Mr. C's Random List of Favorites 2020-2021
WARNING: If you find yourself reading this list, you are ready to slip into a coma from extreme boredom.
Music: Anything from the 1980s--I love the 80s!
Subject: Math
Month: September (May isn't too far behind.)
Day of the Week: Thursday
Number: 84, 13, and 1972 (tie)
Time of Day: Night (9:00-12:00)
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Kind of Student: Hard-working (doesn't have to be an "A" or "B" student); cares about doing his/her best; doesn't complain (understands that school isn't always fun); is friendly and kind to others (includes both classmates and teachers)
City in the World: Miami
Things about Milbank: The people, great schools, Unity Square, clean air, tennis courts, Taco John's, Casey's Italian sausage & pineapple pizza, Pizza Hut's supreme pizza
Fast Food Restaurant: A&W or Five Guys (tie)
Family Restaurant: Red Lobster
Nephew: Alex Cantine, Mack Cantine, Sam Cantine, Tate Cantine (tie)
Niece: Rhianna Cantine & Rachael Cantine (tie)
Paint: Latex (any color)
Animal: Dolphin
NBA or NHL Team: None--maybe just go with the Timberwolves (NBA) and Wild (NHL) because they're close
Song: Upside Down (Diana Ross)
NFL Team:  What do you think? (Hint: they are not fish)
Movies: The Jerk;  Planes, Trains, & Automobiles;  What About Bob?;  Forrest Gump;  Wayne's World;  Schindler's List;  The Pianist;  Uncle Buck; Sixteen Candles; Talledega Nights; Dumb and Dumber; Napolean Dynamite
Pop: A&W Root Beer
Snack: Little Debbie Snack Cakes
Season: Fall
Sport to Watch: Football
Sport to Play: Racquetball
Team to Dislike Strongly: New York Wets (I can't bring myself to type their real name.)
Sport to Dislike Strongly: Baseball (has something to do with the really long season and a lot to do with being really, really boring)
Comedian: Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan, Jim Breuer, Chris Reidburn, Ty Tietjen (tie)
Car: 2003 Grand Prix (It's my car and is everything I want in a car.)
TV Channel: NFL Network...with ESPN, A&E, the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel all tied for second
Deal in America: Sunday Ticket (allows me to watch every single Miami Dolphins game each season for under $300 per year)
Cereal: Smorz (love those little marshmallows)
Breakfast food: Pancakes, Blueberry Waffles (tie)
City in South Dakota other than Milbank: Brookings (Sorry, Grenville)
Pick-up: Dodge Ram (Toughest truck in the world...and it has the Hemi)
School Lunch: BBQs; Pancakes
TV Program (Comedy): Gilligan's Island or Sanford & Son (tie)
Pastime That I Wish I Had More Time For: Juggling
Hobby That Nobody Knows About: I collect old, original broadcasts of Dolphin games.  I now believe I have every game that is available, whether it is a full or partial version of the game.
Late Night TV Host: Conan O'Brien
Condiment: Ketch-up (must be Heinz--the other brands don't make the cut)--many times I go to a restaurant and order ketch-up with a cheeseburger and fries on the side--YUM
Make of Scooter and FIN-ski: Yamaha
Voice: Eli Wallach, John Facenda, Done Criqui, Dick Enberg, Verne Lundquist, Kenny Walker, Sean Connery (tie)
Musical: Grease
 Fruit Snakes:  Gotta be the Fruit Smiles (TANGY!) from Wal-Mart only--love them!! Thanks for the idea to add this, Tiffany Flynn, on 5-1-19!! (And, yes, I know I spelled snacks as snakes.  Please get over it.  No candy awarded for point out this "error." :)
Favorite Smell: Trees in front of ol' Koch School