English Curriculum

updated: May 13, 2019

     Eighth grade students will be doing quite a bit of writing, both formal and informal, based on South Dakota Standards.  Emphasis is placed on the major steps of writing: brainstorming, rough draft, revising, proofreading, publishing, and sharing with others at times. 

     The study of grammar is quite limited compared to previous years.  If we do study grammar, we will be using Writer's Choice by Glencoe for the textbook during the year.  The book is divided up into three sections: Composition (different types of writings), Grammar, Usage and Mechanics, and Resources and Skills.

     The year begins by jumping into a major narrative writing.  Still in question is whether or not time will be spent working on assignments from the book.  Improving writing skills is a main focus.  The language arts state standards for eighth grade put a great deal of emphasis on writing.  With this in mind, we will (attempt to) devote at least one class period a week on a quality writing activity.  Writing activities will also include computer technical elements, so students will receive a computer grade as well as an English grade for those assignments.

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March Madness
began on February 11, 2009
, with...
February 11 turned into GREEN SHIRT DAY--not premeditated!
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