Reading Curriculum

SCOPE cover in 2013

updated: May 7, 2019

     Each 8th grade student will complete one section of reading each quarter.  In Mr. Cantine's reading class, students will be reading a variety of selections and one novel, Soldier's Heart, by Gary Paulsen.  Quite a bit of time will be devoted to SCOPE Magazine, an excellent source of common core material.

Grades will be taken from quizzes over the reading selections, vocabulary tests, skill-building worksheets, completed projects, journal entries, and class participation.

I have chosen what I believe to be interesting material.  Several of our stories and plays are non-fiction and do send a specific message to potentially enhance one's life and/or build life skills.

 I feel confident that each student will enjoy the line-up of reading selections as there is something for everyone.  I am always open to suggestions.

 One of my highest priorities is to encourage a love for reading.  No other skill compares to the ability to read well when it comes to a strong performance in school.  Therefore, I will not "over-quiz" the students.  We will sometimes read simply for enjoyment, and no assignment will be given.


Reading Selection Order:

Gift from a Son who Died  (old literature books; blue); pages 458-465

Woman without Fear (old literature books; blue); pages 393-402

Hit and Run  (old literature books; blue); pages 379-390

Jackie Robinson--The Noble Experiement (blue literature book--see Mrs. Huber for books and tape); pages 274-282

Play:  Read magazine:  Out of Bounds (Soccer): August 29, 2003 issue; OR Disas-Tour (Titanic); January 4, 2004 issue; OR Andersonville (Civil War): September 23, 1994 issue

The Horned Toad (new literature books; red); pages 150-157
***Writing project/presentation goes with The Horned Toad (35 points)

The Splendid Outcast (new literature books; red); pages 162-172

Play:  Read magazine: Murder on Second Street  (Lizzie Borden):  Sep. 12, 2003 issue
(won't be read in 2004-5 school year)

Play:  Read magazine: The Island of Dr. Moreau (Sci-Fi): September 26, 2003 issue (won't be read in 2004-5 school year)

The Bet (new literature books; red); pages 242-248

Once Upon a Time We were Colored (new Literature books; red); page 253-256
***Writing project/presentation goes with Once Upon a Time We were Colored
(25 points)

Play (seasonal):  Read magazine: The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson: October 3, 1997 issue  OR  The Burglar's Christmas: December 15, 2000 issue OR She Will Hang with the Rest: February 21, 1997 issue

Soldier’s Heart (novel by Gary Paulsen)
**Students break into six groups every other day and do an assigned activity to review the reading of the day before.  They also write six letters/journals throughout the story.

**Note:  Most stories have vocabulary and quizzes to go along with the selection (not all).  Others include skill-building worksheets.  There are various other assignments.

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