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updated: For the week of April 6-9, 2020

Parents: If your child is struggling in any of his or her classes, please demand that you see the work each night.  I suggest that you skim over the work.  Even if you don't totally understand everything, you should be able to tell whether or not the work is neat and complete.  I recommend looking at your child's student planner.  All students are encouraged to fill them out in "my" classroom.  Also, give me a call if you have any questions, comments, or concerns (432-5519).

Note: If you have missed school for any reason lately, it is extremely important that you catch up (get homework in, take quizzes/tests, get notes, etc.) as soon as possible.  If you want to know why, just ask me! :)


I used to require all students to fill out student planners at the beginning of each week. Let me know if you want to check the planner each night to see assignments.  I would be happy to make it a requirement again for your son or daughter.

Day of the Week English/Computer Reading
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Monday, February 24 If you need me to continue typing these assignments in, I will do so.  Just let me know and I will gladly continue this.  I want to point out that I do put ALL assignments on the whiteboard and update them there as needed.  If nobody is taking time to look here, I just as well discontinue this page and spend my time writing a positive note or two to different students.  
Tuesday, February 25    
Wednesday, February 26    
Thursday, February 27    
Friday, February 28    

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Go Dawgs! Let's get back to qualifying for state tournaments!  It's totally up to you, our younger Bulldogs!!

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Old School--Homecoming Week 2008 (on the left)----Old School II--A Friday in January of 2014 (on the right)

Some people might look at English as unimportant; I would strongly disagree.  If you have the viewpoint that this isn't important and that's not important and this doesn't matter and that doesn't matter, then what's left?????  Answer: an uneducated human being.