How To Do Stuff On Word

updated: September 22, 2006

Put a border on your page…
1) Click on the Format menu

2) Borders and Shading

3) Click the “Page Border” tab (Do not leave it on the Borders tab)

4) Select either a “Style” or “Art” border

5) You can change the width and/or color for some borders

6) Hit “OK

Move a picture once it is on your page…
1) Click on the View menu

2) Toolbars

3) Go down to Picture

4) Look for the puppy dog on the toolbar that appears and click on it

5) Select “Behind Text”

6) Move your picture to a location that doesn’t cause a distraction…any you may resize it

Mr. C's NFL Playoff Pick Winner!!!
Francisco beats 70 others to take the title...and the $$$$!

These students came close...but all picked the Colts:
James Dragt (P-1), Hailie Lindquist (P-3),
Emily Pillatzki (P-3), Austin Wolff (P-5)
Super Bowl 44: Saints beat the Colts--Francisco was the only one who picked the Saints

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