Late Assignment Policy

 2007-2019:  If a student has late/incomplete work at the beginning of class, he or she will promptly make a call home to inform his/her parent/guardian that work was not done and/or ready for correcting.  Also, any late/incomplete work results in detention after school for 30 minutes that same day.  Any late work should be completed and turned in at that time. Late assignments will affect student responsibility grades on the quarterly report card.

**2006-7 Procedure and Deduction for Late Assignments (below)
   Credit for late assignments will be accepted only if the student makes the effort to contact me and lets me know of the circumstances.  After listening to those circumstances, an exception may be granted, but a deduction will be made (**See procedure and deduction at bottom of this page).   Very few, if any, exceptions will be made.

     Late assignments will influence student responsibility grades on the quarterly report card.

     Cheating leads to a 100% reduction for that assignment.  Cheating also affects the responsibility grade on the quarterly report card.  A "4" or "5" will  be assessed.

     In the event that a student repeatedly has late work, a call will be made home, and an appropriate action will be taken.

**2005-6 Procedure and Deduction for Late Assignments (below)
         Each student is given four options:
             1) Count undone problems wrong and take the resulting grade.
             2) Stay after school the very day that work is undone. Sports and other activities are
never an excuse.  Staying after school and completing the work results in a 25% deduction (on top of any problems missed).
             3) Submit the finished late assignment to me the next morning.  This will result in a 50% deduction, but at least some credit is earned.
              4) Don't do the work.  The grade will result in a "0". The work will eventually need to be submitted before the end of the nine weeks or an "I" (incomplete) will be assessed.  Also, the work must be of "average" quality or better ("C-" grade or above).
***Remember, just two late assignments may result in detention (until work is finished) or a call home.

     (**Note: If a late assignment is accepted, here are resulting point deductions used during the 2003-4 school year before I even begin to grade the paper: 
          First Nine Weeks (-3 points from total score)
          Second Nine Weeks (-5 points from total score)
          Third Nine Weeks (-7 points from total score)
          Fourth Nine Weeks (-10 points from total score)
        ****Another note:  At the end of the 2003-4 school year, I asked all students for opinions on my late assignment policy.  A high majority of the students agreed with and supported this policy.  A few students have told me that they don't care for this rule on late assignments.  I explained that that is why I have the rule.  It is supposed to act as a deterrent.  If a student does not care for the rule, he or she should avoid late papers.  It is as simple as that. ☻)

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