Current year (2002-2003)

September 11th program at Milbank High School...St. Lawrence kids

4th graders survey 1st graders for a Math activity in October

The 19 Knights on their teacher's birthday

Happy Thanksgiving from the 19 Knights of 2002-3

Austin shows of his PowerPoint presentation for Book It

A great-looking group takes time out to pause for a picture

Jerad's first visit to grade four

A December nightshot of
our awesome school

Merry Christmas to all!

Dana Christensen, studying to become a priest, visits our class and tells his story and answers many questions

St. Nicholas and Rupert visit on St. Nicholas Day

Three of our Knights rehearse their speaking parts for the Christmas program

The incredible Mrs. Dockter works her magic at the keyboard

The Knights sing carols at St. Williams Home and then go out to greet their elders

These kids have talent, and they use it!
You should've seen the happiness they brought to the people of St. Williams!!

St. Lawrence on Christmas Eve, 2002

Fr. Denis reads about Martin Luther King on Martin Luther King Day (January 20, 2003)

A few of the Knights pose for a snow-pic

Preparation for Soup Day begins

Sister is more than eager to serve others!

A crowd of about 80 shows up

A HUGE thank you goes to our volunteers and those who donated the yummy bars and other soup ingredients!!!!!

"How I Will Make a Difference Day" was celebrated by Logan dressed as Mr. Cantine (Thanks, Logan!!)

Bishop Carlson delivers his homily and receives some help from a "nobleman" at Mass on Wed., Jan. 29, 2003.

What a choice choir!!

Youngsters perform for Bishop Carlson 

Bishop Carlson praises Mrs. Monson for her great commitment to making St. Lawrence School a wonderful place to learn....and teach!

The Knights with...John Travolta????

(From l. to r.) Johnny T., Miss America, Mr. Official, Selma

Why did I just put this on the Internet????

Don Aesoph pushes snow after a snowy Sunday. The snowfall resulted in no school the next day (Mon., Feb. 3, 2003).

Don has volunteered to do this for as long as I can remember. He even did it during the "old school" days.

Congratulations, Spelling Queens!!!

Cooperating with each other while doing Valentine's Math can be kind of fun sometimes.

"LOVE" is what Saint Valentine was all about!

Ya'll know the old saying, "When your principal is in England, take advantage by wearing jeans." Above, two teachers do just that!

A happy group of Knights in February

Mardi Gras, on March 2nd, proved to be a successful fund-raiser once again!

A look at Our Lady Of Guadalupe Chapel just before the entire room was rearranged to meet "new church" requirements

Another view of our chapel that won't be seen again (at least for a very long time)

A wonderful presentation on electricity was given on March 6.  Jacquelyn was brave enough to volunteer to be a possible victim.

Lenten art

The Saint Bernadette booklets were absolutely beautiful this year!

This student apparently wants to pass fourth grade badly (March 10, 2003)!

Cory, our courageous cadet, brings Bulldog spirit into our classroom.  Later this day, March 11, Milbank defeats Roncalli to advance to the State "A" basketball tournament in Rapid City.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from ten lucky leprechauns! (March 17, 2003)

Hershey fits time into his busy schedule to visit the 19 Knights

Mr. Tom Hartman shares his experiences with Medjugorie with us in April.

Sixth Grade Buddy Mass - a special highlight featured at St. Lawrence School

Now batting for the St. Lawrence Raiders....Michael Robinsoooooooooooooooon!  (Spring baseball in P.E.)

Checking out the State Floats are these wonderful children on April 17, 2003 (Holy Thursday)

Remodeling of the church entrance (4-26-03)

What a beautiful outfit and a beautiful dance!

A Native American dance demonstration by a fourth grader

Mrs. Liebe closes out her "I AM UNIQUE" program after 25 years.  She will be missed!!!

Mr. Hirsch, who was and still is one of my role models, visited us on Thursday, May 1.

The students were fascinated by Mr. Hirsch's talent of performing magic and illusions.

Art: Alien art made from our names and New life Easter crosses

Working on South Dakota Map skills together

Working on South Dakota Booklets in class

Sr. Pegge was a student throughout the day on Wednesday, May 7.  She was a delight to have in class. She even took the Math test that day!

Sister Pegge shared some information with us about the author of our South Dakota textbook. Pegge knew the sister that had written the book!

Sister Pegge (May 9, 2003) shared some kuchen with the class.  She bought it in Aberdeen. It is our state dessert (we found out why...yummy!!!).

Jordan's favorite all-time haircut!  I love the spikes!! OUCH!!!!
fatherwilfridvisits.jpg (28106 bytes)
Father Wilfrid visits before our final fourth grade Mass of the year.
watchingyearendtape.jpg (30577 bytes)
Watching the year-end, video summary that I put together (many good laughs!!!)
singingatspringprogram.jpg (27650 bytes)
Patriotic music for our spring program
springprogrammrsdock.jpg (23220 bytes)
There is not a better music teacher in the world than our very own Mrs. Dockter!!
writinglastmasssumofyear.jpg (31813 bytes)
Seven-minute Mass summaries...last one of the year
megansarahlegocreators.jpg (25179 bytes)
A Lego creation for show and share
rollerskating.jpg (27167 bytes)
Roller-skating in Ortonville is a blast!

Mr. Van Orny does the job correctly

The Knights line up to go home

Fort Sisseton background (5-21-03)

A steady breeze kept us cool

We quietly listened to our guide

A blacksmith showed us his work

Running up Nicollet Tower (near Sisseton)

Student Letters

"SL" = Super SchooL or Saint Lawrence

The letters dissolve

Mrs. Rausch scared me at the window late on the eve of the final day of school!!  YIKES!

A final message on the final day

A sixth grade graduate

Father addresses the graduates--"Let your light shine in Middle School!"

The graduates depart

A surprise message from all 19 Knights on the last day of school

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