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GC on the field of the OB

My different modes of transportation...

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GC & SC on the field of the OB

updated: December 1, 2018
   I needed the right type of car with the right type of color. Finally, Miami Dolphin teal was made available on a car that had everything I've ever wanted. It was a done deal. Of course, the interior had to be redone to bring total satisfaction. Now, when anybody decides to hitch a ride with me, they'll have to either accept the orange and teal seats or take a hike. The '02 Fin-mobile was purchased on August 16, 2002, and its first extra long trip was to Kansas City to witness the Dolphins' 11-10 victory over the Chiefs on August 16, 2007.  It also took Coach Townsend and me to Green Bay for the Dolphins at Packers game on October 17, 2010.  What a memorable trip that was--couldn't have gone any better!  As of 1-22-11, the Fin-mobile had 39,124 miles and ran like the day I drove it home the first time.  As of now (12-2-18), it has over 104,000 miles and has its share of bumps and bruises. 
   And, on January 22, 2011, I was happy to announce the arrival of the Fin-mobile's companion.  To help celebrate the unbelievably great Dolphin season of 2008, I agreed to terms on a 2008 Dodge Ram pick-up.  Orange.  Dolphin orange.  Beautiful.  Has everything I've wanted including four-wheel drive should I ever need to make it through a blinding blizzard to attend a Dolphins game.  It truly is my dream pick-up.  I got a great deal on it and I looked forward to pulling two FIN-skis behind it that coming summer (FIN-skis have since been sold).
   Both of these vehicles show just how blessed I am.  I have had two great teaching jobs--fourth and eighth grades.  Also, I've officiated many football and basketball games at all levels.  Painting houses in the summer has added to the bank account, while many other miscellaneous jobs have done well for me.  The worst job I've probably had was umpiring men's softball for three summers--if the players didn't irritate me enough, the mosquitoes tried to finish me off.
   I drove home the most awesome pick-up in the world on Thursday, January 27, 2011.  What a thrill!  I absolutely love it!!  Its name?  Not sure.  I'll leave that up to my good friends--the best name-givers on the planet...but "ORANGE" is what I'm starting with.  Long name: SUNBURST ORANGE.  I feel tremendously blessed.  What a great, great day for Greg Cantine!
And now my large purchases have come to an end!  On Wednesday, March 30, 2011, a day before the $500 rebates on 2010 FIN-skis ended, I shook hands while agreeing to buy two top-of-the-line FIN-skis from GoFasters in Ortonville, MN.  Yamahas. Power. Speed. Danger. Fun. And...MINE!!  I have saved money for a long, long time and that day in March was the day to pull the trigger.  Talk about summers of fun!  As much as I've wanted FIN-skis, I've wanted them even more for sharing with my family and friends.  I'm always looking to hit a lake for a new adventure.  Bring the heat!!!  ((Note: Because one FIN-ski was blue and the other was bronze, together they were referred to as the Killer B's in honor of the famed Dolphin defense of the early 1980s, also called the Killer B's.))
I picked up my beautiful Killer B's on Saturday, June 11, 2011, with one of my favorite humans in the world, Alex Dolphin Lover II Cantine.  This is a reflection of my many hours of hard work.  How many hours did I spend sweating and sacrificing my life at Big Stone Lake balancing on a ladder high in the sky while people on jet-skis rode all over the lake? Answer: too many!  My turn finally came.  Praise the Lord!  I finally sold the FIN-skis in June of 2018 due to a lack of use.  It was fun to have 'em--no regrets!


<<<<< !My beloved Fin-mobile! >>>>>
/  \/   \/  \/  \/  \/  \

6-26-10 Gotta have the interior just the Dolphin way I want it!
The interior of the Fin-mobile screams, "Dolphins are number one!!!"

Official Prix
of the
Miami Football Dolphins

6-26-10 Front of the Fin-mobile--GO FINS!
One. Awesome. Ride.

Has the power of Cam Wake, the quickness of Brent Grimes, and the determination of Ryan Tannehill!

Everything I've wanted in a pick-up...AND MORE!!
Oh, what a feelin'...Dolphin Dodge Ram
FIN FAN personalized license plate
<<<<< !SUNBURST ORANGE! >>>>>
/  \/   \/  \/  \/  \/  \
Sacrifice + Hard Work + Good Financial Decisions = My New Dream Truck
This hauls my FIN-skis around.  Fun, Baby!!!
April 22, 2011--Alex's first ride in ORANGE
Alex enters ORANGE for first time (4-22-11)
I drove this beauty home on Thursday, January 27, 2011!!
My truck dominates...and looks darn good doing it!
Feb. 27, 2011--An ORANGE jewel sparkles in the snow
February 27, 2011--Beau. Ti. Ful.
Blue-Dangerously Fast-MINE
Killer Blue
<<<<< !!MY FIN-SKIS!! >>>>>
The Killer B's
<<<<<  Yamahas--2010 >>>>>
/  \/   \/  \/  \/  \/  \
Brand New-Bronze-Luxury
Killer Bronze
GC with Killer B's on 7-3-11 at Pickeral Lake
Truly one of the most enjoyable days of my life (7-3-11)
7-3-11 The Killer B's at Pickeral Lake
GC's Killer B's on 7-3-11 (Pickeral Lake)
7-3-11 DP cut up Pickeral into pieces
DP showed everyone on the lake his serious skills (7-3-11)
7-1-13 Perfect Night with Perfect Nephew at Perfect Pickeral
(7-1-13): This was the end to a perfect evening
on Pickeral Lake.
Shirt purchased on Miami Beach gets worn, Mark O.!
MIAMI BEACH/Pickeral Lake--Great Places
7-1-13 Alex & Coach Dahl After FIN-skiing 
(7-1-13): This was the end to a perfect evening
on Pickeral Lake.
7-19-11 FUN-purchased from The Chief!
Purchased from The Chief in May of 2010
<<<<< !YAMAHA SCOOTER! >>>>>
/  \/   \/  \/  \/  \/  \
7-19-11 GO FINS!!
70 miles per gallon isn't too bad
This is the Six Grand (below).  It is respectfully addressed as Battleship Marino.  It presently resides in the Hanson Salvage Hall of Fame.
My opinion:
A vehicle is one of the worst investments in the world.  Yes, you probably need one to get around, but do not get anything too fancy or too cool too soon. I drove the Battleship Marino (pictures right and left) from 1992 through 2009. Paid little. Repaired it when needed.  While I didn't knock anybody's socks off when I drove by, it saved me a LOT of money.  I invested that saved money and it enabled me to easily buy
ORANGE and the Killer B's when I turned 40. 
Don't be in a hurry to impress others!  Save your money! Make big purchases after you have the moo-lah!!!  
Battleship Marino

It made its final run in May of 2009.

(The Orange Bowl is where the Miami Dolphins used to play and where they
won 73.6% of their games.)

Below: Brother & Me in Orange Bowl 
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(Every time I go to Miami I have to go inside the Orange Bowl and run around on the field.  Nobody ever kicks me off.  I can't believe it!!)

Below: Me reliving another Tony Nathan touchdown run
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