(older pictures)

If you would like to see pictures from the 2002-3 school year,
please click on this link to be taken directly to the page with those pictures.
This is a collection of pictures. There is no order to this page. I have many more pictures!

(Pictures of any students were made smaller for safety reasons.)

July, 2001  The Rectory

July, 2001 Church/School

Aug., 2001 First Day of School

Punt, Pass, & Kick Winners (Two Disciples in middle)

Showing off Me Bags

Showing off Me Bags

After Mass on 9-20-01

Fr. Denis gets in on a game of Tug of War during Halloween party

Celebrating our Lady's birthday

Our newest teacher (3rd grade)

The front of our church

Praying to Our Lady of Fatima

12 of the BEST!

Famous South Dakotans (Year 7)

A future singing sensation practicing for the always-impressive Christmas program

The 12 Disciples welcome me back from my trip to Miami

Cake was served for the party--

Serving soup on Soup Day, 2002

A fine turnout for Soup Day, 2001

A Saturday blizzard in February

Doing Math with Valentine candy hearts

Teamwork during Valentine Math

Class chose parachute activity for a party

Passing out Valentines in 2002

Love one another

If I could design the new U.S. flag, it would look just like this....

Celebrating a birthday on March 7, 2002

Another birthday on March 7, 2001...that of my niece, Rhianna

Chalkboard art by two students

St. Patrick...we remember him
Sr. Jane's "retirement" party

Happy Thanksgiving from the 19 Knights of 2002-3

A December nightshot of
our awesome school

September 11th program at High School...St. Law. kids

4th graders survey 1st graders for a Math activity in October

Jerad's first visit to grade four

The 19 Knights on their teacher's birthday