I love my Dolphins and I tell it like I see it.
I tell it like I see it.
My journal is below.  It contains my periodic thoughts on the Dolphins beginning on December 17, 2017 (bottom of page), and goes through the present.*******

Friday, April 26, 2019  12:15 PM
I can't be happier!!!  Christian Wilkins????  YES!!!!!!  Love that he said he loves this game of football....and he will think of his grandfather everyday....and I could list a few more things that have got me thinking, "WAY TO GO, MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!!"  It was looking as if QB Haskins would be the choice.  Things were falling surprisingly right for the Dolphins to nab him.  And, there he was available for the 13th pick!  I'm anticipating his name as Commissioner Goodell steps to the podium to announce the pick....and I hear the name of Christian Wilkins.  WHAT???  Next, I see Wilkins walking confidently toward the stage--I'm not sure what to think.  He arrives in front of everyone and sees the Commish.  He jumps up and crashes into Roger before giving him a great big bear hug.  LOVE IT!!!!  Suddenly, I feel like I love this guy's passion--different than anyone I've ever seen.  To top it all off, his comments in the various interviews told me everything I wanted to hear.  Forget Haskins---we don't know if he'll rewrite the record book (doubt it).  The Dolphins took Christian Wilkins, a talented, strong guy, and I can't be happier!!
UPDATE (Friday, April 26, 2019) 9:18 PM: Terrificness happened earlier this evening!!  The Dolphins traded out of their 48th position (New Orleans) and picked up the Saints' pick at 62 along with a second-round selection in next year's draft.  With that 62nd pick, the Dolphins traded it to the Cardinals for.............last year's first round pick, number ten overall, quarterback Josh Rosen!!!  Oh, I pushed back when I heard earlier in the day that the Dolphins might do that.  The thought of Josh Rosen---had this impression he was kind of weak, not a locker room type of guy.  However, after listening to ESPN, NFL Network, and XM radio analysts, it seemed everyone was really high on Rosen...and I began to get it.  Now, I am fired up!!  His salary implications are wonderful--the Cards gave him a whole bunch of guaranteed money, and the Dolphins really can't lose.  If he doesn't work out, well, that's a bummer....but it's not gonna hurt.  This seems to assure Ryan Fitzpatrick that he has only a year in Miami.  I'm very happy about the addition of Josh Rosen.  Oh, and SupNef reminded me to that we saw him play USC when we hit the game at the Rose Bowl 2.5 years ago.  After the Rosen pick-up, the Dolphins picked up a versatile guard and center in Michael Delter from Wisconsin.  He seems like a really talented guy who set a record for most starts at Wisconsin (54).  Kiper had some positive things to say about him.  And, to work I go....feeling good.....high on the Dolphins!!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2019  3:41 PM

The 2019 NFL Draft has snuck up on me.  It begins tonight.  Round One.  Is it in Nashville this year?  The Dolphins have the LUCKY 13th pick.  Who are they going to take?  I haven't a clue.  For a week or two very early on, it seemed the Dolphins would be in position for Kyler Murray.  However, those talks faded as Murray's stock rose to where it is now--all the way at the top.  He will likely go to Arizona...unless the Raiders make a trade.  I have a feeling the draft will be crazy tonight--full of shakers and bakers.  So, I could see the Dolphins taking a QB (hope not), taking a DE (hope so), or taking an offensive lineman (not a bad idea).  I could see them trading up to take a certain guy or falling back to pick up more selections.  With the new regime in place, it is tough to predict.  I would like to get a Hunt's pizza with Italian sausage and pineapple and take in all of the goodness I can.  It's a beautiful night---time to head out and embrace it!!


Wednesday, April 17, 2018  4:40 PM

A couple of days ago I had the thought that the NFL will be releasing its 2019-2020 schedule pretty soon.  Yesterday I heard that it would happen tonight!  YESSSSSSS!!!  One of my favorite days of the year because it's fun to find out the opener, the possible holiday games (Thanksgiving this year??), the primetime games, and basically how the season will progress.  I love it.  Now, I must admit that I am quite concerned about the upcoming season.  It doesn't feel as if the Dolphins can challenge much of anybody.  Rebuilding year?  Definitely!  Though some people don't like to use that word, this next Dolphins team is doing just that--REBUILDING!  Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB?  Really??  Now, he's a veteran and he's won some games but, come on!!  It's a different kind of year ahead and I'm fired up to know when and where the Dolphins will be.
Scott, Alex and I are curious to see when the Bengals travel to Miami.  We might go!  If it's a September or October game, it's out.  If it's around Thanksgiving weekend or in the second week of December, it might be a go.  Also, Double D, the Lion, and Markus have all inquired about a trip to Dallas.  Will the Dolphins play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving again?  It has been said that that is what will happen, but there are no guarantees.  Will the Dolphins play any Monday nights?  Doubt it.  Not even one is my prediction.  With the new coach, though, they are probably good for one Thursday night game.  How about a game on November 29 to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of New England at Miami on Thursday Night Football (1979)!  That'd be super duper cool!
Who do I want the Dolphins to open with?  Let's say........the Jets in Miami.  Get a division win right away--start things right!
Well, the schedule is out in just over two hours.  Time to head home from school and set the DVR!!


Sunday, March 17, 2019  9:54 PM
Had to write before going home.  Just have to say that one of my favorite all-time Dolphins, QB Ryan Tannehill, was traded to the Titans on Friday.  It hurt.  What hurts even more is the fact that the Dolphins have replaced him with team-to-team player Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Geez.  Yes, he's a gamer, a gunslinger...but this ain't no fun in my mind.  The upcoming season has a feel of yuck and hurt. 
Anyway, back to Tanny: I will remember him for being an outstanding person.  He was loyal and positive.  He always took the high road.  Despite playing behind weak offensive lines (except in 2016), he never made excuses.  He only continued to work hard.  I'm thankful he was the QB who led the Dolphins in the Miami Miracle--I'll never forget that day as long as I live.  I will also remember his gaming attitude in the snow in Pittsburgh--what a win that was (and a miracle in a different way).  I am thankful for his time in Miami.  No, the results weren't the best, but I'd take a guy like this anyday on my favorite team.  Ryan, best wishes in Tennessee!  I only want the best for you!!


Wednesday, March 13, 2019  6:58 AM

School is one hour late due to the fog and poor rural driving conditions, so that gives me a chance to write a bit on Scott R's birthday.  Free agency.  It's crazy.  Players are moving elsewhere all over the place.  Big-time money for all sorts of guys, some young, some old.  Some teams going all out (Packers) while others doing little to nothing (Dolphins).  The Dolphins have seen plenty of guys go: Frank Gore (Buf), Danny Amendola (Det), Juwaan James (Den) and, the one who hurts worst to this point, Mr. Cam Wake (Ten).  Others have left, too.  Meanwhile, all the Dolphins have taken in is tight end Dwayne Allen.  Honestly, I don't really know what he's all about.  He came from New England, so perhaps Coach Flores knows something about him that others don't.  Allen chose the Dolphins over a couple of other teams.  Not sure how the TE position will be affected.  I was pretty disappointed with Gesicki as a rookie--he just seems out of place out there.
I do like that the Dolphins aren't following into their former ways--that is, paying people crazy money.  It didn't work.  Perhaps it was a matter of too many guys getting huge money and then losing motivation.  I want young, vibrant, motivated guys who play their guts out.
I'm bracing for the news on Tannehill.  It is likely he will move.  My concern is that he'll go with Coach Gase and the NYJ.  Please not there, Tanny!  It'll pierce my heart once I see the news that the Dolphins are moving on from him.  Class guy.  Never complained openly of his mostly poor offensive line.  He played his guts out.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019  6:31 PM

The Miami Dolphins have officially hired their 13th head coach in their history.  That happened yesterday.  They hired Brian Flores, the defensive coordinator of the New England team that just won the Super Bowl (his defense held the explosive Rams to only three points).  I should note that this hire looks awesome at the moment.  Here comes a guy who has high expectations and will hold everybody accountable, from the starting quarterback to the guy who cleans up the locker room (his words).  It appears that he will surround himself with an extremely competent staff.  Oh, I'm excited!!  I love how he carries himself.  I love what the players like X Howard and D Godchaeux have tweeted regarding the hiring.  Playoffs in 2020??  Let it be!!!


hursday, January 31, 2019  8:36 AM
The Great Tate was born this month!!  Closing out January today with a two-hour late start...and this has followed three days of no school due to historically low temperatures.  I just want to say this: from everything I'm hearing, the incoming new coaching staff for the Dolphins looks to be stellar.  Some great people, top motivators.  It has me thinking positive thoughts for the 2019 season...but, then again, I've been duped before.  I am looking forward to the Super Bowl ending with a Rams' victory on Sunday.  Then, it'll be time to start officially announcing the new hirees.  I'll have the DVR set for Monday!!


Thursday, January 3, 2019  7:41 PM
Better than any Miami Dolphin win, something happened this morning at 6:00.  What could that be?  The newest Cantine boy was born!!!  SO HAPPY, SO THRILLED, SO EXCITED, SO BLESSED!!!  I can't wait to see and hold the new little one.  Congrats, Scott, Sara, Mack, and Sam!!!  GO CANTINES!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019  9:34 PM

Today marks the anniversary of one of the greatest games in the history of the Miami Dolphins: the Epic in Miami.  I was in fifth grade.  I'll never forget watching this game at home.  It is a game that every NFL fan should see.  Despite the Dolphins' loss (41-38 in OT), it was ranked as the best game in Dolphin history in a 1990 poll of Dolphin fans.  I need to watch it again SOON.
Also, I want to make note of the team I'm cheering for in this year's playoffs.  The Indianapolis Colts.  Why?  Two reasons.  (1) Ali Reidburn.  (2) Andrew Luck.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019  12:29 PM
Nice to know I can relax, sit back, and watch what happens.  The Dolphins have talent on their roster.  It now becomes a matter of finding the right guy to lead the team and create a new culture.  I look forward to the days when the Dolphins are playoff contenders again.  These losing seasons provide some happiness, but there is so much more to be had.  I know this: I've been with this team since 1979 and I'm not going anywhere.  This is MY team no matter what happens.  I've lived through a 14-2 season and I've endured a 1-15 campaign.  As long as the excitement in my heart continues, I'll cheer for this team more than any other until death.  FINS UP!!

Monday, December 31, 2018  9:30 PM
Coach Adam Gase was fired this morning.  I was on the couch watching a bit of TV to start my day when a Bleacher Report notification popped up.  I was immediately shocked to read the news in print, but that quickly gave way to "I suppose."  After the way the season ended (blowout loss at Minnesota, embarrassing home loss to lowly Jacksonville, blowout loss at Buffalo), it should come as no surprise that owner Steven Ross was ready for a change after three seasons with Gase.  Personally, I thought one more year with Gase would probably be best.  The Dolphins couldn't experience such a lengthy list of injuries over three straight seasons, could they?  
It is hard to know what the truth is.  Some people claim that the locker room was ready for Gase to go; others claim there was a long line of players to meet with him today and wish him well.  Some say he was hired because of his offensive mind; the statistics show that the Dolphins consistently ranked toward the bottom in offensive categories.  My gut tells me that he's like any other coach at any level--don't win more than you lose and a change is likely.
Who should the Dolphins hire?  I have absolutely no idea.  Hopefully, the new boss boss, Chris Grier, will make all of the right decisions.  I should note that I do NOT want Rex Ryan.  NO WAY!!
Yesterday was tough to take.  It numbed me.  I felt rotten.  This news catches me while I'm down.  But, in a few more days, I'll be fired up for the news of an incoming coach!
Through thick and thin, I love my Dolphins!

Sunday, December 30, 2018  9:48 AM

I was just on the phone with DP two minutes ago discussing our three picks for this week (up a game over MB/RS) when Scott called.  I THINK I know what that call is all about!  WOW!!! On this 17th week of the NFL, there is a ton on my mind...and, at the top of the list, is the exciting upcoming birth of another Cantine!  I am in the early stages of a stifling cold, so I feel like I belong at home, but...
The 7-8 Dolphins are 5-point underdogs to 5-10 Buffalo.  Adam Gase appears to be on the hot seat (sounds like Steven Ross has been unhappy since the Minnesota game).  Is this Ryan Tannehill's final game as a Dolphin?  To me, those are the top two issues of the day.  Can the Dolphins play with urgency and focus and confidence?  I know this is a huge game in regard to contracts, but I want this game to finish at 8-8.  To me, that is a HUGE deal!  One of my all-time favorite seasons was 1980, a year in which the Dolphins finished 8-8.  An 8-8 record would mean a two-game improvement over last year.  They also had the rash of injuries wreak havoc last season, a common denominator.  I whole-heartedly believe that Adam Gase and Ryan Tannehill deserve one more year.  I know that I entered the season saying this is it for Tanny, but I am tempted to change my mind.  The offensive line was weak.  Injuries killed them there.  And, the tight end position had basically nothing as far as a threat this year.
I've got to pick the Dolphins today.  There is no way I can go against them.  Beth Mowins, I believe, will be the play-by-play broadcaster on CBS.  WOW.  A disappointment to me.  But, that's what 7-8 at 5-10 gets.  I'll go with a 24-21 win today.  I'd be thrilled with that.  I also know that things can go south in a hurry in Buffalo--I'll brace against that.
Time to sit back, watch football, cheer for the Dolphins, fight this cold, and make a decision on when I should return to Sioux Falls for The Birth!!


Sunday, December 23, 2018  10:05 PM
Well, that's a wrap.  No more playoff chances.  With the sad loss today, the Dolphins now have a losing record.  Two weeks after THE MIRACLE, things have sunk to the bottom.  In came the 4-10 Jags, losers of at least five straight games.  They physically dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.  And, in the end, it was a 17-7 loss, and now Jacksonville has five all times wins versus the Dolphins, while the Dolphins have only four.
Alex and I hustled home from Sioux Falls to watch this debacle.  Should've remained in SF to help SSM&S.  The Dolphins went right down the field on their first drive and scored a touchdown (83 yards).  After that, they called it quits.  Tanny was harrassed.  No long runs.  Nothing special by the special teams.  Glad I didn't pick this game to go to.  I felt sick.  It was difficult to watch--Coach Gase said the same thing in the presser.  Tough to watch.  Seeing Marino, Ross, and Tannenbaum sit together and with obvious signs of distress summed it all up.
What do the Dolphins do from here?  I have no idea, but I'm ready for anything.  The fans don't really hear the truth about what might be the problem.  They will all defend each other and give cliche after cliche.  At least we don't have to listen to Suh say, "We've got to watch the tape and then clean things up."
Do I want Gase gone? No.  Did injuries hurt the team? Of course.  Is Tanny the answer?  So hard to say--the o-line was weak.  What's up with Parker?  Why not use Drake more?  Is Amendola worth the money?  Why wasn't a pass flung deep to Stills?  Isn't Boldin worth a few more runs?  Was the team flat for any particular reason?
Oh, well.  Hate to dwell on it.  Gotta hope they finish 8-8 by beating Buffalo next Sunday to close out the season.  A loss there and watch out.  Owner Ross can only take so much.

Saturday, December 15, 2018  9:15 PM
SupNef, Bolt, Markus, Brady, and Sky in the Eye are joining me for the 7-6 Dolphins at 6-6-1 Vikings game tomorrow.  We are in the process of making plans--go today? leave when? stay where? how to meet up tomorrow?  and perhaps my biggest decision of all....what to wear?  How can it happen that I get to attend the Dolphins game seven days after the MIAMI MIRACLE?!?!?!?!?!   Very cool!!  The way the Dolphins have been talking, they are super pumped for the finish to the season.  They can smell playoffs--they want it!!  They are clearly on a high and feel great about themselves.  The offensive line is suddenly coming together.  They were dominated by New England in Week 4, but they came back with a vengeance and dominated NE in Week 14.
It's going to be loud in US Bank Stadium.  I don't know what it means to the Dolphins, but I like the fact that they were there for a preseason game just last year (an easy win for the Dolphins that Mark and I enjoyed)!!  I also know Dolphin fans will be well represented.  I just saw a lady wearing a Dolphins coat in Beren's--she said she's going to the game.
So, our trip will include going to Mass.  I am MOST PROUD of the streak I have going--I haven't missed a weekend Mass in all of 2018.  Hoping to hit Mass at 4:30 in Hutchinson.  I have suddenly felt a great urge to get to the Cities today and spend whatever.  Live once.  The Jimmy V show was on ESPN--Stuart Scott, Craig Sager, Jim Kelly and others were talking and I thought, "I have health...I need to live it up and take advantage of the goodness before me."  LET's GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How will the game go tomorrow?  I am predicting a 23-21 Dolphins victory.  No, it won't be easy.  The Vikes have a way of playing tough at home (most so-so teams do).  Therefore, it'll be important to score first, just like in 2010 with Hartline's TD catch from Henne.  I will enjoy being in such good company and watching a team I've loved since the age of nine.  No doubt, I am completely blessed.  And, I'll simply hope for the best tomorrow!!
UPDATE (Monday, December 17, 2018) 10:36 PM: Back to reality today after yesterday's bad performance.  The Vikings dominated.  They rolled out to a 21-0 lead before the Dolphins realized what happened.  Then, my favorite team ran off 17 straight points to make a game of it...at least for a bit.  The hometown Vikes then kicked it into high gear again and rolled.  The Dolphins' weak defense was revealed.  There is so much to improve on this unit.  The Vikings ran the ball down the Dolphins' throat.  That set up the pass; the Dolphins couldn't get off the field on third downs.  And, on the other side of the ball, Tanny got sacked repeatedly.  The offensive line was exposed.  It makes me wonder what can be so different from week-to-week.  Did the Dolphins enter the game with a false sense of confidence? They were certainly loose in the warm-ups.  Kevin said he heard on the radio today that Paul Allen said he hadn't seen such an easy-going team in pregame as the Dolphins were.  Not sure what to think about that.
I am just glad that the experience is over.  It was a very costly trip ($1,950 in tickets, gas, hotel, food,...).  Saturday night was a blast at Sally's!!  Everything felt right going into the game...and then the nightmare of a game began.  The Dolphins have fallen to 7-7.  They say you are what your record says you are...and that'd be the Dolphins.  Average.  What to do with Coach Gase and Tannehill and many other coaches and players??  I just don't know.  Not sure.  Perhaps I'm too loyal, but something is telling me to add a few playmakers and mainly leave things like they are.  The defensive line definitely needs help, though.  My heartache ended when school began this morning--so fortunate to be able to get things off of my mind by teaching!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018  11:41 PM

Still on a DOLPHIN HIGH after that thrilling finish for the WIN on Sunday---just three days ago!!!  The networks continue to cover it.  Just a couple of minutes ago on ESPN, they said they are going to compare the MIAMI MIRACLE to the Miracle in Minneapolis.  The call of Jimmy Cefalo and Joe Rose on WQAM is hilarious. It involves a whole bunch of inaudible screaming!!  And, the two plays are being shown on SportsCenter right now.  SO MUCH FUN!!!!  So special!!!!  In the Dolphin throwbacks!!!!  With extra cool socks!!!!  With Tanny sucking up an ankle injury to finish the game!!!!  Knowing this play will be played by all networks in pregame for the next 50+ years whenever NE plays at Miami!!!!!  This play will live forever in my heart, and I'm thankful to Mom and Dad for getting my batteries for the FLIP camera.  Otherwise, I had no life in any of my four FLIPS.  They brought back batteries late in the third quarter...and I taped away.  I do wish Alex would've been here in Milbank as we would've gone NUTS together.  Things in the living room surely would've been broken. 
Thinking ahead, I am extra fired up for the game in Minneapolis this coming Sunday.  The Dolphins have to be confident.  The Vikes just fired their OC yesterday after a bad showing at Seattle on Monday night (7 points).
Oh, I'm tired.  Trying to convert all of the coverage of the game on DVR to DVD.  Takes a long time.  Not getting a lot of sleep.  Lots of schoolwork to do, papers to correct.  Trying to soak in these great days as much as I can.  Praise the GOOD Lord ALWAYS!!!


Sunday, December 9, 2018  11:33 PM
Where to begin with this journal entry???  I have no idea.  So many thoughts.  So random.  So much elation.  Just glad to be typing about this THRILLING victory!!
The weekend began for me by going to Sioux Falls.  Rhianna had a tennis tournament.  She lost a close one on Friday night.  I was with Scott and the kids almost all of Saturday (Sara at Guards).  I babysat Mack and Sam last night while Scott and Sara attended a supper for the National Guard unit.  Mack, Sam and I had the time of our lives.  We made two tents.  We read a book.  We watched "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" while eating pizza and drinking Gatorade.  We played basketball and Mack watch plenty of old football games on my iPad.  We laughed and tackled and hid.  It was TERRIFIC!!  At one time, I had the thought that the last time we made a tent was outside on the front lawn....the night before the Dolphins scored a dramatic win over Chicago.  Well, history would repeat itself in a way!!
I woke up this morning and awaited Mack to come and wake me up.  That was the plan anyway.  He didn't come---he was busy getting some extra Z's.  He told me not to leave, though, before saying goodbye.  So, I waited.  And, I was eventually able to get a going-away picture with Mack and Sam!!  LOVE IT!!!  And, I left for Milbank around 9:00.  I ran into some foggy conditions in and around Brookings and Clear Lake.  I was pleased to be home by 11:07.
Then, it was time to watch a Dolphins game, a game versus a team they lost to earlier in the season, 38-7.  I had four different FLIP cameras to record the action....and I needed all four of them by the time it was over.  It was THROWBACK SUNDAY for the second time in a row!!  LOVE THOSE UNIFORMS!!! 
New England went right down the field and scored a touchdown.  They missed the extra point.  I texted Alex immediately and said it was okay.  The Dolphins just needed to weather the storm.  Well, Tanny and the Dolphins answered.  And back and forth it went.  I just saw a note on ESPN that said this game had the second most lead changes in NFL history (9).  The Patriots led by six at halftime, 27-21.  Thankfully, Robert Quinn sacked Brady to end the first half.  Time ticked off the clock and the Patriots had no time to kick the chip shot FG.  Well, more back-and-forth followed.  Eventually, NE would kick a short FG with 15 seconds left for a five-point lead.  New England kicked off and Kalen Ballage returned it to the Dolphin 31.  Next, the MAGIC HAPPENED!!!  On the way back to Milbank this morning, I heard Cory Hart's "Never Surrender" on the radio, and I made a point to record it and say that this has to be what the Dolphins do today.  Right before THE MIRACLE, I mentioned this song again.  Had to believe.  Couldn't surrender.  And......BOOM!!!!!!  INCREDIBLE!!!!!!  ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
I've been sky-high ever since.  The clock says 11:47 right now, but I hardly feel like sleeping.
Text messages rolled in like crazy.  I posted a picture to Twitter....and the followers have come!!!!  It's just the BEST!!!!  As if today couldn't get any better, I got to listen to Rhianna play the piano at the recital at the Abbey of the Hills.  Beautiful!!!
Just after the win, I got calls from Alex and DP and Mack was Facetiming me.  Those were moments I will not soon forget!!!
THE MIRACLE PLAY: so much went right--best Dolphin lateral since Duriel Harris to Tony Nathan on January 2, 1982!!!  So thankful that Kenyan Drake, who had been knicked up on a kickoff return a little earlier, got the ball and took it to the house.  The New England fans wearing the navy blue were frozen like statues while the Dolfans in The Joe went NUTS!!!!!!  What a sight to see!!!  I had chills.  I was numb.  I tired to process it.  I was doing 1,000 different things at the same time.  Insanely entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, now I get to go and watch the Dolphins in Minnesota next Sunday.  WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  NEVER SURRENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2018  1:41 PM

I remain a bit crushed and unenthused from last week's nightmare.  Had Indy beaten.  Then disaster.  Slipped away.  Have the Dolphins done that to other teams in the fourth quarter?  Been a long time.  Throwback uniforms tomorrow.  Honestly, it seems like that is an idea by management just to create interest in an otherwise meaningless game...yet I know they decided on the throwback thing even long before the Dolphins began the season 3-0.  Oh, those 3-0 days were awesome! I soaked 'em up!  September 29--almost two months ago exactly--was the last full day that I lived with Dolphin undefeated action.  Then it turned...with a huge loss at New England.  Anyway, Coach Gase has been doubted about his decisions later in the game at Indy.  I suppose it's fair--he did some things that made me wonder.  I mean, find out what Tanny has in him on 3rd and 10 deep inside your own territory late in the game when you're facing a really good offense.  Instead, nothing was learned...and the loss was taken.  I just don't know what to think or say.  The Dolphins are my one and only team...but it is games like last week that are a kick to the gut.  And that gets old.
Get the ball to Kenny Stills for a change and win tomorrow's game.  Dolphins 24, Buffalo 20.
UPDATE (Sunday, December 2, 2018) 8:47 PM: What a crazy finish! Josh Allen bought time by doing circles on the last play for Buffalo (4th and 11 from the Dolphins 30 or so) and then finally lofted a pass to end zone toward a wide open (how did that happen???) Charles Clay...but he left it just short, Clay couldn't make the catch, and the Dolphins escaped with their sixth win!!  RELIEF!!!  Turns out that ex-Dolphin Jordan Phillips helped out the Dolphins by getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that advanced the ball deep into Buffalo territory (a couple of plays later Tanny hit a jumping Kenny Stills for a 13-yard TD pass) and Charles Clay did his part by not making the tough catch when Allen put it out there for him.  Was such a relief to know that Buffalo fans did not walk out of Joe Robbie Stadium joyfully today.  Instead, with win number six, the Dolphins are now listed as the seventh team in the AFC (atop those teams considered "In the Hunt").  I needed this win--feels so good after what occurred last week.  I still think the Dolphins should be 7-5...because they had it all last week.  Anyway, they found a way despite being severely outgained by Buffalo.  Buffalo had a lot more first downs.  The Dolphins, Kiko in particular, could not catch up with Buffalo QB Josh Allen (rookie).  Allen rushed for over 100 yards.  But, penalties killed the Bills.  Oh, the Dolphins had their share of them, too, but they weren't as key as Buffalo's.  There is no doubt that the Dolphin offensive line has to find upgrades.  Jesse Davis struggled badly giving up a hard sack on Tanny and he had two holding penalties.  Ted Larsen continues to struggle, too.  Thank goodness for Tunsil and an improving James!  The defense?? Not sure what to think.  Kiko makes plays...but he also makes glaring mistakes (got toasted by Allen several times and had a 15-yard penalty for initiating contact with his helmet).  As for Baker and McMillan, they just aren't in on enough tackles.  They get blocked.  Reshad Jones was around, but he hasn't been making game-changing plays.  It just seems to me as if there are too many "average" guys on defense.  It was great to see Devante Parker and Kenny Stills return to making plays.  Tanny found ways to get them as they each had four catches (as did Brice Butler).  Kenyan Drake, who caught a short TD pass from Tanny, actually had more carries than did Frank Gore.  Gore ran tough and also had a ten-yard catch on 3rd and 7.  Man, he is inspirational!  It was hot and humid and the Dolphins did it!!  SO HAPPY!!!  What a great way to crack open a new month!!!


Saturday November 24, 2018  12:19 PM

A big game coming about tomorrow in the RCA Dome!  The red hot Indianapolis Colts host my favorite team.  Both teams are 5-5 and both teams badly need this win in order to stay in contention for a Wild Card spot.  Let's face it, the loser of this game is OUT of the playoffs--no chance.  Why?  Because there is a hole host of 5-5 AFC teams vying for what likely is one open spot.  The winner here has the tiebreaker over the other.  Vital!
Tannehill will be back.  It will be his first game after missing the last five (Brock O. went 2-3 in his fill-in duty).  Dolphin Twitter Nation is pumped and, I suppose, they should be--Tanny might just provide that spark that has been absent.  Perhaps Tanny's ability to go deep and/or throw bullets is what this team needs, is what Kenny Stills might need.  Perhaps Nick O'Leary can find his way into making key plays again.  Maybe some of the hurting offensive linemen aren't hurting quite so much.  Yes, there is hope.  But, what about the defense?  They have been weak.  They haven't been able to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks nor have they been able to stop the run.  Oh, it happened with Suh in there the past few seasons but not to this degree.  I can only hope Matt Burke has found a way to lessen the hurt over the bye week.
Alex will be over to watch this late kickoff (game was flexed from 12:00 to 3:25).  It'll happen after a Thanksgiving feast at the house of K&M.  It'd be great to close out November with that ol' winning feeling!!
I believe the game will go one of two ways: either Colts 46, Dolphins 6 OR Dolphins 27, Colts 24.  I've seen crazy things happen, and I'm taking the Dolphins in this one.  Let's do it for Damon Huard and Travis Minor!!
UPDATE (Sunday, November 25, 2018) 8:47 PM:
This one hurts.  Bad.  Negative energy flowing.  Shouldn't be a bit of pain or disappointment or whatever because a football result is meaningless in the whole scheme of life...but it does matter.  As much as I don't want it to matter, it does.  The Dolphins played well....for three quarters.  Then, the offense hibernated and the defense yielded enough plays to lose.  Not sure Adam Gase made the right decisions, either.  He called runs on two third downs late in the game...and those runs resulted in two punts.  The Colts held the ball for the last 3:47 and kicked the winning FG on the last play of the game.  Colts 27, Dolphins 24.  It bothers me to think about it.  Bummed.  Guess I have to put my stock into racquetball. Try to forget about it.  Tanny came in and provided that spark, so I'm not sure where I sit with him.  He MUST beat Buffalo next week.  MUST!!!!!  Dolphins got hurt again--Amendola, Drake.  Gee.  And, finally, I'll never, ever understand a linebacker not covering the TE on a play action fake inside the five yard line.  You're a linebacker, hanging back, not coming up to make a tackle, and you let the TE be free???!!!!?!?!?!?  WHAT ARE YOU COVERING????  Just a disappointment.  So much on the line.  I'm not into this "In the Hunt" junk anymore.  I know the Dolphins will not make the playoffs and that hurts.  Someday, I know, it'll all turn around (see New England).  But, in the meantime, it's tough to swallow.  I feel badly for the Dolfans who attended the game.  I feel badly for Alex.  I feel badly for the owner, Steven Ross.


Thursday, November 22, 2018  8:40 PM
Almighty God, I thank You for your supreme greatness! I pray that every soul eventually be with You, giving you praise and glory forever and ever. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2018  7:25 PM
The eve of Thanksgiving--a great time of the year!  It's a time when I think back to what happened 25 years ago--the Dolphins pulled off the miracle win at Dallas!  I always enjoy reminiscing on that day with Ramona in our living room and the feeling of elation upon Dolphin victory!
Yesterday it was announced that Ryan Tannehill has resumed practicing and will start at the Colts this coming Sunday.  Great news!  I have supported Tanny through thick and thin...and, right now, he's considered "thin" with me.  This has to be his time to shine.  Six weeks remain.  The Dolphins are in playoff contention.  They have a key road game against the Colts in just four days.  Sure, he will be playing with a bunch of different guys than he had before his injury, but excuses have run out.  It is time for him to provide that spark that a star brings to his team.  I'm fired up.  There is hope!  The days of Brock O. are behind us.  FINS UP!!!

Friday, November 9, 2018  7:19 PM

I am writing early in anticipation of leaving for Sioux Falls early tomorrow morning to help Scott paint inside their new house.  It might very well be a tiring grind, and I won't have to get this done right before their game at 3:25 on Sunday.  I just cancelled my hotel reservations 30 miles from Lambeau Stadium this afternoon at 2:07.  Reality set in that it wasn't going to work to get to Green Bay this year.  The flexing of the game--moving it from its original time slot of 12:00 to 3:25--made it a difficult decision to go or pass.  I looked at tickets and considered travel time and thought it best to stay back.  I'll cheer from home.  The game is scheduled to be televised locally.
The 5-4 Dolphins are 7.5-point underdogs as I type this versus the Aaron Rodgers-led, 3-4-1 Green Bay Packers.  Once again, Ryan Tannehill will not play.  It will be up to Brock Osweiler to read those Packer blitz packages and get rid of the ball in a hurry.  If he can manage that, the Dolphins will stand a chance.  I just heard today that the Dolphins have placed 11 players on IR this year--UNREAL!!  I thought after last year's bad luck that they were due for some good health.  Nope.  Doesn't work like that.
The defense has to be confident after yielding only six points...but it was against the lowly NYJ.  It sounds like the drama surrounding Reshad Jones has ended--he was apparently the first Dolphin on the practice field today.  Perhaps the cold will hold up Rodgers a bit...but I know better.  He will be his usual self and it'll be vital to success to keep him in the pocket.  He is sooooooo good.  This is a great challenge for the Dolphins.  With a win, they'd improve to 6-4 as they head into their bye week.  How awesome would that feel?!?!  I guess I've been more surprised before.
There are four different groups of people from Milbank making the trip to Lambeau:  Wiese, Femling, Graf, and Schwandt.  Sounds sad that I'm not going but, really, it is the right decision.  Knowing I'll go to the Dolphins at Vikings game assures me of one attending one game.
My prediction:  I haven't thought about a score up until right now.  Maybe I'll take the easy way out--it'll be Dolphins 23, Packers 20, just like it was in 2010.  But, this time the Dolphins won't need overtime.  A win in this late kickoff would simply be a great gift.  I know it won't be easy, but may Dolphin luck and tradition take over!
UPDATE (Sunday, November 11, 2018) 8:04 PM: WWI ended 100 years ago.  What an anniversary on a day to celebrate all of our veterans, past and present.  A special shot out to my uncle, Uncle Keith!  A huge thank you to Keith and ALL veterans who have served our country.  Much more important than any football game!!  Now, to be clear, I love my NFL.  Knowing the Dolphins could improve to 6-4 heading into their bye week was quite important to me.  After priming Scott's new house most of yesterday and then returning this morning to paint all of the ceilings, I got home in time to get fired up for the late kickoff in Green Bay.  It was announced that Ted Larsen, Juwann James, and Laremy Tunsil would not play today (three starting offensive linemen).  Instead, it was up to Sam Young, who has played AWFUL this season, Sterup, and Brendal, a guy making his first start.  The pointspread climbed to 12.5 just before the game.  Well, it turns out that I AM SO VERY GLAD THAT I CHOSE NOT TO ATTEND THIS GAME!!!  I'd be driving west right now with a looooooooong way to go and a loss under my belt.  Brock Osweiler simply showed that he isn't the QB of the future.  Ryan Tannehill is needed badly.  At least he can run with the ball.  Osweiler is stationary in every sense of the word.  Upright.  Lanky.  Slow.  Is he a good guy?  For sure.  But, he is not wanted on the Miami Dolphins by me.  Alex came over and watched the game.  We had hope.  However, drives ending in field goals doomed the Dolphins...and eventually the writing was on the wall.  I've got to stay busy and control my own destiny.  Lots of racquetball ahead.  Gotta keep stretching.  And, by the time the Dolphins play again--November 11 at Indy--I'll be excited!!  I'll always keep my faith in the Dolphins!!


Sunday, November 4, 2018  7:54 AM
Up here at school early on gameday morning due to Daylight's Saving Time setting the clock back an hour last night.  I like that a lot.  Has given me a chance to come up here and shower (water heater not working at home) and allow Scott and the boys to wake up quietly.  There is a big game scheduled for noon today at Joe Robbie Stadium.  It features the pesky New York Jets, 3-5 and losers of two straight, traveling south to play the 4-4 Miami Dolphins, also losers of their last two games.  Again, Tannehill will not play.  As I texted Alex three days ago, my support of Tanny is on life support.  I came into this season thinking that there were no more excuses.  Talent surrounded him.  He had time to heal.  This had to be his year...and it hasn't been.  Unless he returns and makes a defining statement that he makes a tremendous difference, the Dolphins MUST release him and look into their future.  We can't be doing this again and again and again.  Of course, he will say all of the right things in the media--he's a great human being--but there also has to come a time when both sides agree it simply isn't working out.  On Wednesday, news of Vincent Taylor, the young defensive lineman who has shown he's got some talent, was released that he's been placed on IR.  Darnit!  Another Dolphin who has been bitten by the injury bug.  I tired of it last season and it has returned with a vengeance this season.  Perhaps every team experiences this injury thing, but I really don't think so.
So, for today's game, this one is huge for the players, the fans, everybody.  Falling to 4-5 by losing at home to a division rival would be awful.  Cannot happen.  Brock has to play smart football.  People are big on Danny Amendola--maybe he has a huge game.  Kenny Stills might be back.  Sounds like Gore and Drake are healthy.  The offensive line has changed a great deal from Week One, but the hope is that they can at least be decent.  I know that the media is down a bit on the Jets.  Sam Darnold hasn't thrown for over 200 yards in any of his road games.  Blah, blah, blah.  It's never easy against the Wets; they cause problems.

There is concern over the field today.  Last night, the Hurricanes hosted Duke (and lost).  Heavy rains pelted the grass field.  It sounds as if the grass was torn up pretty badly.  It'll be interesting to see what kind of shape the field is in in just a few hours.
I will predict a close game that has the Dolphins improving to 5-4 with a 26-23 win over the Jets.  Alex is likely to come home for the game.  With no school tomorrow (inservice) combined with a Dolphin win, it couldn't get much better on an NFL Sunday!
Finally, I give the Lord thanks and praise for breaks from the pains of this world that come with watching the Dolphins!!
UPDATE (Sunday, November 4, 2018) 7:55 PM: The Dolphins are now 3-0 all-time against the NYJ on this date.  Who else knows that?  Glad I do!  It was an ugly affair.  How could the Dolphins win with a total of seven first downs?  And with Reshad Jones taking himself out of the game after two series?  And being outgained in total yardage by a whole bunch?  Well, a total of four sacks and four interceptions (the Dolphins lead the league in picks) carried the Dolphins to the 13-6 win.  Nothing pretty.  The field was in very good shape after it got carved up in the Hurricanes game last night.  The Dolphins simply couldn't move the ball consistently.  To open the game, Brock hit Danny Amendola for a big gain...but things shut down after that.  The thing that that play did, however, was give the Dolphins the edge in field position for most of the first half.  Matt Haack was the MVP in my mind today.  Cam Wake chipped in with two sacks.  Frank Gore is now sixth in all-time rushing yards as he passed Barry Sanders during the game.  After J. James went out at right tackle with a knew, Sterup checked in.  He was horrendous (much like Sam Young was against Cincy).  Tunsil ended up leaving the game, too.  Hard to believe that somebody as weak as Sterup can have a job on Sunday in the NFL.  One of the big stories, though, is that of Reshad Jones.  Why didn't he play?  The Dolphins said that they'd play Minkah more often.  Did that upset the great #20?  So much on the mind, so much to write....but I'll just say that I'm thrilled for the victory.  To go 5-4 is huge!! Had to win!!  And, to sweep the Wets is always a delight.  I know that Big E on the way to the game was the victim of a carload of Wet fans who rolled down the window to give he and his Dolfan daughter the finger.  So nice to know that the good guys won!!


Thursday, October 25, 2018  4:18 PM

GAMEDAY!!!  THURSDAY!!!  A chance to feel better after the dismal loss against Detroit!  Oh, how nice it would be to get a win at 4-3 Houston tonight.  Houston, winners of four in a row, seem to have gotten things together.  It'll take a team effort to go on the road and beat them, especially after a rash of injuries.  Albert Wilson was placed on IR two days ago.  Kenny Stills is out for a week or two.  Linemen are banged up.  And more. 
Brock O. is starting for Tanny again.  Makes me wonder what is really wrong with #17.  I surely hope he returns soon, thought Brock is proving that he belongs.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch the game with SupNef tonight.  He will be in Brookings watching closely.  So, I'll hold down the fort on Main Street and cheer for those Dolphins as much as I can.  Ohhhhh, how sweet a win would feel--knowing there's no school tomorrow, I get to watch Mack and Sam in the morning, and I have a Saturday and Sunday to do whatever makes for positive, positive, positive thoughts!
Prediction for tonight: Dolphins 22, Texans 18.  Let's go 5-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UPDATE (Sunday, October 28, 2018) 8:34 PM: About as rotten as a defensive performance as you're going to see an NFL team play...and it was played by my Miami Dolphins.  Guys looked lost.  Guys looked soft.  Guys looked inadequate.  Bobby McCain was horrid (is his knee bugging him?).  Does R. McMillan pick the wrong hole every time?  Are the big boys up front in shape?  There is so much to wonder about.  Brock wasn't bad, but he didn't make nearly enough plays.  He's a "stand up tall quarterback."  If he feels pressure, it's either a sack or a ball thrown way out of bounds.  I guess I could write a long paragraph on how bad Thursday night was as a big fan.  But, I'll move on.  The weak NYJ are next u pin Miami.  DP was telling me today how bad that team is.  Well, it just might provide the Dolphins the challenge they need.  Time to get back on track!!


Saturday, October 20, 2018  11:55 AM
Okay, yesterday was payday.  The first nine weeks is in the books, and it was pretty close to a total success.  My cold is just about over.  I have the rest of the day off of work after working with leaves all morning, and tomorrow is completely free.  I also get to go to Confession today.  On top of that, the Miami Dolphins are 4-2, tied atop the AFC East, are coming off a wonderful and thrilling victory over Chicago, and are favored in tomorrow's 12:00 kick versus the visiting 2-3 Detroit Lions.  IT'S ALL GOOD!!
The talk of the week has been the development of Nick O'Leary.  He played for Buffalo a year ago, but he has been a fine addition to the Dolphins (and I love the fact that he goes with bare hands!!).  I read that the players were pressuring Coach Gase to promote him from the practice squad...and it seems the kid knows how to play the game.  He blocks.  He gets open.  He's a player!  After MarQuis Gray tore his Achilles just before the season began, it was assumed that Mike Gesicki would get most of the playing time at TE.  Well, it hasn't worked out that way.  Nick is becoming a favorite, and I also love his #83 jersey.
Tanny will be out at least another week, so Brock gets a second straight start tomorrow.  He played more than competently last Sunday against the big, bad Bears.  He made plays, and that gives me plenty of hope that things will go well tomorrow.  Much credit should be given to the offensive line, too.  They gave him time and that will be key tomorrow.  Throw in some tough running by Frank Gore, a guy who has played way beyond my expectations, and Kenyan Drake and the Dolphins can mix things up pretty well.  Devante Parker didn't get many snaps last week.  I have a feeling that it's all on the line for him in the next couple of games.  It's about time for him to show his athleticism.  Brock went deep to Parker just before halftime last week and Devante never closed to the ball.  Instead, it was a relatively easy interception for Chicago.  Not sure what to think about Parker.
Defensively, it sounds like Bobby McCain and Cam Wake are close to a return.  McCain might play tomorrow.  Seems as if the Dolphins are getting healthier.  They will play two games in five days as they will travel to Houston on Thursday night.  They'll get a decent break after that.

Before I stop typing and give my prediction, there is something I want to remember from last week's game.  The Dolphins had 541 total yards, the fifth most in team history and the most since 10-23-88 against the NYJ when they had 584 yards (team record).  Also, I want to add that I recorded several different pregame shows last Sunday; they all basically poked fun at the Dolphins and said there is no way that the Dolphins would win the game, especially with Brocktober at quarterback.  Wrong answer, folks.
Tomorrow makes me think good thoughts.  Nothing is ever easy in the NFL, and I won't guarantee anything.  I will certainly predict a Dolphin win.  The score will be 26-14.  5-2, here we come!!  I am loving these feisty, gritty Dolphins.  There is something special building here, and I'm so glad that Alex can enjoy this!


Saturday, October 13, 2018  12:10 PM

It might just be wishful thinking, but I had a clear thought come to me early in the week: the Dolphins beat the Bears, 46-0, in tomorrow's game.  It would make no sense.  The Dolphins are reeling.  Their offensive line is patchwork compared to what they had to open the season.  Chicago has a lights-out defense.  Kalil Mack is making his presence felt.  The Bears are 3-1 and playing everybody tough.  They enjoyed their bye week last Sunday, so they should come in pretty healthy and raring to play.  Tanny is listed as questionable due to a hurting shoulder.  If anything, my thought/vision should've been a tight, low-scoring game.  But, the NFL does not make sense and this 46-0 prediction of the Dolphins winning might just come to fruition.  It would remind me of the pounding of 37-0 over the Chargers a few years back at Joe Robbie Stadium. 
Improving to 4-2 would do wonders for the psyche of the Dolphins.  They'd remain among the top in the AFC and the younger players would buy in even more than they have.  Dropping to 3-3 could be hurtful to morale and could only deepen the wounds. 
I want to see the Dolphins get back to creativity.  Tanny keepers.  Reverses.  Reverse passes.  And other unseen offensive plays.  The defense is holding up very well.  Reshad Jones (partially torn labrum) is sucking it up as best he can and is still among the best in the league.  I want the crowd to get behind the team and chant "Let's go Dolphins" throughout tomorrow's noon kick.  I want this win for Alex, the birthday boy!!
Prediction: Dolphins 46, Chicago 0.  And I ain't changing my mind!
UPDATE (Sunday, October 14, 2018) 7:55 PM: A weekend of ecstasy! Though suffering from a bad cold, I managed to enjoy officiating the Redfield at Groton game on Friday night.  On Saturday, I got some things done at home and school before heading for Sioux Falls around 2:00.  Playing with Mack and Sam was absolutely wonderful--they are so much fun and energetic!!  We laugh like uncles and nephews should!!  We made a fort on the front lawn, featuring blankets and pillows.  Neighborhood kids came over--all of this happening while Scott was bow hunting for deer.  We played outside as long as we could, finally heading inside for a snack of apples and some tackling.  Scott came home and the fun didn't end.  Mack and Sam enjoyed throwing balls and then chasing them down.  Mack's face was red and he was dripping sweat.  What a night of GREATNESS!!  I awoke to a bunch of snow around 6:55 AM.  I tried to make it to the Cathedral for Mass, but the snow slowed me down enough that I had to pass.  I stopped in Brookings at St. Thomas More for 9:00 Mass.  Wonderful! The priest told us to notice the action verbs of the Gospel.  FANTASTIC and IMPACTFUL!  The drive from Brookings to Milbank was completely dry, unlike the way from Sioux Falls to Brookings (several cars went into the ditch).  I got home around 11:00 and the Dolphin-decorating was on.  I set out Alex's birthday Dolphin card for his 22nd birthday.  I reminded myself of the 46-0 vision I had had earlier in the week.  And, having found out officially that Brock Osweiler would replace an inactive Ryan Tannehill, I tried to think of the positives: Gase would have a plan for Brock (quick passes and runs), Osweiler would be totally healthy going in and has been known to play a great game here and there, and the Dolphin defense has been just plain stingy.  So, anticipation reigned as the game kicked off.  It was easy to tell on the first drive of the game that the Dolphins had a plan.  Quick releases from Brock.  Tough running.  The offensive line had push.  Eventually, the Dolphins would take a 7-0 halftime lead as Nick O'Leary, the bare hands TE, would grab some balls.  He scored the first touchdown.  But, the Bears came out of the second half gates with a mission.  Three plays after taking the second half kickoff, the Bears tied it at seven.  They would score touchdowns on their first three drives of half number two and led 21-10.  That's when Brock hit Albert Wilson.  Sure, I loved Jarvis Landry....but he didn't break open games like Albert Wilson does.  (And, Albert is much more humble.)  TJ McDonald had a key interception to prevent the Bears from taking a 28-13 lead. Just after the Dolphins had tied it at 21-21 on the Wilson catch-and-run touchdown, the Bears went right down the field and converted a 3rd and 9 into an easy touchdown.  But, on the first play following the Chicago kickoff, Brock went to Wilson again.  What happened was a 75-yard touchdown when Albert caught a ball and took it to the house!!
Kenyan Drake almost capped the opening drive in overtime with a touchdown run of one yard on third and goal, but he fumbled.  The announcers wondered why Frank Gore, the guy who had 101 yards rushing (the only one to do so against the Bears this season and the one who shredded the vaunted Bear defense to set the Dolphins up with a first and goal), wasn't allowed to try and win it.  Drake felt horrible.  But, a 52-yard miss by last year's Dolphin kicker, Cody Parkey, gave the Dolphins another chance.  Drake began the drive with a tough five-yard run.  He added a 15-yard catch on a 2nd and 6.  Then, new kicker Jason Sanders won it for the Dolphins from 47 yards away on the final play of overtime.  YESSSSSSSSS!!!!  I was HAPPY AS A HUMAN COULD BE!!!!  Alex was all smiles.  Twenty text messages rolled in!!  It was nuts!!!  Brock went dashing onto the field!!  Knowing all of those loud Bears fans would leave Joe Robbie Stadium quietly was extra special!!  Alex and I went to visit Kenny briefly at the nursing home.  Tonight has been a night of celebration.  Up here at school decorating and making the winning poster and doing this!  I get to wake up in the middle of the night throughout this week and pump my fist!!  DOLPHINS WIN, DOLPHINS WIN, DOLPHINS WIN!!!!
Yes, this is one of those Sunday nights that I wish would never end!!  PRAISE JESUS FOR THIS BIT OF ESCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, October 8, 2018  9:23 PM
A bummer.  The Dolphins led at halftime at Cincinnati, 14-0.  The Dolphin defense was on fire; the high-powered Bengal offense could do little.  And, after Cincy did move the ball, Vincent Taylor went high to block a field goal.  Jakeem Grant's 70-yard punt return for a TD with 22 seconds left before halftime had all Dolfans feeling great.  Then, to begin the second half, the Dolphins quickly forced the Bengals to punt.  The Dolphin offense then picked up some chunks of yards and the result was a field goal.  17-0.  And that was it for Miami Dolphin scoring.  Dalton somehow unloaded a pass that reminded me a bit of Kenny Stabler's lucky toss in the playoffs that beat the Dolphins...and, likewise, Dalton's pass was somehow caught for a touchdown.  Laramie Tunsil was hurt and replaced by Sam Young, number 79.  Oh boy, he was awful.  He was absolutely dominated--made it hard to believe that he's good enough to be in the NFL.  Tanny, who has been heavily criticized on Twitter and all over as a result of how the game ended, had NO TIME to throw.  Cincy defenders came blazing through at will.  The Dolphins couldn't move the ball and, well, bad things happened.  It didn't turn out like it did six years ago to the day when Scott, Gaard, and I were there.
Now, it's onto a red-hot team in the Bears.  Chicago will come into Miami following their bye week and ready to roll.  They are two-point favorites and, I suppose, rightfully so.  Kalil Mack and a stingy defense will be on hand.  Who will step up for the Dolphins?  Somebody on offense will have to go off...and it just might be Tanny.  I will say this: I had a vision/thought that the Dolphins win this game by a score of 46-0.  Not sure how I landed on that, but I did. 
Definitely a disappointing ending to the game that has me trying to look ahead.  Maybe next year's Columbus Day weekend will feel a little better.

Sunday, September 30, 2018  9:21 AM
The Miami Dolphins have a chance to close out this beautiful, God-given month of September with a perfect record.  Today, the 3-0 Dolphins are at 1-2 New England...and it will NOT be easy.  It's safe to say that Tom Brady will be as intense and focused as he can be.  He knows that falling three games behind the Dolphins after four games would be a very, very bad thing.  So, that alone will make it difficult on the Dolphins.  The Dolphs haven't won in NE since the Wildcat Game in 2008--yes, TEN years ago!!  The Patriots haven't been two games out of first place in the AFC East since 2002.  WOW!!  Definitely plenty of interesting storylines to this game!!
I do have a sense of calm.  I feel like Adam Gase is approaching this game with a mindset that "our good players will play your good players and we'll see who plays better today."  Go out and have fun.  Don't give up.  All of that mentality.
If the Dolphins could find a way to win today, they would be 4-0 for the first time since 1995, a year before Alex was born and the final year of Coach Shula's coaching reign.  Goeke was here in Milbank and I was enjoying my second year at St. Lawrence School.  It's a gift to be able to sit back with SupNef and take this one in.  It's been such a fine, refreshing start.  I've been appreciating it all 21 days.  Sports Illustrated predicted two Dolphin wins over the entire season.  Well, 3-0 has felt AWESOME!!
I've got to go with a prediction of DOLPHINS 31, NE 24.  Tanny is 10-1 in his last 11 starts....and it's a great day, great day to go 11-1.  FINS UP!!
UPDATE (Sunday, September 30, 2018) 8:45 PM: A convincing loss today just proves that the Dolphins aren't a perfect team.  They committed turnovers and penalties.  They couldn't convert third downs while New England seemed to convert them with ease.  I knew this wasn't going to be easy.  It was like going into a hornet's nest.  Even Matt Haack, the Dolphin punter who had been beyond fantastic in the first three games, struggled mightily.  There was no creativity in the play-calling.  There was no room to run the ball.  Tanny had little time.  Receivers did not create separation.  It was one of the days where nothing goes right.  New England has had those (season opener against KC a couple of years ago as merely one example) and has rebounded to win Super Bowls.  So, I am not down in the dumps by any means.  The 21-day run of feeling that Dolphin high still has some fumes inside of me--3-0 was YUM!!  I know that the Dolphins have to get back to the basics.  Study film.  Get fired up.  And control their destiny in Cincinnati next Sunday.  It's a short season--the time to win is now.  Reshad Jones and Devante Parker were late scratches; there were others who did not play.  So, there is lots of reason to be optimistic.  It's a game.  It's a story.  I enjoy it!!

Sunday, September 23, 2018  10:01 AM
Week 3 in the NFL! Oakland (0-2) at the Dolphins (2-0).  This is the third 2-0 start for the Dolphs in the last 15 years....and it FEELS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!  Last week's win on the road against the NYJ was purely delightful.  Lots of high-fiving with SupNef!!  But, it's time to direct attention to the John Gruden-led Raiders.  They lost on a last-second field goal at Denver last week.  No doubt, they will come in feisty and aggressive.  This won't be easy--I see overtime happening.  Will Reshad Jones (shoulder) play?  Even if he doesn't, with the way that the defensive line is playing, I gotta believe the defense will be fine.  Perhaps Maurice Smith will get some quality time and begin to flourish.
I can't count the number of times I took a time out in the past week to remind myself of that great road win in NY...and now I'm looking for more of the same.  To get off to a 3-0 start would be huge.  It would mean tiebreakers against Tennessee and Oakland along with a divisional win.  My prediction: the Dolphins will have to weather a storm.  Oakland will bring some serious football but, in the end, Tanny and the offense will have to maintain their poise and purpose.  I see a 27-24 overtime win coming for the Miami Dolphins.  Time to get home and start setting up for SupNef will soon be arriving.
UPDATE (Sunday, September 23, 2018) 7:40 PM: Dolphin joy feels my heart!! The Dolphins overcame penalties (some significantly bad calls including two supposed pick plays on offense), injuries (William Hayes, D. Branch, AJ Derby...), and a 10-point deficit to get this win.  They broke out some trickery and rode it to victory.  Jakeem Grant had another strong showing--his speed is unreal.  Albert Wilson--love him already--is a speedy one who continues to make his presence felt.  His 74-yard "catch" from Tanny iced the game.  A favorite scene was Wilson and Grant high-fiving on the ten-yard line as Albert made his way to the end zone.  It felt like 100 degrees in JRS, but the fans showed up and got loud.  So happy for them!!  And, it is sooooo nice to know that the silver and black can't experience that winning feeling in beautiful Miami!  By the way, I love knowing that the Dolphins beat OAKLAND in the last game that these two teams will play as far as Miami versus Oakland!!  Knowing the weather is to get cold this week in Milbank as we close out the magnificent month of September, I can go out to eat with Brad O., there will be prayer in the morning, I'm done painting for the most part in the weight room---all of that makes me feel as terrific as a human being can feel.  Most importantly, I know the GOOD Lord loves me and I'm making things right with Him.  But, what a way to help celebrate a Sunday!!  Alex and I went out to the Tandem Terror Field in the South Park and threw some passes.  Feeling healthy makes it even more enjoyable.  Yes, this is the time of my life!!


Saturday, September 15, 2018  4:15 PM
A day after Kevin's 53rd birthday and a day before the Dolphins' Metlife Takeover Showdown in New York against the rival in green.  Both teams enter the game at 1-0.  The Dolphins have to feel great about their marathon win over Tennessee (with the exception of the news that Josh Sitton, their powerful starting guard, will miss the rest of the season), while the Jets are flying high after their rookie QB Sam Darnold went off against the Lions in a 31-point victory.  Last year, the Dolphins were 1-0 when they arrived in NY and the Jets flattened them, 20-6.  Suddenly, the season looked dismal...and things never really changed.  So, I feel like tomorrow is a huge day--it will paint more of a picture of what can be expected of the 2018 Dolphins.
Ryan Tannehill has to do what he does best--manage, make plays, and win.  His record in his last nine or ten games is nearly perfect.  He throws a lot of dump passes, but he showed on Sunday that he's not afraid to go deep (he hit Kenny Stills for 75, his second longest TD throw of his career).  I can't wait to see what the combo of Drake and Gore produces.  They played spirited football against Tennessee.  To me, the key is the defense.  Will the Dolphin linebackers fill holes?  That is something that has plagued them for many seasons.  The linebackers seem softish.  Now, judging by one week of football, there is hope.
I know this: I will be ABSOLUTELY THRILLED if the Dolphins can find a way to get the job done tomorrow.  It won't be easy.  I see a shootout with the final score being Dolphins 30, NYJ 24.  FINS UP!!!
UPDATE (Tuesday, September 18, 2018) 12:13 PM: OHHHHHHHHHHHH, BABY!!  The Dolphs found a way to get it done.  Using tough defense and an offense that did just enough, the Dolphins find themselves at 2-0 and in sole possession of first place in the AFC East!!!  To say I'm thrilled is an absolute understatement.  I love the Dolphins and to watch them win with my nephew Alex was a wonderful experience!!  Knowing that Dolfans were taking part in the "MetLife Takeover" only added to the enjoyment.  All morning long, networks talked about Sam Darnold and the NY Jets.  The Dolphins came off as simply a team playing the gifted, red hot, spirited New York Jets.  Well, it was the Dolphin defense that made the big plays (example: just after Tanny fumbled the ball away deep inside their own territory on the first play of the second half, Xavien Howard picked off Darnold in the end zone on the first play following the turnover).  The Dolphin secondary is TOUGH.  Could the linebacking improve a bit?  For sure...but that position seems to be an upgrade after last year.  On offense, Tanny led the team with his precision passing.  Guys caught the passes.  Kenyan and Frank ran tough.  And once, facing a 3rd and 18 around midfield, Frank Gore found an opening in the middle of the defense, Tanny hit him, and Gore picked up 19 yards.  NICE!!!  The Dolphins got the ball back with 5:56 left in the game after the Jets pulled to within eight points; they ran out the clock!!  SO GREAT TO SEE!!!!  I woke up three times during the night and reminded myself of the greatness that happened in NY on Sunday afternoon.  I'm still living the excitement of it all!!!  GO DOLPHINS!!!!  Back to Miami--gots to beat a team that won in Miami last year.  Payback coming.


Sunday, September 9, 2018  10:45 AM
Just over an hour before kick--I'm at school fresh off my return from Sioux Falls this morning.  FIRED UP FOR DOLPHIN GAMEDAY!!!!  A home opener in the heat of Miami Gardens versus a solid team in Tennessee.  Can't wait to see Tanny!!  First time healthy since December of two seasons ago!!  I love what I'm hearing about the culture.  Albert Wilson said this team is going to shock a lot of people.  The over/under on number of wins is at 6.5.  I'd go with the over because I'm expecting a 10-6 season.  If I had any concerns, it would be about the pass defense.  In preseason, there were lots of openings in the secondary, but maybe things will be different once the real games begin.
Alex is coming in from Brookings--I know he's stoked, too!!
My first prediction: Dolphins 26, Titans 20.  Praise Jesus---sports is the toy department of life (well said, Howard)!!!
UPDATE (Sunday, September 9, 2018) 10:58 AM: A game of relief!!  GOT THE WIN!!!!  I really enjoyed watching this game with Alex...but it took a looooooong time.  The game kicked at noon and ended just before 7:00 because of several lightning strikes near Joe Robbie Stadium.  It made for a frustrating day in some ways, but it was super sweet to watch Tanny do what he did!!!  He fired bullets.  Oh, he wasn't perfect, but he nailed Uncle Kenny Stills in stride for a 75-yard TD that put the Dolphins in great position.  The fans that remained after the extended breaks got to see Jakeem Grant return a kick 101 yards for a touchdown--the second longest in team history (Mercury Morris).  They got to see a second interception by Reshad Jones.  They saw Frank Gore run hard and Kenyan twist and turn his way for good chunks of yards.  Kiko chipped in with an interception.  There was a lot of good on the field today...and injuries weren't an issue for the Dolphins.  The Dolphins had a 98-yard drive, tied for the third longest TD drive in team history and their longest since 1989.  NICE!!!!  Fired up to be 1-0!!!!! I could type a whole bunch more, but I'm exhausted and need sleep.  It's going to be a great week!!  Thanks, Dolphins!!  Most of all, though, I thank the GOOD Lord for being a perfectly merciful God and loving us like He does!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018  3:57 PM
Finally, the fourth preseason game happens tonight and that will mark the end to a ho-hum preseason slate.  Thankfully, no Dolphin has been lost for the season.  Perhaps the most severe injury occurred to Mike Hull's knee, but I'm not sure that Hull was set to make the team.  I will likely play tennis during this last game and then watch it tape-delayed on Monday.  At 0-3, I hope the Dolphins can pull out a single victory to avoid a winless preseason.  Last year, they blew the Vikings away in Minnesota to close things out.

UPDATE (Friday, August 31, 2018) 7:44 AM: WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! No winless preseason for my favorite professional football team!!  The Miami Dolphins triumphed in a big way last night in Atlanta.  In a game that featured some young guys playing some great football, the Dolphins whipped the hometown Falcons, 34-7.  I've got that winning feeling!!  A day after I liked a tweet that said, "I'd rather have two kickers on the roster than keep Brock Osweiler," the free agent QB plays fantastically.  Will he be kept as the back-up?  Will the good-bye go to David Fales?  I would think they'd be looking at all of their options...and Tedy Bridgewater is no longer available (Saints).  Buddy Howell had a strong performance--good yardage and two touchdowns.  Also, rookie Kalen Ballage showed his all-around talents both running and catching the football.  As I texted Alex a few days ago, I think the surprise cut will be Frank Gore.  Unless he plays a ton and contributes positively, I don't see why they'd keep his older legs and give him big money.  Keep Howell and move on!  Defensively, it appears that the team finally had some things going for it.  Got some turnovers.  Kept Atlanta out of the end zone.  All stuff that has me feeling good on this inservice Friday!  Jade and I beat Kevin and Jeff last night 6-3, 6-4.  We trailed 0-4 in the second set and found a way to win in the mist, a beautiful, beautiful evening.  Yes, I'm on top of the world!!  FINS UP!!!


Saturday, August 25, 2018  10:45 AM

Perhaps the most "important" preseason game takes place tonight at 6:00 in Joe Robbie Stadium.  It features the hometown Miami Dolphins against the Baltimore Ravens, a team that embarrassed the Dolphins on national television last season.  I would anticipate most starters seeing extensive action.  Tanny should have opportunities to go downfield, something he hasn't done much of so far.  I am not sure that I'll be able to watch it as I believe I've exhausted my free trial accounts.  Please, no injuries.  I always type that, but injuries cannot be overestimated.  The rash of injuries the Dolphins suffered last year was devastating.  So far, things have been really good.  The Dolphins have their boys, they just need to improve.  Tennessee is coming!!

UPDATE (Sunday, August 26, 2018) 12:32 PM: Not what I was hoping for--a 17-point home loss. Then again, the Super Bowl champion Eagles are 0-3, too, and there's no doubt that they'll be a good team this year.  So, I carry that thought with me.  I also realize that Tanny had a good night.  He dropped one right in Kenyan Drake's bread basket for a 36-yard gain.  Fine!!  Speaking of Kenyan, he broke loose on another run.  Tanny hit Danny Amendola for the first team offense's first TD of the preseason.  The Dolphins led in the first part of the game.  Then, after halftime, Lamar Jackson lit 'em up, scoring three TDs in his first four drives.  The Dolphin defense is the part that concerns me most.  Can these guys stop anybody?  Is Kiko, a guy who went to the wrong sideline after one play, the answer at linebacker?  I'm not sold on the defense, though it seems they have talent there.  I guess I'm ready for the preseason to end.  Two weeks from right now, Alex and I will be cheering on our favorite team.  It should be fun!!


Friday, August 17, 2018  3:14 PM

I leave for Britton in less than an hour for tonight's opener versus Hamlin.  Also, in less than three hours, the Dolphins will kick off at Carolina in their second preseason game.  Both Brady and Rodgers played a good chunk of time in their preseason games last night, so I am expecting Tanny to take quite a few snaps.  Important game?  You bet!  Lots of guys on the bubble.  The receiving corps is deep and the fact that Stills and Parker (injuries) won't be playing tonight gives guys like J. Grant and A. Wilson a chance to show what they've got.  I'm really curious to see how the defense holds up against Cam; last year on a Monday night it was atrocious.  So, again, I'm hoping for no injuries and I'll look forward to watching the entire game on tape-delay.  I'll focus in Britton as the back judge and look forward to reading tweets from Omar Kelly and others about the game!

UPDATE (Sunday, August 19, 2018) 3:28 PM: Am I concerned?  Yes.  Quite concerned.  This comes after having so much hope.  Apparently, the Dolphins could not stop Carolina's running game.  I haven't seen Friday night's game yet, but the hurtful stat is there: Carolina rushed for 226 yards.  Major ouch!  Makes me think that maybe N. Suh was an important piece last year.  Maybe the young guys aren't ready or aren't talented enough to be on their own.  I'm definitely concerned about the defense!  As for the offense, I'm not sure about that, either.  Though Tanny had good numbers (14 of 17 for a 92.1 rating), much of it was of the dink-and-dunk type.  Omar Kelly has tweeted that he hasn't seen a deep Tanny completion in three weeks. YIKES!!  I'm not sure what the hold-up is; it sounds like Coach Gase is disappointed.  The good news is that there are two more games to get some things figured out.  In three short weeks, the opener will be over...and I know the Dolphins need to be 1-0 for the sake of the entire team's psyche!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018  2:53 PM
Training camp seems to be going quite well--not the injuries of a year ago.  The defense is apparently eating up the offense--no problem with that as it's early yet and Tanny needs time after missing last season.  I am fired up about this team, a team that Vegas set the over/under on number of wins at six.  I'd like to put $500 on the over!!  The offense has guys who are stepping up and impressing.  The defense seems to have added some playmakers.  I can't wait to see what the young guys do against Tampa Bay two days from now!  I've got so much to do at school.  With Mom and Dad in Poland and Kenny ailing in a Watertown hospital, the Dolphins shall serve only as a short, needed distraction.

Saturday, June 2, 2018  9:30 PM

Very early summer and loving the freedom!  Want the summer to move slowly but, if it doesn't, that means football season comes quickly.  I'm so curious to see what will become of the 2018 Miami Dolphins.  I like the pieces they are putting together.  The secondary seems tight.  Guys like Amendola and Drake bring so much hope.  Of course, Tanny is back...and ready to show the world what he's all about.  Yes, I'm fired up.  Thinking Dolphins often.


Thursday, April 26, 2018  5:30 PM
I don't remember ever being so excited for an NFL Draft.  I think it could get crazy tonight as far as trades and surprises and disappointments.  At least four quarterbacks are predicted to go early in round one.  You have to think that one of them will unexpectedly drop.  And, one might be to the Dolphins.  Omar Kelly tweeted "The word on the street is the Dolphins will pick Josh Rosen."  He's the quarterback from UCLA and he's a guy I don't want.  Why?  I know he sat out of his bowl game.  I want a true competitor.  That tells me something about him.  I thought I heard he had some issues with headaches.  I guess I'm simply to unsure as to what he'd bring to the table.  Plus, I am totally behind Ryan Tannehill.
Who will the Dolphins take with the eleventh pick, barring a trade out of the position?  History has proven that I can't ever pick the right guy that the Dolphins actually end up selecting.  If I had to guess, I'd say that they'll take Minkah Fitzpatrick, a safety from Alabama.  That is a change from my prediction yesterday--Vita Vea out of Washington.  Could I envision Josh Rosen becoming a Dolphin?  I suppose...but I'd take a linebacker before a quarterback.  The Dolphins have struggled at linebacker for years--they need a solid young guy at that position.  Perhaps Tremaine Edmonds is the right guy (ILB, Virginia Tech).  

In hindsight, we will know if that eleventh pick was a good one or not.  For now, all a fan like me can have is hope.  The draft picks will look good in May, June, and July, but what happens in August??  I'll be at home on this sunny, windy, cool day that has followed a long winter, and I'll be waiting in high anticipation of the Dolphins' first selection in the 2018 NFL Draft.
UPDATE (Friday, April 27, 2018) 7:31 AM: Minkah Fitzpatrick--can't be happier that he's a Dolphin.  As Sky noticed in BV, Minkah was the first of the draft picks to give thanks for the Lord for his blessings.  I love that.  Great young man with superior talent.  Dallas Goedert today??  Well, I really, really hope so!!  I'm ready for a trade up to ensure it!.........and another update just before leaving to Sioux Falls to meet DP for a lil' draft party.....3:35 PM: Alex texted Painting2K17 and said he loves the chances of the Dolphins getting Dallas Goedert.  Oh, how I'd love that!!  Need a TE badly.  Might need to trade up to get him.  DO IT, DOLPHINS!!  I responded with, "Sisseton gave us Joe Robbie. Britton could give us Dallas Goedert.  The old NEC coming through!"  If the Dolphins don't get Goedert, I would hope they'd hit on a linebacker.  How FIN FANS have suffered because of poor linebacker play!!

Friday, April 20, 2018  9:01 AM
As my students take their Smarter-Balanced tests (Day 4 of 4), I feel like I'm caught up enough to do some quick typing about yesterday.  Overall, it was a good day--love the excitement brought by a new schedule and the fact that the Dolphins were unveiling a new look for the first time in five years was an added bonus.  I really like the changes in the uniforms.  Ultimately, I want the Dolphins wearing their original uniforms, but that won't happen with Steven Ross.  So, I guess I can accept and support the changes made for now.  The light blue lining around the numbers has been removed, so a Dolphin jersey from 2018 will look very similar to a Dolphin jersey from 1984.  What old school Dolphins fan wouldn't want that??

Thursday, April 19, 2018  4:00 PM
HUGE DAY!!!!  One of my favorite days of the entire year as it gives me a feeling that the new NFL season is locked and loaded and the trigger will be pulled in a few months.  Today is the day that the 2018-19 NFL schedule is released!!!  It's always great to find out where and when the Dolphins will be playing each week of the season.  -----BREAKING NEWS>>>>>>Papa Bear just texted me that the Bears play at the Dolphins on October 14.  That might be a game I attend!!!-----  These are some things I want to see along with a few predicitions:
1.I want the Dolphins to play at the Vikings anytime in October in a 12:00 game.
2.I want to open the season by beating the stuffing out of Buffalo in Miami--gotta make things right from the season finale last year.
3.I want the Dolphins to play at Green Bay in December in a game when the snowflakes are falling.
4.I want two primetime games...and that will be my prediction of total primetime games awarded to the Dolphins.
5.I want the Dolphins to finish at home over Christmas break.
As an added bonus today, the Dolphins have unveiled their new-look uniforms!!  Reading an exchange of text messages between SupNef and Bolt, I can tell that the new uniforms are fantastic!!  SupNef said he needs money to buy jerseys.  Apparently, there is an old school look to them....and I'd love that.  Yes, today is a great day, great day!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018  7:45 PM
My optimism for the Dolphins' 2018-2019 campaign has been limited for much of this past winter and early spring.  However, I really like what I heard from Coach Gase today.  At the owners' meeting (I think that's where he was), Gase said this turnover of players gives him guys who won't accept the "%$&#*#" that some past players allowed.  I LOVE IT!!!  What I am getting from today's comments is that Gase is getting the type of guys he wants....and that's exactly what I want.  Coach has a swagger about him.  He seems focused and irritated. To help celebrate this good news, I am going to try to throw in the 1979 NE at Dolphins TNF game tonight or this Easter weekend.  I can't wait for the schedule to come out!!

Friday, March 23, 2018  2:45 PM
Wayne Huizenga passed away today at the age of 80.  What a great man and Dolphins fan!  He accomplished a great deal for the people of South Florida along with the Dolphins.  As a diehard Dolphins fan, I saw him as an owner that tried.  He badly wanted the Dolphins to win it all....but that didn't happen.  Someday they will...and I hope he can see it all when he looks down from the clouds.  R.I.P., Mr. Huizenga.
Yesterday, the Dolphins picked up old Frank Gore yesterday.  Not sure I like that.  Old bones in a young man's sport.  But, perhaps he can guide Kenyan a little bit and play a part in producing a Hall of Fame running back for the second time in Dolphins history (Larry Csonka).  I simply don't have a good feel for the team right now.  So many changes.  So many unknowns.  Sounds like

Monday, March 12, 2018  9:40 PM
Jarvis Landry was allowed to leave.  I'm not sure that was the right decision, but I have to trust Adam Gase.  It was announced today that Suh93 will either be traded or released.  I have to trust Coach Gase with that move, too.  There are several other players that are leaving, but I guess it should be all about who the Dolphins are gaining.  Robert Quinn, a Pro Bowl player from the Rams, will be a key addition.  And, now, having lost Landry and Suh along with their huge salaries, the Dolphins will have a ton of cap space to use.  I have to think that Coach Gase is bringing in his guys.  All of these moves remind me of the need to pass on current player's jerseys.  Gots to go with the players of the past that retired as Dolphins!  Alex has an orange Ajayi jersey that isn't even a year old; I have a throwback Landry jersey that has been work about three times.  Major moves are ahead--I'll just have to sit back and pay attention.  Nobody really knows how all of this will work out.  This might be exactly what the Dolphins need to do in order to get back to prominence.  Last season was tough on me and I don't want to live through another one like that for a long, long time.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018  8:09 PM
The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy, so grateful!!!!  I can enjoy the offseason so much more.  I don't have to guard against watching ESPN and NFL Network.  Bring on the NFL news!!  Bring the draft!!  Bring the NFL schedule!!  To make it even better, I won $100 on the Eagles.  I finally believe that NE is on their way out.  Many years of suffering are to come.  Back to the way they used to be....and I love it.  Watch the fan base begin drying up.  I am going to love every minute of it!

Friday, February 2, 2018  4:09 PM
Please, Philly, beat NE on Sunday!!!  I can't bear the thought of NE winning.  Jay Ajayi, you need to help out Dolphin Nation to finish your first season as an Eagle.  Run all over that NE "D."  I can't stand NE.  I'm debating watching Super Bowl VII instead.  Not sure how it'll all go down.  I predict an Eagle victory by a score of 27-24.

Sunday, January 14, 2018  8:07 PM
About an hour ago I saw an unbelievable finish!!!  Case Keenum went deep to Stephon Diggs for a touchdown to beat the Saints on the last play of the game!!!   WOW!!!!!!  Couldn't believe it...and now so happy for the REAL Viking fans!!!!  The last time I saw the Vikings do this was in 1980 when Tommy Kramer threw up the Hail Mary to Ahmad Rashad to beat the Browns in the old Met.  I can't imagine the feeling if my favorite team did something like that!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2017  11:54 AM
Tomorrow is the season finale for the Miami Dolphins.  It is both a sad time for me and a time of relief.  This season has not been any easy one to endure.  The Dolphins had such a promising year in 2016 and, therefore, expectations grew.  I was prepared for a run deep into the playoffs.  But, the injury bug hit and several players didn't play up to those lofty expectations.  And, here we are...the 6-9 Dolphins host the 8-7 Bills in JRS.  It's a late kick, as Will McD calls it, a "sunset game."  I love that!  Takes me back to the great years of 1984 and 1985--hosting the Wets and the Raiders.  The most recent "sunset game" was in 2013 when the Chargers came to town.  Charles Clay ran over that sorry Charger on his way to the end zone.  Those late kicks in Miami can make the helmets glow.  As an added bonus, the Dolphins will be showing off their throwback uniforms for the second time this season.  Furthermore, Buffalo agreed to wear theirs, too.  So, this game has all of the potential to become a game that I can treasure for a lifetime.  Yes, the look of the game is very, very important to me!
It will take a good effort to beat a team that beat them in Buffalo two weeks ago.  I know that Coach Gase has said that the players are playing for their jobs.  I love to hear that.  A guy like Mike Pouncey came out and said, "We've got to finish this thing right."  Again, that is exactly what I want to hear.  Cutler will start.  There is no tanking this game in Gase's mind.  This team owes it to the fans.  Allowing Buffalo to remain in the playoff chase by beating the Dolphins in JRS would be a horrible thing.  I don't want to hang on a loss for the offseason.  I need that winning feeling in my heart!! I will go with a prediction of Dolphins 24, Buffalo 17.  Ohhhhhh, I'd be pumped!!  The Dolphins gave the gift of beating NE on MNF; this would be a second wonderful gift.  The difference between 6-10 and 7-9 might be a MNF game in 2018 or a regular 12:00 kick (perhaps against NE again).  I WANT THIS WIN!!!
UPDATE (Sunday, January 1, 2018) 11:50 AM: HAPPY NEW YEAR, DOLFANS!!  To make it clear, this is OUR year as fans...and it all begins with the return of Tanny!

Friday, December 22, 1:39 PM
 Tomorrow's trip to Kansas City is exciting more and more as the time draws closer to take-off.  All four of us will head out tomorrow morning around 10:00 and get there before darkness.  We will watch the Vikings win another game in KC during the evening while feeding upon ketch-up and cheeseburgers.  Good times...and I can't wait!!  Gonna be a nice and festive!  Playing the Chiefs around Christmas brings up thoughts of the perhaps the biggest win in team history.  In 1971, the Dolphins upset the Chiefs in Kansas City in the longest NFL game ever played (82 minutes and 40 seconds).  The young Dolphins survived and would move on to their first Super Bowl appearance.  The 27-24 score in double overtime has me thinking only one score for Sunday's final: Dolphins 27, Chiefs 24.  The weather forecast has warmed a little for KC; it is up to 34 degrees.  Another ten degrees would be welcomed.  Kansas City is a 10.5-point favorite.  I guess that is understandable, especially with the impressive win they carried out last Saturday at home against the Los Angeles Chargers.  The Dolphins will need another effort like they put up against New England 11 days ago.  Reshad Jones, the only Dolphin named to the Pro Bowl, will have to have a huge game and do what he did against Atlanta.  Will Cordrea Tankersly return?  How about Damien Williams?  I sure hope so!  This game means a great deal to me.  I haven't see the Dolphins lose in KC since 2002.  Since that time, I've seen three straight victories.  The last time I was there was with Alex and the Ogdahls.  The Dolphins hadn't won a game--they were 0-7--and they were playing a 4-3 Chief team that had just won an electrifying divisional game over the Chargers on Monday night.  Well, the winless Dolphins POUNDED the Chefs to the tune of 31-3 (yes, I meant Chefs).  It was a thing of beauty...and we stopped at Red Lobster in Omaha on the way back as tradition calls for.
It'll be cold, but we'll be fired up.  I am so grateful that Alex is such a faithful FIN FAN--he is awesome to attend games with and I hope he has a fantastic time.  Do I believe the Dolphins will win?  Of course!!  I am going to live and die with me team as long as my heart is beating.  It'll take a tremendous effort and a few breaks, but this is the last chance of a road victory for this 2017 season. Oh, and Alex and I cannot wait to see Tannehill.  He will be there, we know!!
UPDATE (Sunday, December 25, 2017) 11:50 AM: Yesterday's game just goes to prove that the Dolphins have a long way to go.  Nothing confusing about that.  The confusing part is what players to keep and what players to dump.  After the win over the Patriots, it's easy to say that almost every player should stay around.  After yesterday's loss, it's easy to say that most players should leave.  The truth, no doubt, is somewhere in the middle.  Is Suh worth ALL of that money? NO.  Is he a great player?  Yes.  Bobby McCain--can he elevate his game?  How about Leonte Carroo?  Was it a good decision to give Andre Branch a pile of money?  What will Gase do with Cutler?  I could list 84 other questions, but I won't...because it's Christmas Day.  I came up to school to get a workout in and type this out.  I'll type a few thoughts and get back to the exercising...
The game was a huge disappointment.  Jakeem Grant excelled but, other than him, it was la-la land.  Did the guys care?  Yes.  Proof comes in the third quarter when things weren't going well for the Dolphins.  It was freezing and playoff hopes were realistically canned.  The Chiefs faced a 4th and 1 in the red zone...and the Dolphin defense arose to the occasion for a big stop.  The offense then moved the ball, however, Kenny Stills fumbled around midfield and the outcome was a matter of time.
To attend the game with SupNef, Bolt, and Tallhead was quite awesome.  They are true gold!!  Yes, I missed the Ogdahls, but I was glad that they stayed home to enjoy the holiday with family...and, in turn, missed seeing this loss live.  I just hope the Dolphins can play strongly in the finale and beat Buffalo.  Losing to a team like Buffalo at JRS would be hurtful.  Dolfans need a breath of fresh air and a 7-9 record.  Ho hum.

Saturday, December 16, 2017  7:29 PM

Things have gotten really interesting after the wonderful win on MNF five days ago!
Mack is in the living room asleep, so I can get this done right now!  Scott and Sara are in the Cities for the Bengals at Vikings game--so great to spend time with Mack!!  The cherry on top of the weekend could come tomorrow if the Dolphins can keep their momentum going that they've established the past two weeks.  My heart continues to GLOW after the wonderful win over hated New England!!  What a great team effort it was!!  Jay Cut is playing some tough football, but credit must be given to the o-line for giving him more time.  It was tough to watch the Dolphins play at New England as blocks were missed regul0arly.  However, things have been tightened and Jay has some time to throw and, when he hasn't, he's been stepping up and avoiding tackles.  Oh, it won't be easy to beat 7-6 Buffalo.  It'll be cold and nobody can tell me that that doesn't make a difference.  Those players live in it; their bodies become somewhat to very acclimated.  But, there are no excuses--the Dolphins must find a way to execute.
How can't Kenyan Drake be one of the most confident players in the league.  He's young and has great legs.  He will be a large factor in the outcome of tomorrow's game, one that kicks off at noon.  Xavien Howard has received plenty of praise and it is all well-deserved.  Intercepting two passes in each of the past two games will do that.  Ndomukung Suh is rising to the occasion. He has just plain been a beast.  And, Jordan Phillips has risen to a new level--love what he's been doing.
So, Alex and I will be cheering on our 6-7 Dolphins tomorrow.  There is still a low chance of making the playoffs.  Getting to 7-7 would make for a really interesting game at Kansas City  next Sunday (hard to believe I'll be there in that city a week from tonight).  Win or lose, I am thrilled with what the Dolphins accomplished five nights ago---I needed a night like that and I got it and then some.
Dolphins 23, Buffalo 14.
UPDATE (Sunday, December 17, 2017) 8:31 PM:  Well, I am not the happy camper that I thought I'd be.  However, I am by no means down in the dumps.  I love a pro football team that is on the move; the future excites me.  The Dolphins have an outstanding young head coach in Adam Gase.  Ryan Tannehill, the projected starting quarterback, will return in '18 as a healthy leader of this team.  The Dolphins have found out what they have on the offensive line--and both Young and Davis on the right side have proven that they belong in the mix.  Defensively, they'll have their number two pick in the 2017 draft starting at middle linebacker in 2018.  His name is Raekwon McMillan...and I'm not even quite sure how to spell it as he was lost in preseason.  He will add a physicality that the Dolphins need.  Tony Lippett will return among other key injured players.  Of course, Kenyan Drake has displayed a talent that shall carry him a long way.  And, not least important, they have an owner who loves the Dolphins' throwback uniforms.  So, this update is not for the people who like to see me down (that rarely happens anyway).  This is all about optimism!  The Dolphins hung in there on the road when other teams might've folded.  They recovered an onside kick and made it a one possession game.  That makes me proud....and add to that the fact that my heart continues to glow from Monday night's win over New England.
In six days I'll be traveling to Kansas City for the Christmas Eve day game between the 8-6 Chiefs and the 6-8 Dolphins.  I want to see a great effort put forth.  It's too far of a trip to see a lackluster performance.  Knowing the Dolphins as much as I do, I would like to think that their mindset will be to get to 7-8 and nothing else.  Gots to win!!  Officially, the Dolphins still have a chance to get in the playoffs, but the chance is probably less than one percent.  I'm just fired up to get to KC with SupNef, Bolt, and Tallhead.  It will be an excellent adventure!!