Common Errors Activity
Friday, January 3, 2020

Welcome back, Eighth Graders!  May 20 will soon be here.  Most of you did very well to begin this school year in 2019; others need to show improvement or they can expect a rough high school experience.   I expect your best until the final bell on May 20.

Use this web site:
1) Go to the web site above.  Scroll down and click on a link.
2) Find seven (7) common errors  for an "A" that confuse you, confuse others, or are interesting to you. (Note: For a "B," find six.)
3) On a half sheet of paper (share with a friend), use your own words to explain the common error. I do not expect complete sentences.  See the example of your and you're below.
4)  Each error that you completely describe will be worth two points.  Some of these errors are difficult to understand; do not waste your time on those.
5)  No extra credit is possible on this assignment.  Explaining eight errors will earn you extra credit in 2019.
6)  After you are finished with this, put your name on your sheet and place it on my chair.  Then work on the next assignment in class (possibly a journal entry, a worksheet, or keying the PowerPoint vocabulary).  Thank you!

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Example of what you need to do (and, no, you may not use this as one of your errors):
your-possessive noun--example: You should ride your bike.
You're going to the movie.

If you have extra time AFTER completing number six (above), click on this link to take a spelling test: ( ).
It's very easy to take.  Show the teacher your results.  English extra credit can be earned by getting a 56% or higher.  The web site quickly grades it for you. I am not sure if this site will work.