The sites in the tables below are my favorite sites for students, parents, teachers, football fans, and Miami Dolphin fans.  Click on the link, and you'll be there!

Timed Typing Tests

#1  (Test)  allowed to select options; reports WPM, mistakes, and AWPM (adjusted words per minute) *Keep results on screen so Mr. C can record them.  If you do not keep your results on the screen, your speed will be recorded as a "0"!
#2  (Power)  cursor moves letter by letter as you type; reports WPM and mistakes but doesn't give AWPM *This site can be used for practice, but it will not be a site used for grading.
#3  (More Power)  different options; browse around--you'll find something to help improve your keyboarding skills; found by Ryan Patnoe *This site can be used for practice, but it will not be a site used for grading.
#4  (Learn)  another site-see what you think; it's something different; found by Matt Stephan *This site can be used for practice, but it will not be a site used for grading.
#5  (Drill)  drill and drill and drill and drill...and you will improve; found by Mr. C on 11-1-11 *This site can improve your typing speed if you are committed to improvement.
Mr. Gauer's SS Link - go here to take care of work for Mr. Gauer's class

1.—purify video--no extra stuff on Youtube videos
Instructibles—how to make (pancakes, flashlight, whistle)
Google Feud
4.—go to MSN and copy and paste something

6.—play one game short game with states and capitals
TIE CONFERENCE 2014--great sites!
 - create very cool logos  - edit a picture professionally  - make guys "sing" - convert Youtube video to MP3 for year-end videos

GAMES simple games that work  (sometimes filtered at school) PAC-MAN, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and more  (sometimes filtered at school)  old-school games like Battleship, Connect Four, Break Out, Concentration, and many more (filtered at school) some fun, simple games that work  (filtered at school)  variety of games

Places for Pictures

Below are a couple of sites which allow students and teachers to download images without fear of violating copyright and license laws.   Use as many pictures from this site as you wish. (filtered at school) There are some excellent pictures for your use at this site.

Places for Parents find loads of helpful parenting tips hints to help boost your son's or daughter's learning challenge your son or daughter to some educational games
Free Fonts  Thank you, Jodi D.! Found in February of 2014--free and easy to use  Thank you, Chase P.!  Found in February of 2014--free and easy to use

Clipart for PowerPoint:  (If Google images stops working, this is an okay alternative.) Thank you, Nicky B. Thank you, Jordan Dockter!  Mr. Nathan 4.7 Loutsch found this site for us and it's awesome!  Montana S. and Heather B. helped me out with this and I thank them! has animated pictures/arrows/buttons/backgrounds and more--pretty cool site   free pictures and stuff
NO LONGER WORKS AT SCHOOL: free animations

Free Wavs found on Internet

****Please keep this in mind before clicking on a link below:  Most of the wavs will not work.  It usually seems like it's the best ones that won't work.  If you keep looking for a particular wav, you will often eventually find it! There are NO full-length songs available for free on the Internet.  Check these out at home.****
****To save, right-click on top of the wav and choose "Save Target As" to your "U"--------in the "Save As Type" it must save "Wave Sound" or it will not work (MP3s don't work with PowerPoint) I was introduced to this site during a TIE Conference in 2014--love it! Thanks, Allison P., for a great find on this cold day in February!     movies, movie stars, TV, and various stuff Not sure if this site is going to be filtered or not, but many teachers have recommended it   Looney Tunes wavs...from Bugs to Elmer Fudd---this site works for me---if you'd like a sound wav from here, tell me and I'll save it for you    go to right side of page and click category...then choose wavs that are underlined   some wavs that might help you out (variety from movies and TV shows) some free wavs of Marilyn Monroe--THANKS, Megan S., for finding this site on 1-27-09!    Thanks, Kayley Nelson, for finding this great site!     different categories      Tyler K. found the two sites in this cell two years ago. Some links on this site work, while others do not.
HALF-FILTERED AT SCHOOL:     We used to find some good wavs and even better animated pictures on this site.


FILTERED AT SCHOOL: Thanks, Brock Gomer, for the help!  This site has many different wavs (sound effects)!!
FILTERED AT SCHOOL:      midi site...songs in format without lyrics
FILTERED AT SCHOOL:  variety...including commercials (thanks to Alex P. and Matt S.)
FILTERED AT SCHOOL:  several wavs in different folders; takes a long time to load
FILTERED AT SCHOOL: great sport theme wavs
FILTERED AT SCHOOL:  This site is okay.
FILTERED AT SCHOOL:  some good wavs
FILTERED AT SCHOOL:   some old, full-length songs; not the best
FILTERED AT SCHOOL:  a large variety of sound effects, movie clips, etc.(one of the best sites)
****Please note:  There are no full length songs on the Internet that can be used!  Talk to Mrs. Pauli about a full song and she MIGHT be able to help you.

Terrific Sites for Teachers many ideas! some good games specializes in enhancement of math skills good for activities, lesson plans, units has links for each specific grade helps teachers survive in the classroom nice for developing writing skills

Fantastic Sites for Football and Fin Fans! (all links work as of 4-3-12)  official favorite team site  official site of the National Football League    Monday Night Football...NFL news

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