, the 2014 Chiefs, the 2014 Chargers, the 2012 Bears, the 2011 Bears and the 2010 Giants...This marks the 16th time in 51 Dolphins seasons they’ve had a 5-game winning streak. It also happened from 1970-75, from 1983-85, in 1990, 1992, 1993, 1999, 2005 and 2008. The Dolphins finished with a winning record in every season and made the playoffs in 13 of those seasons (the exceptions were 1975, 1993 and 2005)...This is the third time the Dolphins began a 5-game winning streak after having a losing record. It happened in 1975 when they won 7 consecutive games after starting the season 0-1 and in 2005 when they were 3-7 before winning their last 6 games to finish 9-7...The Dolphins have won each of their last 4 games by 7 points or less; the last time they had at least 4 consecutive victories by that kind of margin (winning streak or not) was in 2009 when their last 6 victories of the season were by less than 8 points..
8-31-17 Dolphins win 30-9--with Markus O
Game #34 I Attended
34. 2017 VIKINGS in Minnesota AUG. 31 Game #4 of the preseason
Dolphins 30, Vikings 9  paid attendance: ??,??? (not including Mark Ogdahl & me)
**Thoughts prior to trip:
I have always wondered what it would be like to attend a Dolphins game alone.  Well, this is the perfect opportunity!  SDSU opens at home that night (Alex) and I can't imagine either of the Ogdahls wanting to go to this, the final preseason game.  So, I plan to throw down a lobster sandwich at the Shake Shack and then make my way to US Bank Stadium for the first time.  Of course, I'm looking forward to seeing those beautiful Dolphin uniforms on a night when most seats are empty.  I'll find myself thinking back to August 11, 1984, when I attended my first Dolphins game.  It was the first time I had been in the Metrodome.  So, this game kind of parallels my first Dolphin game experience.  I am excited!
UPDATE: I sent a text to Mark O. at 7:32 this evening.  He respond in less than a minute with "R u $&%ing me. I may be able to make that work."  We talked seconds later and I now (at 9:03 PM) find myself totally jacked up and ready to take on my favorite day of the week!  YAHOO!!  Love Mark O and can't wait to visit and relax and enjoy--no pressure, win or lose.  FINS UP!!
2nd UPDATE: The cost of each ticket was $12 on NFL Ticket Exchange.  A service fee of $10 was added to make the total price of $34 a great thing! Mark and I left Milbank around 12:15 and went directly to the parking ramp suggested by Brian P.  We walked about three city blocks to US Bank Stadium, now in its second year.  After getting inside the gates at 4:30, we immediately walked down the steps to get as close to the field as we could.  Kenny Stills gave me an H1N1 bump.  I love watching the players come and go throughout pregame and talking to the fans.  We eventually reported to our seats in Section 116, Row 28, Seats 20 and 21.  Jason Mack found us and came to greet us around the third quarter after seeing us standing up in celebration of a Dolphin touchdown.  I was impressed that that many Viking fans hung around to the end of the 30-9 drubbing.  The Vikings fell to a very impressive 14-3 preseason record under Mike Zimmer.  Yes, Markus and I stopped for lobster after the game (Smack Shack).  I arrived home around 2:45 AM, Mark proceeded to drive to Aberdeen.

Notes: Here was the Miami Dolphins’ game plan Thursday: Find the smallest guy on the field. And throw it to him. And then do it again. The question no longer is whether Jakeem Grant will make the team. It’s how many touchdowns he’s going to catch on an offense already flush with weapons. On a night bereft of star power — 20 of the Dolphins’ 22 starters got the night off in their preseason finale against the Vikings — Grant provided all the wattage Miami needed as the Dolphins defeated the Vikings 30-9. Grant finished with four catches for 141 yards — and drew three penalties in the passing game — in the first half alone. Yes, he did have a drop on what would have been another big gainer, but at this point, that’s almost nitpicking. Grant’s hands, a liability as a rookie, have become an asset. A fun moment on a night with many of them: During a stop in action here Thursday night, the Vikings’ in-house video team showed a Randy Moss highlight package on the big screen, promoting Moss’ Sept. 11 induction into the team’s Ring of Honor. Moss was incredible in many ways — his ability to jump over defensive backs spawned its on term, “getting Mossed” — but his ability to run right by corners might have been as impressive as anything. Even before he drew even with a DB, Moss would throw his hand in the air, signaling to his quarterback that he was open. Grant was on the field when that video montage ran early in the second quarter. And maybe he was inspired by it. Because on the very next series, Grant channeled Moss as only a 5-foot-7, 169-pounder can. Grant blew right past Vikings corner Sam Brown, and as soon he got a half step on his defender, waved to quarterback David Fales to deliver him the ball. Fales hit Grant in stride. The rest was easy. Grant cruised into the end zone for his second 60-plus-yard touchdown in as many weeks.“He was playing inside leverage and he was pressed on me,” Grant said. “And coach always talks about if you outside release on that route, throw your hand up. That’s exactly what I did.” Added Dolphins coach Adam Gase: “He’s hard to cover out there. Usually when you put a smaller guy outside, you get worried that he’s just going to be grabbed by a bigger corner and held up. But he’s so shifty that he’s hard to get hands on and he gets by you quick.” It was a fitting way for Grant to cap to a fantastic three weeks. He began training camp on the roster bubble. He ended the preseason as the Dolphins’ most improved player — and probably their No. 4 receiver. Grant had been battling with Leonte Carroo to be Miami’s first receiver off the bench, but it really hasn’t been a competition for some time. Grant has blossomed since moving from the slot to the outside; Carroo, meanwhile, has largely been a non-factor the last three weeks. Carroo misjudged a deep ball early in the game, and watched it slip through his hands. Speaking of non-factors, is it officially time to worry about Charles Harris? The rookie defensive end got the start Thursday with Cameron Wake, Andre Branch and William Hayes all in sweats. And while in fairness, Harris didn’t play much, Miami’s first-round pick also didn’t do much in the time he got. Four [exhibition] games into his pro career, and he still doesn’t have a quarterback hit, let alone a sack. He disappeared when double-teamed, and looked lost in the run game. Harris, who finished the preseason without even a solo tackle, did have one highlight: he got pressure on Taylor Heinicke on a third down, leading to an incompletion. Will Harris show up when the games count? That’s certainly the Dolphins’ hope, but at this point, it might be little more than hope. Other takeaways from a game that was played only because league rules mandated it: ▪  Running back Kenyan Drake looks smooth with the ball in his hands, and showed toughness on a one-yard touchdown run. ▪  Terrence Fede has earned playing time on a stacked defensive line. He was a beast in the first half, and wrecked Heinicke on a passing play late in the second quarter. ▪  Fales (two touchdown passes before halftime) will probably get cut Saturday, but he might not stay out of work for long. He looks to be better than any quarterback the Jets have. ▪  Jesse Davis started and got a very long look at left guard. He’s on track to start Week 1.

12-24-17 FINSatKC-time ticks down
Game #35 I Attended
35. 2017 CHIEFS in Kansas City DEC. 24 Game #15 of the regular season
Chiefs 29, Dolphins 13  paid attendance: 65,321 (not including Alex Cantine, Ryan Schreurs, JP Lindquist & me)
**Thoughts prior to trip: I know this is going to be a great trip!  These guys are pure gold and it will be the time of our lives--football on a cold day in KC with snowflakes floating around.  YES!!!
**Thoughts after trip: It was a blast with these three guys.  The ride seemed to fly by with lots of laughs.  Sure, it was disappointing that the Dolphins played a flat game full of penalties and turnovers, but going to the site where the Dolphins beat the Chiefs in the 1971 playoffs on Christmas Day in the longest game ever played in the NFL was really cool!  Our tickets were $210 each and provided an excellent view--right on the 20-yard line and 19 rows up on the Dolphins' side.  Kansas City got there first snow of the season early in the morning, so we awoke to a white ground.  We could see Arrowhead from our hotel room ($225 for the one night).  The walk over was easy, except for the steep, slippery hill we encountered (ask JP).  We went to our gate and then I immediately led the group to the upper deck instead of the lower bowl.  We managed to get a nice spot next to the player tunnel, however.  It was pretty cool to be right on top of our favorite team as then went on and off the field.  Alex and I got fist bumps from Danny Marino (no, I'm not too old to enjoy something like that).  We departed for our seats about 20 minutes before kickoff.  Standing directly in back of me was LB Chase Allen's dad--that led to a brief but enjoyable discussion.  The Dolphins came out and moved the ball...but that first drive ended with a Jarvis Landry fumble at midfield.  The Dolphins made too many mistakes on this day and the loss knocked them out of playoff contention.  We walked back to the hotel with our frozen feet, jumped in the car, and hit the Interstate.  Dropping off JP at the KC airport was easier than anticipated, and Bolt, SupNef and I made it back for Midnight Mass.

Notes: With 5 receptions for 51 yards today, WR Jarvis Landry now has 103 receptions and that leads the NFL. Jakeem Grant had 4 catches for 107 yards (26.8 avg.), the first 100-yard game of his 2-year career. This season, the Dolphins have two players with 60-plus yard runs with RB Kenyan Drake (69 yards) and RB Damien Williams (61 yards) and two players with 60-plus yard receptions WR Kenny Stills (61 yards) and WR Jakeem Grant (65 yards). It is the first time since 2005 that the Dolphins have accomplished that feat when RB Ronnie Brown (65 yards) and WR Chris Chambers (61 yards) had 60-plus yard runs and Chambers (77 yards) and WR Marty Booker (60 yards) had 60-plus yard receptions.

With 57 rushing yards today, RB Kenyan Drake now has 369 rushing yards on 77 carries (4.8 avg.) since he became the featured back in Week 13. Drake’s 369 rushing yards are fourth in the NFL in that span. Fresh off being named to the second Pro Bowl of his career, Reshad Jones set a career high with 15 tackles (12 solo) today. Jones’ 12 solo tackles were the most by a Dolphins player in a single game since Yeremiah Bell had 14 solo stops on Oct. 2, 2011 at San Diego. The temperature at kickoff today was 23 degrees, making this tied for the fifth-coldest regular season game in Dolphins history and tied for the sixth-coldest game overall. Captains: S Reshad Jones, LS John Denney, C Mike Pouncey, WR Kenny Stills, DT Ndamukong Suh, DE Cameron Wake…John Denney played in his 207th consecutive game, extending his team-best streak, which is tied for third among all active NFL players. Denney’s 207 career games are second-most in Dolphins history.  Charles Harris brought down Chiefs QB Alex Smith in the third quarter today for the second sack of his career. The 2017 first-round pick (22nd overall) was playing in his hometown of Kansas City for the first time in his NFL career.

Andy Reid addressed the  Chiefs in a jubilant locker room dressed from head-to-toe in a Santa Claus suit, which not only fit him perfectly but was also perfectly fitting. The Chiefs had just given their fans quite a present.

Alex Smith threw for 304 yards and a TD in another steady performance, Kareem Hunt ran for 91 yards and a score, and the Chiefs clinched back-to-back AFC West titles for the first time in franchise history. Tyreek Hill had 6 catches for 109 yards, and Harrison Butker converted 5 field goals, as the Chiefs (9-6) dashed what faint postseason hope the Dolphins still harbored. ''It's hard to win football games only kicking field goals,'' Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler said. ''A couple fumbles, couple of missed opportunities here, a penalty when we're driving - it's those types of things that'll hurt you.'' Cutler threw for 286 yards and a TD, but a big chunk of that came on a 65-yard toss to Jakeem Grant late in the first half. Otherwise, Miami went 0 for 8 on third down and struggled against a Chiefs defense that has been stingy and opportunistic the past two weeks. Two Dolphin fumbles led to points, but they weren't the Dolphins' only costly miscues. They also were nailed for defensive holding 4 times, all of which came on 3 scoring drives for KC. And the Dolphins inability to get off the field on third down, after holding opponents to 8 for 39 the past two games, was similarly deflating. ''Got in a couple situations that we couldn't use some of the things that we had planned,'' Miami coach Adam Gase said. ''We just need to find a way to be consistent and get them off the field.'' Still, the Dolphins had the ball trailing 17-13 late in the first half, the outcome and their longshot playoff hopes were still in the balance. But they soon went three-and-out and the Chiefs added a FG to make it 20-13 at the break, then another to start the second half. Even when the Dolphins made a crucial stop on fourth down to get the ball back later in the third quarter, they squandered the opportunity. Peters stripped Kenny Stills to give the Chiefs the ball, and Butker hit his fourth chip-shot field goal for a 26-13 lead with 12:19 to go. That gave a sparse crowd that turned out on Christmas Eve, braving slick roads from an overnight snowfall and frigid wind chills at kickoff, plenty of time to celebrate a division title. There was no tarp on the field overnight, so a crew of workers used shovels to remove about an inch of snow by hand. The footing turned out to be fine, but Smith thought the cold weather gave Kansas City an advantage. ''We have a lot of experience playing in cold weather,'' he said. ''All the little things, the snaps, they're that much harder, and I think all the reps do help.'' The Dolphins had won seven of their last 10 against Kansas City. Their last loss at Arrowhead Stadium was in 2002.

Picture coming! 36. 2018 VIKINGS in Minnesota DEC. 16 Game #15 of the regular season
Vikings 41, Dolphins 17  paid attendance: ??,??? (not including Alex Cantine, Ryan Schreurs, Mark Ogdahl, Brady Ogdahl, Ty Tietjen & me)
**Thoughts prior to trip: These tickets are EXPENSIVE ($325 each)!  We will be able to see the action up close.  The Vikings, no doubt, will be favored, even though they haven't beaten the Dolphins in 16 years.  Both teams need this win. The Dolphins enter fresh off of their MIAMI MIRACLE, while the Vikings lost at Seattle on Monday night, 21-7.  They fired their OC the next day.  I can't wait for this one!!!
**Thoughts after trip: This trip was costly, and I'm glad it's behind me.  Steven Ross publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with this loss and it got no better.  Including this loss, the Dolphins went 0-3 to finish the season and Adam Gase was fired on Monday, December 31, 2018, after three seasons at the helm.

1G outside JRS 12-30-01.jpg (42897 bytes)
Outside Joe Robbie Stadium on December 30, 2001


10 game on.jpg (71827 bytes)
My brother Scott & I had great seats for the 12-30-01 game!

Cris Carter reacts after failing to catch a pass on third down.
Minnesota Vikings' Greg Biekert, left, and Corey Chavous celebrate as Miami Dolphins' Cris Carter reacts after failing to catch a pass on third down late in the fourth quarter on Dec. 21, 2002, in Minneapolis. Miami had to settle for a field goal that tied the game at 17-17. The Vikings then beat the Dolphins 20-17 on a 53-yard field goal by Gary Anderson with 17 seconds left in the game.
Preseason 8-11-84 Dolphins at Vikings
(TV shot) Coach Shula (light blue shirt) strategizes with rookie QB Dean May as Don Strock (#10) and Dan Marino (to the right in aqua shorts) look on.  This was my first-ever Dolphin game that I attended (8-11-84).
Ronnie runs tough in the coldest game in Dolphin history.
RB Ronnie Brown, in his first year back after returning from season-ending ACL surgery, runs over the Chiefs and on his way to the 2008 Pro Bowl.  The Dolphins won this game, 38-31, on December 21, 2008.  I was thrilled to be a part of the coldest game in team history!
Receiver Anthony Fasano #80 of the Miami Dolphins raises the ball after scoring the game-winning touchdown as Tank Tyler #93 of the Kansas City Chiefs defends during the game on December 21, 2008, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.
Anthony Fasano scores the winning TD in the Dolphins' coldest game in franchise history (12-21-08 in Kansas City).  Totally awesome!

Dec 3 Greg1.jpg (1086453 bytes) Dec. 3, 2005...exactly one week before leaving for San Diego to witness the underdog Dolphins hold off LaDainian Tomlinson and the Chargers.

Dec 14 CelebrateWinOver49ers3.jpg (31497 bytes) Dec. 14, 2008--a driving blizzard...exactly one week before leaving for Kansas City to witness the NFL's greatest turnaround team improve to 10-5 and inch closer to the AFC East Division Title.

Brady, The Dolphin Lover, & Alex Cantine in front of Arrowhead Stadium the day before the BIG WIN!  Dec. 20, 2008--in Kansas City the day before the Dolphins beat the Chiefs in a shootout--very cold and very windy!

11-6-11 Two Happy FIN Fans--after 1st in of season in KC (31-3!!!) Nov. 6, 2011--with Alex in Kansas City--two diehard FIN FANS traveled to watch the 0-7 Dolphins play the 4-3 favored Kansas City Chiefs...and the two diehards walked away in rapture!