English Curriculum

updated: November 13, 2017

     Eighth grade students will be using Writer's Choice by Glencoe for their textbook during the year.  The book is divided up into three sections: Composition (different types of writings), Grammar, Usage , and Mechanics, and Resources and Skills.

     The year begins by studying nouns along with a major writing.  Some of our time will be spent working on assignments from the book.  We will also try to spend some time working on improving our writing skills.  The language arts state standards for eighth grade put a great deal of emphasis on writing.  With this in mind, we will (attempt to) devote at least one class period a week on a quality writing activity.  Writing activities will also include computer technical elements, so students will receive a computer grade as well as an English grade for those assignments.

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March Madness
began on February 11, 2009
, with...
February 11 turned into GREEN SHIRT DAY--not premeditated!
(...but now many moons have passed and March Madness is long over...so I should probably replace this cell with something else...but I don't want to...I like this picture.)