**Create a Positive Personal Poster (worth 100% of the final in Computer class (27 points); save to T: drive in folder called "1FINAL COMPUTER TEST" (this folder is found in a folder called "Mr. Cantine"; I will print it in full color)
**This is replacing a final test over all of the vocabulary, concepts, and procedures we discussed in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher this year.  Take full advantage of that!
**The size must be 8.5 X 11 or 11 X 8.5--check with me if you're not sure if you have the correct size.

***You are allowed to work on these projects during class time, before school, or after school only.  Neither directed-study nor homeroom time can be used (unless absent).  These projects must be saved to the correct folder in the "T" drive by the end of your class period on Monday, May 21, 2018.
***Begin your project with a blank document (no templates!)**



Positive Personal Poster  (Note: Your sheet will be kept and placed in a portfolio.)

*Of major importance is the fact that these need to be positive.  Anything that I deem negative will not be accepted.  All pictures and text must be positive and school appropriate. Using a straight face or a frown for your picture results in a grade reduction (three or four test points).
*I recommend that you create the poster using Publisher, but Word or PowerPoint could also be used.
*You must ask and show me first if you are going to use a background with lots of color; I have to limit the amount of color used (colored ink is expensive).
*You must include a solo picture of yourself.  You must also include a picture with a friend or friends.  Mornings, after school, or during noon while outside would probably be the best times to get your photo(s) taken (my camera only).  Insert these two pictures anywhere on your poster. Also, your pictures cannot be larger than 4" by 4".
*You must use WordArt or for your first and last name.
*The ideas below must also be included in text boxes (NOT WORDART; use 10-, 11-, or 12-point font).  At least three of the six text boxes must be in paragraph form inside the text box.

IMPORTANT: I expect at least six of the twelve ideas in blue below to be used…and that would be doing the bare minimum.  Remember, you are definitely graded on effort (hint: do more than six).

            One favorite, meaningful quote or proverb--this quote/proverb must mean something to you, not simply be humorous

            Two or three favorite hobbies or sports

            Favorite eighth grade memory…or something you enjoyed or appreciated during the year (a class, a project, a certain day, etc.)

            Something you learned this year or something a teacher helped you with this year

            A story or lesson a teacher told you this year not really related to his or her subject material that you remember well and/or won't forget

            How you feel about entering ninth grade

            Funniest, strangest, happiest, most surprising, most embarrassing, or proudest school/athletic moment in eighth grade (pick one or two)

            New in 2013: one obscure school memory from this eighth grade year that nobody else likely remembers--could be something you learned, made, thought about, accomplished, etc.  --do not share this with anyone

            Plans for future (college/vo-tech and/or job)

            Plans for this summer (job, vacation, driver's ed, camps, etc.)

            How is it going to be...or feel...on the day you graduate from high school?

            Anything else that you can think of that might be interesting or you want to share

          MANDATORY: Two pictures (solo & group)  (not in a text box)

            MANDATORY:  Name (first & last) using WordArt or (not in a text box)

*I expect you to put forth your best effort.  Reminder: no negativity will be permitted! 
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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