Reading Curriculum

SCOPE cover in 2013

updated: November 13, 2017

     Each 8th grade student will complete one section of reading each quarter.  In Mr. Cantine's reading class, students will be reading a variety of selections and one novel, Soldier's Heart, by Gary Paulsen.  Quite a bit of time will be devoted to SCOPE Magazine, an excellent source of common core material.  Students will also be assigned an Accelerated Reader requirement.

Grades will be taken from quizzes over the reading selections, vocabulary tests, skill-building worksheets, completed projects, journal entries, and class participation.

I have chosen what I believe to be interesting material.  Several of our stories and plays are non-fiction and do send a specific message to potentially enhance one's life and/or build life skills.

 I feel confident that each student will enjoy the line-up of reading selections as there is something for everyone.  I am always open to suggestions.

 One of my highest priorities is to encourage a love for reading.  No other skill compares to the ability to read well when it comes to a strong performance in school.  Therefore, I will not "over-quiz" the students.  We will sometimes read simply for enjoyment, and no assignment will be given.


Reading Selection Order:

Gift from a Son who Died  (old literature books; blue); pages 458-465

Woman without Fear (old literature books; blue); pages 393-402

Hit and Run  (old literature books; blue); pages 379-390

Jackie Robinson--The Noble Experiement (blue literature book--see Mrs. Huber for books and tape); pages 274-282

Play:  Read magazine:  Out of Bounds (Soccer): August 29, 2003 issue; OR Disas-Tour (Titanic); January 4, 2004 issue; OR Andersonville (Civil War): September 23, 1994 issue

The Horned Toad (new literature books; red); pages 150-157
***Writing project/presentation goes with The Horned Toad (35 points)

The Splendid Outcast (new literature books; red); pages 162-172

Play:  Read magazine: Murder on Second Street  (Lizzie Borden):  Sep. 12, 2003 issue
(won't be read in 2004-5 school year)

Play:  Read magazine: The Island of Dr. Moreau (Sci-Fi): September 26, 2003 issue (won't be read in 2004-5 school year)

The Bet (new literature books; red); pages 242-248

Once Upon a Time We were Colored (new Literature books; red); page 253-256
***Writing project/presentation goes with Once Upon a Time We were Colored
(25 points)

Play (seasonal):  Read magazine: The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson: October 3, 1997 issue  OR  The Burglar's Christmas: December 15, 2000 issue OR She Will Hang with the Rest: February 21, 1997 issue

Soldier’s Heart (novel by Gary Paulsen)
**Students break into six groups every other day and do an assigned activity to review the reading of the day before.  They also write six letters/journals throughout the story.

**Note:  Most stories have vocabulary and quizzes to go along with the selection (not all).  Others include skill-building worksheets.  There are various other assignments.

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